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  • Abby

    (23,734 listeners)

    german, alternative rock, electronic, male vocalist

    1) Indie dance from Berlin... Check out the website: http://searchingforabby.com/ 2) Post-hardcore chilean band from Concepcion. https://www.facebook.com/BandaAbby

  • BilderbuchUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (26,992 listeners)

    austrian, indie, indie rock, german

    Bilderbuch (which means "Picture Book" in English) is an Austrian band, formed in Kremsmünster, Austria in 2005. The band's music is an ecclectic mix of progressive rock, art-punk, indie rock and hip hop.

  • Captain Capa

    (20,762 listeners)

    electronic, german, electro, electroclash

    Captain Capa is a german electropop/indietronica band formed in 2007. The guys are from the small town Bad Frankenhausen in Thuringia/Germany and have released two albums so far.

  • Die Heiterkeit

    (4,067 listeners)

    indie, pop, german, seen live 2012

  • Die Vögel

    (7,052 listeners)

    electronic, minimal, pampa, german

    Die Vögel is a collaborative project between Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents. Jakobus is an innovative multi-instrumentalist who has previously recorded distinctive albums for Tomlab, Chicks On Speed Records, Karaoke Kalk; the no less talented Reents is a member of the groups Egoexpress, Die Goldenen Zitronen and Stella, and operates the Art Blakey Studios in Hamburg [..].

  • Dumme Jungs

    (10,064 listeners)

    electro, electronic, maximal, german

    Bio: DUMME JUNGS – Too loud! Too wild!! Too stupid!!! “Losing it at night – black and blue in the morning” –that’s the mission statement of Berlin techno duo DUMME JUNGS aka David Bwooi and Senior Carlos. Having made a name for themselves in the scene by organizing illegal raves in the weirdest,

  • Elin

    (2,366 listeners)

    pop, german, cheap, rock

  • Frittenbude

    (119,786 listeners)

    electropunk, electronic, german, electro

    Frittenbude is a German electronic/electropunk Band from Geisenhausen. They were founded in 2006 by Martin Steer, Johannes Rögner and Jakob Häglsperger. They are signed to Audiolith.

  • Here Is Why

    (6,884 listeners)

    synthpop, german, leipzig, electro-pop

    Here is your synthetic soul spinning round and round. Here is a starlit dancefloor drenched in sweating sound. Here is the colour of a daylight dream on a lonesome night. Here is where love begins. HERE IS WHY. http://www.here-is-why.com

  • In Golden Tears

    (8,787 listeners)

    indie, new wave, german, indie rock

    Traditionally you will come across the „next big thing“ in New York, London or sometimes even Berlin. IN GOLDEN TEARS on the other hand call the far north of Germany their home. They arise from the same place where The Beatles once built up their reputation – the city of Hamburg.

  • Ira Atari

    (9,144 listeners)

    electronic, electro, german, powerpop

    Ira Atari is a singer from Hessen, Germany, performing electronic music, pop, often mixed with a house vibe. Her debut album, Shift, was released in March 2011. The first single chosen to promoted the release was Back to Zero.

  • La Boum Fatale

    (2,541 listeners)

    electronic, indie, german, minimal

    La Boum Fatale are brand new. And brand new on Sinnbus. Antonio de Spirt and Levente Pavelka - the both behind La Boum Fatale - met in 2010 in Hamburg where they both study media engineering. As La Boum Fatale they have done remixes for Bodi Bill, Mimas or Hundreds.

  • Leslie Clio

    (28,859 listeners)

    soul, pop, female vocalists, german

    Born in Hamburg is a German blues-pop singer. She describes her style as "modern soul-pop with a touch of retro".

  • Marsimoto

    (66,083 listeners)

    rap, deutschrap, hip-hop, hip hop

    German rap artist Marteria's alter ego, an alien with a high-pitched voice, originally created as a hommage to US rap artist Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto. Releases "Halloziehnation" ("Hellocination"; 2006)

  • Me and My Drummer

    (14,876 listeners)

    indie, dream pop, female vocalists, german

    Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs met each other in theaters. They made music for plays, they liked each other's ideas and sounds, they found ways to create the time and space for their own works. They travelled; they recorded and freed themselves from the basics that brought them together, mile by mile by mile.

  • Me Succeeds

    (16,529 listeners)

    electronic, indie, indie pop, german

    As the "succeed in your job" generation rotates in a preordained orbit, we receive signals from a star reminding us of the poetry of the glow dying down. Hamburg three-piece Me Succeeds combine everything the idea of youth promises: euphoria and recklessness, but equally melancholy and the courae to doubt.

  • Mittekill

    (5,264 listeners)

    electronic, berlin, german, geliebt

    Synth-pop and Rock n’ Roll are in fact pretty good bed-fellows. And when Mittekill are behind the controls the pop rocks and the rock pops and yes you guessed it, they just can’t stop.

  • Niels Frevert

    (52,159 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, german, deutsch, hamburg

    Niels Frevert (born November 8, 1967 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German singer and songwriter. Frevert was voice and writer of Nationalgalerie, one of the first bands of german language, who were played with a german language song Evelin at MTV. After the split of Nationalgalerie in 1996, Frevert released his self-titled solo album with Motor Music.

  • Prinz Pi

    (96,049 listeners)

    deutschrap, rap, hip hop, german

    Prinz Pi formerly known as Prinz Porno is a German Hip Hop artist from Berlin City. He was born 1979 as Friedrich Kautz in Berlin-Zehlendorf. In 1998 he had his first big hit "Keine Liebe". After several years of remaining in the underground scene, he released four albums in just one year (2005) and a double album called "Donnerwetter" in 2006.

  • Tellavision

    (576 listeners)

    alternative, experimental, lo-fi, indie

  • Tocotronic

    (208,837 listeners)

    indie, german, hamburger schule, alternative

    Tocotronic is a German rock band formed in 1993. Similar to Blumfeld or Die Sterne, Tocotronic not only innovated German language rock music, but also inspired a number of later bands, such as Wir sind Helden.

  • Vierkanttretlager

    (24,043 listeners)

    indie, german, pop, deutsch