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  • 80's verantwoord

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  • 90's Now!

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  • Aaron Gill

    (4 listeners)

  • Accept

    (448,344 listeners)

    heavy metal, hard rock, metal, german

    Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by Udo Dirkschneider. They played an important role in the development of speed metal and Teutonic thrash metal, being part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene to emerge in the early to mid 80s along with bands such as Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Sinner, and Rage.

  • Apster

    (7,636 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, eclectic

  • Bassjackers

    (53,252 listeners)

    house, electro house, dutch house, electronic

    “On a afternoon somewhere in the beginning of 2007 two friends decided to join forces, one Dj and one producer, both sharing great passion for house music.. Bassjackers was born..!”

  • Bingo Players

    (297,757 listeners)

    house, electronic, techno, dirty house

    Bingo Players (Paul Bäumer & Maarten Hoogstraten) have been left gasping for air after a seriously hectic year with bookings in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Bobby Burns

    (7,854 listeners)

    house, dutch, netherlands, holland

    Bobby Burns aka Bartjay returns to the scene after some years of relative silence. And what a comeback! Holland is the word in the international House scene and this tune definitely emphasizes the position of the Dutch. Bobby Burns, the multitalented music & video producer of this catchy tune got help from rapper Casablanca Connect and this cooperation will definitely lead to a summer 2007 hit.

  • Brutuzz

    (172 listeners)

    Amsterdam based Brutuzz likes to tear the club up and make the girls go wiggle their fat asses. He is known for his energetic style of blending hiphop, dubstep, booty, dancehall and all things broken and bassheavy.

  • BZB

    (1,844 listeners)

    Abbreviation for Band Zonder Banaan - correct your tags!

  • Candybar Planet

    (653 listeners)

    stoner rock, fuzz, stoner, dutch

    Candybar Planet was founded in 1994 in Eindhoven and was at the base of the Eindhoven Rock City movement together with Peter Pan Speedrock and 7 Zuma 7 later joined by The Spades and other bands. With their ruthless grooves and catchy vocals they’ve spread their stoner vibe across the Dutch venues for almost a decade.

  • Chef'Special

    (41,324 listeners)

    funk, rock, rap, ska

    Chef'Special, that's one tasty cocktail of bouncing Hiphop, pounding Rock, catchy Pop and laidback Reggae. We're talking about a five-piece band from Haarlem the Netherlands that is renowned for its incredibly energetic and dynamic live show. Joshua Nolet - Vocals

  • Chris Liebing

    (53,147 listeners)

    techno, schranz, hard techno, electronic

    Chris Liebing had his first residency as a DJ in a small club called "Red Brick" 1991 in Giessen, near Frankfurt. Already in the beginning of 1995 the club had to close down and Chris began working for Eye-Q Records in Frankfurt. During that period, he met his friend and partner Andre Walter.

  • Conforce

    (12,286 listeners)

    dub techno, techno, minimal techno, minimal

    Conforce is the moniker of Boris Bunnik from the Island of Terschelling (the Netherlands). Nowadays he lives in the city of Leeuwarden and finished several media studies in The Netherlands. After two debut EPs on Rush Hour and releases on Curle and Modelism, he just released his well received first album on UK's Meanwhile label.

  • Crazy Piano's

    (1 listener)


  • Dannic

    (33,224 listeners)

    progressive house, electronic, dance, house

    Dannic “slash” DJ, producer and mash-up maestro from Breda in the Netherlands – the hometown of Tiësto, Funkerman & Hardwell (something in the water, perhaps?) This talented fellow won fans early in his career thanks to a series of amazing mash-ups. Bootlegs like Axwell vs.

  • De Dijk

    (49,220 listeners)

    dutch, nederlandstalig, nederpop, rock

    De Dijk is a dutch band from Amsterdam & Zaandam. Their style can be described as a mix of soul, blues and rock. The group is named after the Zeedijk street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • De Flowfabriek

    (1 listener)

  • Dearworld

    (345 listeners)

    rock, electronic, electronic rock, the netherlands

    Dearworld is an electro-rock quartet originally from Oss, The Netherlands. The band recently thundered into the Dutch music scene. Armed with a dream, a goal and an infectious set of original songs, the band’s main goal is to inspire every member of their audience to dance, and dance hard.

