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  • Hot Chip

    (1,298,341 listeners)

    electronic, indie, electropop, electronica

    Hot Chip are an electronic/dance band which formed in London, England, United Kingdom in 2000. It consists of Alexis Taylor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Joe Goddard (vocals, synths, percussion), Al Doyle (guitar, vocals), Owen Clarke (synths, guitar) and Felix Martin (percussion).

  • Beach House

    (956,071 listeners)

    dream pop, indie pop, indie, lo-fi

    Beach House is a dream pop group that formed in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The group consists of Victoria Legrand (vocals, organ) and Alex Scally (guitar, keyboards). Legrand is the niece of French composer Michel Legrand. The group has released four albums: 2006's "Beach House", 2008's "Devotion", 2010's "Teen Dream" and "Bloom", released in May 2012 by Sub Pop Records.

  • Four Tet

    (763,567 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, idm, electronica

    Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden (born 1980 in Putney, London, UK) for his experimental electronic music-oriented solo efforts, to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge.

  • Caribou

    (711,803 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, indie, canadian

    Caribou is Canadian Dan Snaith (b. 1978), who formerly recorded under the moniker Manitoba. Known for altering his sound with each subsequent release, he incorporates electronic psychedelia, krautrock rhythms, and breakbeat drums and creates a swirling, lush, musical panorama. Snaith also creates more club-oriented dance music under the name Daphni.

  • Madlib

    (329,991 listeners)

    hip-hop, jazz, funk, hip hop

    Otis Jackson Jr., known professionally as Madlib, is a Los Angeles, California-based DJ, multi-instrumentalist, MC, and music producer born on October 24, 1973 in Oxnard, California, United States.

  • Fuck Buttons

    (277,410 listeners)

    noise, experimental, drone, electronic

    Fuck Buttons are Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power, a two-piece experimental group based in London, England, UK.

  • Gang Gang Dance

    (256,044 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, noise, indie

    Gang Gang Dance is a music group based in New York City, signed to the the 4AD record label. Members were previously seen in Washington DC's The Cranium, NYC's Angel Blood, Actress, and Ssab Songs (with Harmony Korine).

  • The Field

    (229,286 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, minimal techno, techno

    Multiple artists have released music under the name of The Field, the most widely known being Swedish minimal techno producer Axel Willner. Others include a British rock band and a Norwegian pop/jazz band. 1. Stockholm, Sweden

  • Clark

    (217,411 listeners)

    idm, electronic, experimental, warp

    There are several artists with the name Clark. (1) Chris Clark is an English electronic artist currently signed to Warp. With the 2006 release of Throttle Furniture, he shortened his alias to Clark. His latest LP, titled "Iradelphic", was released on Warp Records in 2012 and is a follow up to 2009’s Totems Flare.

  • Scuba

    (198,181 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, minimal, dub

    1) Scuba (Paul Rose) is the founder of the influential and consistently high quality Hotflush Recordings. From playing a part in the formative years of the sound on the pirate airwaves in London, to working dancefloors across the globe, to a swathe of excellent releases on Hotflush and the high profile Soul Jazz imprint, Scuba brings his own unique musicality to the dubstep sound.

  • Mouse on Mars

    (190,567 listeners)

    electronic, idm, experimental, electronica

    Mouse on Mars formed in 1993 when Andi Toma, from Dusseldorf, and Jan St. Werner, from Cologne, met at a speed metal festival in Stockholm and decided to form a band.

  • Rustie

    (192,863 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, wonky, grime

    Rustie, born Russell Whyte in Glasgow, Scotland, is an electronic musician signed to Warp Records. He has also released recordings on Stuff Records, Hyperdub, Wireblock and various other labels. He released the EP Bad Science on Wireblock Records.


    (166,573 listeners)

    chillwave, downtempo, electronic, experimental

    XXYYXX is the electronic project of Orlando, FL's Marcel Everett. Starting purely out of experimentation, Marcel's taste for electronic music has evolved from the low-fidelity of vintage sounds to crisp and clean scenes of serenity. Improvisational jazz and abstract hip-hop serve as worthy emblems of inspiration.

  • Freddie Gibbs

    (158,262 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, gangsta rap

    Freddie Tipton (born January 28, 1982 in Gary, Indiana), better known as Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper best known for being one of XXL Magazine's ten Freshmen of 2010.

  • King Krule

    (154,033 listeners)

    indie, lo-fi, experimental, male vocalists

    With his debut single “Out Getting Ribs/ Has This Hit”, King Krule (formerly known as Zoo Kid, but still the musical alias of 19 year old Archy Marshall) announced himself as the startling voice of a new generation; his unexpectedly deep and mournful baritone tracing fissures of disappointment and disorientation to devastating effect.

  • John Talabot

    (138,692 listeners)

    deep house, electronic, house, balearic beat

    John Talabot is a youngster from Barcelona, Spain with a rather special way of approaching music. His influences range from flamenco to northern soul, from African music to traditional Asian songs.

