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  • Cirith Gorgor

    (7,983 listeners)

    black metal, melodic black metal, dutch, dutch black metal

    Cirith Gorgor is a black metal band from The Netherlands, formed in 1993. Their name is taken from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, in which Cirith Gorgor (Sindarin for "Haunted Pass") is a pass which serves as the entrance to the land of Mordor, covered by the Black Gate.

  • Debauchery

    (43,000 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, groove death metal, german

    There are two bands with the name Debauchery, the less known black metal band, and the more popular death metal one. This is about the death metal band:

  • Fleshgod Apocalypse

    (61,812 listeners)

    technical death metal, brutal death metal, death metal, technical brutal death metal

    Fleshgod Apocalypse is a death metal band from Rome, Italy formed in 2007 by Hour of Penance member Francesco Paoli (Drums/Guitars/Backing vocals) , Christiano Trionfera (Guitars) and Paolo Rossi (Vocals/Bass, Promaetheus Unbound). Francesco Struglia joined the band after on Drums but left in 2008 due to personal interest change and other commitments.

  • Furor Gallico

    (3,936 listeners)

    folk metal, celtic folk metal, italian, celtic

    “Furor Gallico” is the description that the ancient Romans gave of the Celt warriors, who prepared for battle and were ready to die to defend their people and land...

  • Kain

    (9,445 listeners)

    german, metal, rock, black metal

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Kain. Straight from Berlin. Hand-made rock, from the heart. A soulful, energetic voice and convincing lyrics and a german answer of Alice in Chains and Counting Crows.

  • Nocte Obducta

    (30,646 listeners)

    black metal, melodic black metal, progressive black metal, german

    Nocte Obducta is a Melodic Black Metal band from Mainz, Germany. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Marcel V.A. Traumschänder out of the remains of his first band "Desîhra" in 1995. Trademarks are a quite technical approach combined with very melancholic melodies and highly poetic German lyrics as well as many overlength-songs.

  • Prostitute Disfigurement

    (21,438 listeners)

    brutal death metal, death metal, grindcore, goregrind

    Prostitute Disfigurement is a brutal death metal band. They started out as a 3-piece, near the end of 2000, under the name Disfigure. They were joined by Roel, on guitars, just before making their demo recordings.

  • Riger

    (23,460 listeners)

    pagan metal, black metal, viking metal, german

    Riger is a Viking/Pagan Metal band from Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. Formed in 1996, Riger base their lyrics on german and nordic folkloric elements. Their first two albums, Der Wanderer and Hamingja, were focused in melodic metal.

  • Soul Demise

    (3,833 listeners)

    melodic death metal, death metal, metal, metalcore

    Soul Demise are a Melodic Death Metal band from Neumarkt, Bavaria in Germany who got together in 1998. They released their first (and only so far) EP in 1998 called 'Farewell To The Flesh'.

  • Svartsot

    (52,664 listeners)

    folk metal, viking metal, pagan metal, danish

    Since 2005, SVARTSOT has conveyed their distinctive blend of metal and folk music with more than just a hint of the medieval age. Besides snarling guitars, rumbling bass and thundering drums, the music is flavoured with the tones of authentic folk instruments such as whistles, mandolins and bagpipes, supporting the ruthless medieval feel and the lead guitar’s captivating melodies.

  • Thrudvangar

    (8,214 listeners)

    viking metal, pagan metal, folk metal, black metal

    Thrudvangar is a German viking black metal band formed in Köthen, Sachsen-Anhalt in 1998. They self-released the Vorab-CD demo in 2003, following it up the next year with the full-length Ahnenthron on the label Vision & Reality. In 2006, Thrudvangar released their second album, titled Walhall.

  • Thy Wicked

    (869 listeners)

    Thy Wicked is a German Pagan Metal band, formed in 2000. Their lyrics are based on paganism and nordic mythology in general, the call their music "Midgard Pagan Metal". In December 2004 they started recording their debut album "Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt..." and released their latest - the second one - in April 2009, called "Treu dem alten Weg".

  • Unlight

    (3,295 listeners)

    black metal, german black metal, german, metal

    Unlight consists, since last line-up-change, of four firm bandmembers from Germany and Switzerland.