  • Delivio Reavon

    (781 listeners)


    (70,130 listeners)

    rock, dutch, pop, pop rock

    There are 2 artists with the name Di-rect: 1) Di-rect is a Dutch alternative rock band formed in October 1999 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The band consists of singer Marcel Veenendaal, guitarist Frans van Zoest, drummer Jamie Westland, pianist Vince van Reeken and bassplayer Bas van Wageningen.

  • DJ Blondt

    (5 listeners)


  • DJ Hatcha

    (11,132 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, electronic, 2-step

    This man is the pioneer of the new direction for dubstep on Rinse FM and through his sets at Forward.

  • Drop the Lime

    (64,876 listeners)

    breakcore, dubstep, electronic, experimental

    Everyone comes from somewhere, but some people wear the cities they’re from like badges of honour. Drop the Lime is Luca Venezia, one of those people whose identity is intrinsically connected to his hometown – New York City.

  • Emalkay

    (147,969 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, electronic, dub

    With initial support in the form of grime veteran Plastician, “Birmingham’s finest” Emalkay gained the attention of South London based label Boka Records with the warped, future bass drones and epic strings of Gut Feeling. Continuing the success, Testing The Waters EP was released in October 2006 followed by Monsters in June 2007.

  • Enge Buren

    (1,726 listeners)

    cabaret, dutch, nederlandstalig, under 2000 listeners

    Three men on a stage. A load of instruments. A beautiful multiplevocal, contagious enthousiasm! Absurd music creations and caricatures. Rhythmic and harmonious. Humor, speed and power mixed with some love. Agility of the body, members and voice! A low threshold, with a gracious result.

  • Enslaved

    (160,858 listeners)

    black metal, viking metal, progressive black metal, progressive metal

    Enslaved is a metal band from Bergen, Norway. Their style has changed over the years. Originally being an old-school black metal/viking metal act, they now perform a slightly more experimental and progressive form of black metal which has elements of 1970's progressive rock. The name was inspired by an Immortal demo track, Enslaved in Rot.

  • Erick E

    (86,287 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    Erick E (Erick Eerdhuizen) is a dutch DJ. Erick E started his career as a hiphop DJ in club Prinsenhof in the dutch city Zaandam. In 1989 Erick E became Dutch Champion Mix/Scratch. He started spinning house not long after that. In 1995 he became the resident DJ in the Roxy, a famous club in Amsterdam.

  • Finntroll

    (348,833 listeners)

    folk metal, black metal, viking metal, finnish

    Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal. Finntroll's lyrics are mostly in Swedish, the only exception being the song "Madon Laulu" on Visor Om Slutet.

  • FunkermanUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (146,626 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    http://www.facebook.com/funkerman http://www.youtube.com/funkermantube/ Funkerman, known to his postman as Ardie van Beek, (born 1975, Breda, The Netherlands), is a well known DJ/producer and founder of Flamingo Recordings.

  • Gers Pardoel

    (36,673 listeners)

    rap, hip hop, hip-hop, gers pardoel

    Gers Pardoel, born in the city of Nijmegen, is a Dutch rapper, with his own recognizable voice (and accent). He was mostly known from 'Broodje Bakpao', featuring Big2, Sef and New Kids. And currently became one of Holland's biggest stars. His single debut, 'Morgen Ben Ik Rijk', helped him rise to fame.

  • Golden Earring

    (345,733 listeners)

    classic rock, rock, hard rock, dutch

    Golden Earring is the best known and internationally most succesful rock band to come out of the Netherlands.

  • Gomes

    (840 listeners)

    simplon, simplon 2009, seen live

    Gomes is a dj from The Netherlands playing Dubstep. Website: http://www.djgomes.nl/

  • Guus Meeuwis

    (77,111 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, dutch, pop, nederpop

    Guus Meeuwis is a Dutch singer who mostly sings pop songs in Dutch. He was born in 1972 on the 23rd of March in the village Mariahout, close to Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands.

  • Hardwell

    (247,516 listeners)

    house, progressive house, electro house, dance

    Music maturity came swiftly for the now seasoned-veteran Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell. At the age of 25, the young Dutch titan capped off a 10 year journey when he was crowned World’s No.1 DJ in the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll cementing his position as the electronic scenes newest superstar DJ and becoming the youngest ever winner of the coveted Top 100 DJs award.

