• CG-SE said...
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    • 10 May 2012, 19:02

    Decisions, decisions...

    Most heartbreaking clashes for you day by day.
    Your painful choices.
    Your picks and advice for those who are in doubt.

    For me so far:

    Thursday: pretty much figured out.
    Friday: Wavves vs. Napalm Death
    Shellac vs. OFF!
    Yo La Tengo vs. Wild Beasts

  • For me the most painful clashes are:

    Afghan Whigs vs Grimes vs Lee Ranaldo
    Mudhoney vs Mazzy Star vs Death Cab for Cutie
    Wilco vs Beirut vs Thee Oh Sees
    Spiritualized vs Franz Ferdinand
    Melvins vs The Cure
    The Cure vs Dirty Three
    M83 vs The Drums vs Codeine
    Kings of Convenience vs Atlas Sound
    OFF! vs Shellac

    I'll miss a lot of things I'd like to see... but I'll also see a lot of great concerts.

    If I have to give some advice, I'd say go see Spiritualized even if they play at the same time as Franz Ferdinand, and go to the auditorium to see Jeff Mangum at least one day.

    • moejo said...
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    • 11 May 2012, 13:20
    ^ My recs:


    -Napalm Death! I dont expect it to be a long set, so catch half an hour of it and then go to 40 mins of Wavves

    - OFF! OFF! will be playing an extremely short set (25-30 mins tops), so you can see them and you can get at least half an hour of shellac/


    Go To Grimes for half hour and then head to Whigs for 45 mins. Again, whigs tour is something no one imagined happening. dont miss on it

    Go To Melvins ,half od and then Cure. The cure will be laying a 3hr + show, so you can get a full melvins show and at least 1 hr of the Cure then come back to catch the last 20-30 mins of Dirty 3

    Go to Codeine. this is the first tour in almost 15 yrs. Chances of you getting to see M83 are infinitly higher than seeing Codeine ever again

    Go To Atlas Sound, KoC will be performing in Apollo on the 3rd as well as doing a dj set.

    Go to OFF then head to shellac. OFF! will be playing an extremely short set, so you can see them and you can get at least half an hour of shellac


    My clashes:

    Spiritualized vs Wolves In The Throne Room
    Sharon Von Etten vs Sandro Perri
    Godflesh vs Yo La Tengo

    The last one in particular is making me so sad :(

  • Wilco vs Beirut
    Rufus Wainwright vs Marianne Faithful is a FU KING JOKE

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 May 2012, 23:38
    Beach House vs Real Estate is killing me!
    Justice vs Washed Out
    Yo La Tengo vs Wild Beasts
    Sleigh Bells vs Wavves

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