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  • Agnosy

    (280 listeners)

    crust, d-beat, punk, hardcore


  • Antisect

    (6,781 listeners)

    crust, anarcho-punk, crust punk, punk

    Antisect were an English metal/thrash band, with a background in punk and strong involvement with the anarcho-punk movement.

  • Calm The Fire

    (1,866 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, polish, punk

    Calm the Fire is a hardcore band from Poland (Bytów, Elbląg, Gdynia) Originating in 2003; consist of five members: Krzysiek Paciorek - vocalist; Wojtek Brozis - guitar; Olek Dąbek - bass guitar; Kuba Leszczak - guitar;

  • Cast In Iron

    (123 listeners)

    hardcore, polish, punk, crust

    crusty hardcore punk from Warsaw, Poland http://castiniron.pl/

  • Future Ruins

    (215 listeners)

    crust, d-beat, punk, hardcore

    ex-Massmord,from Sweden. http://www.myspace.com/futureruinsofficial : Almost 6 years after the rise of Massmord, we lost another member of the band.

  • Infekcja

    (2,439 listeners)

    crust, crust punk, punk, anarcho-punk

    Infekcja is an anarcho crust band from Poland. Formed in '91 under the name Krwawa Uryna Jana Pawla II (Bloody Urine Pope John Paul II) and quickly changed that awful name. Recorded their 1st demo in '94 and released too many records till then. And one important thing about the band: they don't give interviews.

  • Inkwizycja

    (1,521 listeners)

    punk, polish punk, hardcore, polish

    Inkwizycja (in english: Inquisition) is a Polish hardcore/punk band formed 1989 in Kraków by Dariusz Eckert (previously of Ustawa o Młodzieży).

  • Last Legion Alive

    (483 listeners)

    crust, stenchcore, death metal, crust punk

    Last Legion Alive was a crust / stenchcore band from East Flanders, Belgium. They disbanded in May 2013. Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LAST-LEGION-ALIVE/100715930012477 Line-Up: Katrien - Vocals Ben - Guitar Arne - Guitar Josken - Bass


    (723 listeners)

    crust, punk, garage punk, punk rock

    "LIFE SCARS started at the beginning of 2008. From the very beginning it has been a project inspired by sentiment for old punk bands, in which the willingness to play punk, to convey certain thoughts and spend time with friends were more important than real skills.

  • Nervöus

    (195 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, screamo, rad

  • Regres

    (2,520 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, straight edge, oldschool hardcore

    One day in late 1999 Pablo and Ogur wanted to start new band (both of them was playing in some other bands). Some days later David and their good friend Michael join Regres to play guitars. After first rehearsal with drummer (years ago Marcin was playing in punkrock band) problems came - amps and bass guitar was stolen.

  • Sju Svåra År

    (558 listeners)

    punk, swedish, punk rock, female vocalist

    Female-fronted punk rock project from Stockholm, Sweden. Featuring ex-members of Burning Kitchen.

  • TZN Xenna

    (4,917 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, polish punk, polish

    Tzn-Xenna was founded in August 1981 in Warsaw by Zygzak, Gogo Szulc and Piotr Dubiel. The first name was Kamash and the Eckers.

  • Wolfbrigade

    (29,276 listeners)

    crust, d-beat, hardcore, crust punk

    Wolfbrigade (formerly Wolfpack) are a d-beat/hardcore punk band from Sweden featuring members of Asta Kask, To What End?, Today's Overdose, Cosa Nostra, Anti-Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin. Former singer Jonsson was forced to leave the band in 1998 because, as the band said, the situation had become "intolerable.