  • Heideroosjes

    (45,124 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, dutch, rock

    Heideroosjes (pronounced; hi-duh-rose-yes, HR in short), is a punk band from Horst aan de Maas, the Netherlands. The band's lyrics are in Dutch, English, German and Limburgian (a Dutch dialect spoken in the Dutch province of Limburg). The band, formed in 1989, consists of Marco Roelofs (vocals), Frank Kleuskens (guitar), Fred Houben (Bass) and Igor Hobus (percussion).

  • HellUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (39,737 listeners)

    heavy metal, nwobhm, british, new wave of british heavy metal

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A NWOBHM era band from Nottingham, England who released a single called 'Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us' in 1982.

  • In Flames

    (1,101,069 listeners)

    melodic death metal, metal, death metal, swedish

    In Flames is a Swedish metal band from Gothenburg, formed in 1990. The band’s earlier work is considered to be a major influence on the melodic death metal music genre, although they have changed styles into a more alternative metal sound on more recent albums.

  • JoeySukiUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (8,469 listeners)

    tech house, big room

    JOEYSUKI, born in 1988, is a Dj/producer creating his own sound from the age of 15. In 2008 he made is debut on the famous Dutch label ‘Sneakerz’, which got big support from dj’s such as Laidback Luke and Sidney Samson.

  • Joost Van Bellen

    (327 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, electro

    Joost van Bellen is a dance/electro/electroclash/electrotrash/mashup DJ/artist from the Netherlands. Joost started to play "house" music back in 1987. During his sets, there is always this good old vibe. He know's what to play at the right moment, time, vibe, party or place.

  • Jungle by Night

    (15,314 listeners)

    afrobeat, jazz, funk, dutch

    Jungle by Night is a young and swinging, promising band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Friends, family and former strangers form a nine-headed ensemble, which is the talk of the town at this moment. Being different from the slipstream of young bands that find their inspiration in British and American pop, Jungle by Night is inspired by music away from the mainstream.

  • Kane

    (101,802 listeners)

    rock, dutch, alternative rock, pop

    As it happens there are 3 bands named Kane: One - KANE is a Dutch rock band from The Hague, formed in 1998. The two original members were Dinand Woesthoff (lead singer) and Dennis van Leeuwen (guitarist, vocals). They added drummer Martijn Bosman in 2002 after the former drummer had left the band.

  • Karma to Burn

    (97,516 listeners)

    stoner rock, instrumental, stoner, stoner metal

    Karma to Burn is an American instrumental stoner rock band. The band was formed in 1994, in Hicksville, West Virginia (actually Morgantown, West Virginia, though this was a running joke also reflected in bios of the band on other Web sites).

  • Klaas van der Eerden

    (511 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, humour, seen live

    Klaas van der Eerden, born 1975 in Waterland (NL), is a Dutch comedian.

  • Korpiklaani

    (370,172 listeners)

    folk metal, viking metal, finnish, metal

    Korpiklaani is a folk metal band from Lahti, Finland formed in 2003. Korpiklaani is the new name of the band previously called Shaman, that was formed by Jonne Järvelä who still remains the mastermind of Korpiklaani. Whilst Shaman recorded songs in the original Saami language, Korpiklaani recorded most songs in English at first, and mostly Finnish lyrics on their most recent albums.

  • Kutz

    (25,877 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, grime, all

    Some of you may not be familiar with the sound of fresh new talent, Kutz hailing from CROYDON aka the dubstep mecca!!, has been a busy bee deep in the studio producing tunes for some years now, some of which have been co-produced alongside his buddies Skream and Benga.

  • Kyteman

    (41,658 listeners)

    hip-hop, jazz, dutch, hiphop jazz

    Kyteman (real name Colin Benders) is a dutch hiphop artist and trumpet player. The day Colin Benders, age 22, moved into his apartment in Utrecht-Overvecht, he started to work day and mostly nights, on his debut album. At the same time he started performing with Holland’s biggest, like Relax, Krezip, Voicst and C-mon & Kypski.

  • La Fuente

    (8,583 listeners)

    hip-hop, gabon, eben, gabonais

  • Leon van der Zanden

    (205 listeners)

    seen live

  • Lucien Foort

    (8,629 listeners)

    electro, progressive house, club, electronic

    Lucien Foort DJ / producer / artist Being born within a musical melting pot and learning his abc´s alongside taking music lessons, didn't give him an opportunity to escape his natural born talent. Rotterdam based dj and producer Lucien Foort studied saxophone and orchestra for eight years.