  • The Black Dog

    (131,214 listeners)

    idm, electronic, ambient, techno

    Adopting the common euphemism for depression as their name, The Black Dog are often credited with "inventing" the "IDM" style of music, in producing a style of dance music equally enjoyable in the comfort of one's living room. While their work was showered with praise from a great number of club DJs, the DJs themselves rarely played their tracks on the dancefloor.


    (133,335 listeners)

    trap, electronic, hip-hop, wonky

    Hudson Mohawke steps things up a gear with this hyped and ridiculously anticipated collaboration with fellow beats alchemist, Lunice - both representing their respective corners, Warp and LuckyMe. Their live shows and snippets of their tracks that have been found online have fuelled the excitement around this release and now it's finally here in all its glory.

  • Ghostpoet

    (124,115 listeners)

    electronic, beats, abstract hip-hop, experimental

    Ghostpoet (born Obaro Ejimiwe, 18 January 1983) is a Mercury Music Prize Nominee from Coventry, UK, raised somewhere between London, Coventry, Nigeria and Dominica.

  • Eskmo

    (121,707 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch, electronic, breakbeat

    Brendan Angelides is a San Francisco based electronic music producer who records and performs live as Eskmo.

  • Michael Mayer

    (114,463 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, electronic, kompakt

    As a DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany's core celebrities in dance music. It's no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It's likely throughout his career he's played in front of millions.

  • SepalcureUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (96,776 listeners)

    dubstep, future garage, electronic, uk garage

    Sepalcure’s combination of love for bass and 90's house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two week collaboration between Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoît). Their mix of tribal dub, house and 2-step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home.

  • Lapalux

    (97,259 listeners)

    future garage, electronic, dubstep, experimental

    Sounds move with curious steps in the music of Lapalux, the solo project of Essex's Stuart Howard. His IDM and hip-hop influenced beat collages unfold like individual short stories, their layered tones playing into your emotions.

  • Chilly Gonzales

    (87,690 listeners)

    electronic, piano, rap, alternative soul

    A Canadian multi-talented musician / producer (born Jason Charles Beck, aka Chilly Gonzales), known for his MC & electro albums (i.e. ”The Entertainist” & ”Presidential Suite”.), plus his comical live shows. He is able to play the piano, guitar, bass, drums & various brass instruments.

  • Matias Aguayo

    (84,307 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, kompakt

    Matias Aguayo lives between Buenos Aires and Paris, DJing, making music, performing concerts alone and together with Marcus Rossknecht with their project "BROKE!".

  • The Gaslamp KillerUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (80,045 listeners)

    experimental, hip-hop, psychedelic, electronic

    The Gaslamp Killer is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose electric style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop.

  • Jimmy Edgar

    (74,859 listeners)

    idm, electronic, warp, experimental

    Jimmy Edgar (b. 1983, Detroit, MI, USA), is a producer, photographer and multi-instrumentalist. He is seen by some as a poster child of sound culture and began performing music in 1998 (at fifteen years old).

  • Kwes.

    (50,814 listeners)

    electronic, hip-hop, pop, experimental

    Kwes. is a record producer, songwriter & musician who makes 'freepop' (pop music without boundaries). He has worked with artists including The xx, Ghostpoet, Elan Tamara, Dels, Damon Albarn's DRC Music, Leftfield, Micachu (Kwesachu Mixtapes) and more. He has also reworked several including Hot Chip and The Invisible amongst others.

  • Speech Debelle

    (49,448 listeners)

    hip-hop, british, trip-hop, female vocalists

    Speech Debelle (1983, London, England) is a British rap artist, winner of the 2009 Mercury Prize. Debelle is signed to the Big Dada record label.

  • DJ Rashad

    (50,532 listeners)

    juke, footwork, electronic, ghettotech

    Rashad Harden (October 9,1979 - April 26, 2014) was a quintessential figurehead in the evolution from Ghetto House to Chicago Juke to Footwork and one of the artists to have to consistently pushed the evolution of the Footwork genre forward. He was born in Hammond, Illinois and moved to the deep south suburb of Calumet City soon after.

  • 120 Days

    (43,392 listeners)

    norwegian, space rock, indie, electronic

    120 Days found each other in Kristiansund, Norway, but decided if they ever were to reach out to a larger audience they'd need to move to another town. And so they pooled their money, bought an RV and drove it to Oslo and lived rent-free (you don't have to pay rent for the sidewalk) creating music in their tight-quarters studio/mobile home.

  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

    (37,387 listeners)

    underground hip-hop, stones throw, rap, hip hop

    Freddie Gibbs and Madlib announced a collaboration late in 2011 with the release of an EP titled Thuggin' on Madlib's own imprint, Madlib Invazion. A second EP titled Shame followed on June 22, 2012.

