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  • Angaschmäng

    (54 listeners)

    experimental, symphonic metal, german, cello

  • Ballycotton

    (1,055 listeners)

    folk, celtic, medieval, irish

  • Blunt

    (3,372 listeners)

    neocrust, crust, reggae, rock

    There are at least 9 bands known as Blunt: 1) A techno / minimal producer. Also known as Tony Blunt. 2) A danish heavy reggae group. 3) An underground UK rapper. 4) A Belgian folk group. 5) A crustcore band from Spain (checkout Blünt). 6) A 90's Alt-Rock band from Houston.

  • Capella Bardica Mythodeanis

    (0 listeners)

  • Chor on Air

    (3 listeners)

    celtic, gothic, medieval, chor on air

  • Cradem Aventure

    (179 listeners)

    folk, medieval, mittelalter, medieval folk

    Cradem Aventrue, the Nordic lions with the howls of the bagpipe and pipes of almost Nordic countries. Music of the legends and songs of the brachial Gothic, a Nordic dance in circle. Sword fight of dragon killers and furious fire acrobatics. These are musics of pagan dances of the olden days.

  • Des Teufels Lockvögel

    (4,609 listeners)

    medieval, folk, medieval folk, german

  • Faun

    (136,505 listeners)

    folk, medieval, pagan folk, german

    Faun is a German medieval folk group from Munich which combines the use of ancient instruments with a more contemporary twist in creating an enchanting and powerful atmosphere.

  • Fremitus

    (339 listeners)

    folk, medieval, german, mittelalter

  • Heiter Bis Folkig

    (7,086 listeners)

    folk, medieval, mittelalter, german

    Members: - Romulus vom Wolfenblut: Gesang, Laute, Basslaute, Gitarre, Cister, Drehleier, Rauschpfeife, Flöten und Whistles, Davul, Darbuka, Mandoline, Geklimper, Bodhran, Kazoo

  • Lotus Ensemble

    (0 listeners)

  • Marcus van Langen

    (1,014 listeners)

    medieval, german, under 2000 listeners, folk

  • Omnia

    (153,740 listeners)

    folk, celtic, pagan, medieval

    Omnia may refer to several artists, here listed in order of popularity on last.fm: 1.Self-described "neoceltic pagan folk" band based in The Netherlands and Belgium 2. Electronic dance music producer from Ukraine

  • Pampatut

    (1,478 listeners)

    medieval, folk, german, mittelalter

  • Pan's Vaganten

    (0 listeners)

  • Purpur

    (1,084 listeners)

    folk, medieval, mittelalter, acoustic

  • Saltatio Mortis

    (99,197 listeners)

    folk metal, medieval, mittelalter, german

    Saltatio Mortis is a German folk metal band formed in 2000. Their motto is "Those who dance don't die", which represents their music style.

  • Schagai

    (95 listeners)

    folk, neoclassical, mongolian, male vocalists

  • Schandmaul

    (142,892 listeners)

    folk rock, mittelalter, german, folk metal

    Schandmaul is a German rock/folk band. The band specializes in a genre of music often known as "Medieval-Folk Rock," because they often include instruments typically used in medieval folksongs—such as the bagpipes and shawms—as parts of their rock sound. Contemporary groups in the same vein include Subway to Sally, In Extremo, Saltatio Mortis, Regicide, and Letzte Instanz.

  • Schelmish

    (60,810 listeners)

    medieval, mittelalter, folk rock, folk

    Schelmish was a German Mittelalter rock band from the city of Bonn, Germany. The band originally formed in 1999 for a birthday celebration for band member Des Demonia's mother. The language of their songs varies between German, English, Latin, French and several old languages. The band split-up in December 2012; a group of members founded the Electro Folk Rock Band InVictus.

  • Shatabdi Groove Experience

    (0 listeners)

  • Spiritual Seasons

    (11,495 listeners)

    folk, celtic, medieval, ukrainian

    Founded in 1994, Spiritual Seasons from Kharkov, Ukraine until 2004 existed purely as a studio project. Initially, the collective style can be defined as British folk ballad. However, during 2001 a repertoire of Irish folk began to appear and these two distinct styles form the group’s artistic foundation.

  • Stellamara

    (79,460 listeners)

    ethereal, ambient, medieval, world

    Stellamara is an ensemble specialized in Southeast European and Middle Eastern folk. The group began in 1994, when vocalist Sonja Drakulich followed her vision and created a vehicle for the development of devotional music based in Near Eastern and medieval modal traditions.

  • Triakel

    (15,814 listeners)

    folk, swedish, scandinavian folk, swedish folk

    Triakel is a band from the Swedish region of Jämtland. The band members are Emma Härdelin (vocals), Kjell-Erik Eriksson (fiddle) and Janne Strömstedt (harmonium). They play both traditional and new Swedish folk music, performed only with a fiddle and a harmonium.

  • VersengoldUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (11,012 listeners)

    folk, medieval, mittelalter, german

    Versengold is a medieval/folk band from Bremen, Germany. The band uses medieval instruments like pipes and lutes to create their sound, and are often to be found on Live Action Role Playing events in Germany, as they all actively take part in these performances.

  • Winterstorm

    (5,127 listeners)

    power metal, folk metal, black metal, symphonic metal

    There are at least four artists called Winterstorm: 1. A German power metal band formed in 2008 in Bavaria. 2. A Spanish black metal band formed in 2006 in Sevilla (split up in 2010).