  • L-Vis 1990

    (35,052 listeners)

    electronic, bass, fidget house, uk funky

    L-Vis 1990 (real name James Connolly) is a London-based DJ and producer and, along with Bok Bok, is a co-founder and head of the Night Slugs imprint, which arose from their monthly club night at London's East Village club.

  • Miloopa

    (33,297 listeners)

    drum and bass, polish, electronic, drum and jazz

    The name of the band is a reminder of Poland's favourite baby food (at least in sound, not in spelling) which kept previous generations healthy. The band's idea is also to feed, but by by serving a quite different speciality.

  • Nguzunguzu

    (27,555 listeners)

    future garage, uk garage, tribal rave, bass

    Los Angeles electro synth dance duo fond of booming beats & 8-bit sounds

  • Pional

    (25,880 listeners)

    deep house, electronic, minimal, house

    Miguel Barros (born c. 1985) better known as Pional is a Spanish producer, remixer and electronic musician from Madrid, Spain. His professional career began in 2010 when he released his first EP, A Moot Point on the Hivern Discs label.

  • LucyUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (22,782 listeners)

    techno, idm, minimal techno, electronic

    At least 6 artists are known as Lucy. 1. Lucy is the electronic producer Luca Mortellaro. In 2007, he released his first EP, "Open House" (Qoki Records), which immediately drew the attention of renowned artists, such as, James Holden. He his now hosted by Meerestief label.

  • Young Montana?

    (21,042 listeners)

    electronic, glitch hop, glitch, downtempo

    Young Montana? aka Coventry, UK was hand-plucked into the light after BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs called him her "Favorite Artist." Mixes followed for the B and TS Radio, and Young Montana? soon found riding a Pitchfork to the online underground.

  • Loco Star

    (20,747 listeners)

    electronic, chillout, polish, ambient

    Loco Star combine different kinds of electronic music, creating a multilayered, rhythmical whole. They represent the so – called alternative pop or sensual ambient and their musical influences include jazz and club beats.

  • Mijk Van Dijk

    (11,974 listeners)

    techno, electronic, trance, minimal

    Mijk van Dijk (* in Soltau; eigentlich Michael van den Nieuwendijk) ist ein erfolgreicher DJ und Musikproduzent im Bereich der elektronischen Musik.

  • The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

    (11,371 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, contemporary classical, jazz

    For Brandt Brauer Frick, the drums, strings and pianos that have long been the bedrock of Western music serve as the common thread between the classical past and their techno present. But while devoted to the rich tones and timbres of orchestral instrumentation, the German trio's rousing tracks are rhythmically focused and rendered with the mechanical precision of four-to-the-floor club tracks.

  • Morphosis

    (10,830 listeners)

    techno, dub techno, death metal, minimal

    There are at least three artists named Morphosis. Please do not delete information for the other bands, as per the Last.fm FAQ.

  • DJ Spinn

    (10,367 listeners)

    juke, footwork, chicago, teklife

    Coming up from nothing to something is a hell of an accomplishment, that's why when it comes to DJ SPINN that feat is highly attainable. Starting out at the early age of 14, SPINN already had his mind set on future goals when it came to music. Whether writing, dj'ing, dancing or producing SPINN always stayed on top of his game.

  • Saschienne

    (7,860 listeners)

    electronic, minimal, tech house, german

    As Saschienne, Sascha Funke has formed a duo extraordinaire with multi-talented instrumentalist, singer and wife Julienne Dessagne, displaying an expressivity previously unknown to anyone following his solo work.

  • Full Crate & Mar

    (5,743 listeners)

    hip-hop, soul, neo-soul, abstract hip-hop

    Full Crate and Mar are on the international forefront of progressive electronic music. Since the release of their critically acclaimed "Conversations With Her" EP in 2010, the Amsterdam based duo have worked and performed around the world with renowned artists like Erykah Badu, Hudson Mohawke, Pac Div, Mark Pritchard and DJ Zinc.

  • Uma

    (4,806 listeners)

    urgent, delicate, cheerful, makes me happy

    There's more than one band with the name Uma: 1. Uma — an experimental rock band. 2. UMA — an experimental electronic pop duo from Berlin. 1.

  • CH District

    (2,565 listeners)

    idm, industrial, experimental, electronic

    Miroslaw Matyasik started his artistic activity in 1996 and became part of the silesian ambient/noise/experimental scene. The basis of his activity as a musician is the one man project C.H.

  • Gnucci Banana

    (2,351 listeners)

    hype, swedish, live seen, seen live

  • Baasch

    (1,015 listeners)

    synthpop, indie, electronic, alternative

    BAASCH, or Simple, Dark & Romantic. Baasch is synonymous with songwriting talent and a taste for dark, analog sounds.

  • Finckobot

    (215 listeners)

    electronica, electro, danceable, maximal