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  • Adre'n'Alin

    (6,727 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, polish, bjork

    Adre'N'Alin is a project by Igor Szulc – a singer, a composer and a pianist. Combining the piano with electronic sounds he is not afraid to experiment with many genres.

  • Alex Picone

    (4,951 listeners)

    minimal, cadenza, deep house, house

    Alex was born and grown in Padua, in the North-East of Italy. He started DJing at the age of 15 and after two years he became resident DJ of "la Scala", the infamous underground club in the region.

  • Anja Schneider

    (59,807 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, electronic

    Anja Schneider is the mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and producer once labeled a "perpetual motion machine", and one of the hardest working individuals in the business.

  • Black Sun Empire

    (205,882 listeners)

    drum and bass, neurofunk, darkstep, dnb

    Black Sun Empire is the stage name of a team of Dutch disc jockeys, Drum & Bass (mostly Neurofunk) and Dubstep producers Rene Verdult and brothers Milan Heyboer and Micha Heyboer.

  • bshosa

    (117 listeners)

    house, detroit, minimal, tech house

    Michal bshosa Brzozowski is resident DJ of Warsaw Club 55, and the co-founder of the detroitZDRoJ project, concentrating on ambitious activity in audio, video, photography and design work. For many years bshosa was a Berlin resident, where he had the opportunity to support some of the biggest names in club music.

  • Bueno Bros

    (802 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, minimal techno, polish

    Having always been into music of all sorts they have come a long way. Working as radio DJs for years they have also produced their own music. They have DJed across Europe.

  • Byetone

    (33,219 listeners)

    glitch, minimal, electronic, experimental

    Olaf Bender's (b. 1968, Chemnitz, Germany) experimental work with film material started during school time, initiated by the casual find of complete 16mm film equipment. From then on an intensive dealing started film, both as medium as the raw material.

  • Carl Craig

    (127,788 listeners)

    techno, detroit techno, electronic, detroit

    Carl Craig is described as a creative visionary, an electronic music icon, an esteemed Grammy-nominated composer, a world-class DJ and an ambassador for his native Detroit.

  • Catz 'n Dogz

    (21,823 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, house, minimal techno

    The name is new, but chances are you’ve already heard Catz 'n Dogz. Previously, as 3 Channels, the best friend duo have already released red hot club records on some of the most respected underground dance labels in the world including Trapez, Crosstown Rebels, Pokerflat, Boxer, dirtybird, Leena, Trenton, and their own imprint, Channels Recordings.

  • Coma

    (254,023 listeners)

    rock, polish, polish rock, alternative rock

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Coma is a Polish alternative rock band, founded in 1998 in Łódź by Dominik Witczak (guitar) and Tomasz Stasiak (drums).

  • Cutline

    (56,358 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, electro

    There aren’t many acts working in electronic music who can say they’ve had their music played by Trance god Paul Van Dyk and Drum & Bass don Andy C in the space of a month. Cutline can. With an approach to production that's all-encompassing Cutline make big room tunes that slot neatly between the pigeon holes of Electro, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, drawing influences from across the board.

  • Danger

    (310,618 listeners)

    electro, electronic, french, house

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Danger is an electronic music artist from Lyon, France.

  • Deadbeat

    (97,592 listeners)

    dub, ambient, electronic, minimal

    There are multiple bands using the name Deadbeat: 1. Though based in Montreal, Deadbeat and his ultra-textured ambient dub soundscapes made their way around the world, finding large audiences in Europe as well as in North America. Deadbeat producer Scott Monteith is a member of the same fertile Montreal scene that includes such luminaries as Akufen (Marc Leclair) and Algorithm (Jeff Milligan).

  • Document One

    (87,408 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, filthstep, bass

    Since their debut performance in early 2009, Document One, a duo comprised of producers Matt King and Joe Froud has risen rapidly to become a serious force within the fast developing Dubstep scene. They have received huge support from such heavy weights of the genre as Borgore, Bar 9, Excision and Datsik to name just a few.

  • Dop

    (42,068 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, house, experimental

    dOP is a brand new trio from Paris, which is made up of Clement Zemtsov (beat programming), Damien Vandesande (keyboards and horns) and last but not the least Lelli (lyrics and vocals). Having released two very highly rated EPs on Milnormodern and Circus Company in 2007, they are about to embark on a tour of Europe’s top clubs in 2008.

  • Dub Phizix

    (10,502 listeners)

    microfunk, drum and bass, drum'n'bass, drum & bass

    Dub Phizix is the Manchester based Drum and Bass producer George Ovens. Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago when he was just someone who annoyed the neighbours. By 10 years into his career of music construction, Dub Phizix was an accomplished producer having made music in a variety of styles for MTV, BBC, Nokia and 4Music.


    (37 listeners)

  • Eltron John

    (1,142 listeners)

    deep disco, space disco, soul, valium disco

    Marek Stuczynski, better known as Eltron John, is a Krakow DJ. He’s been spinning records for a few years, and currently hosts the reguar “Ktos Cie Kocha” (Someone Loves You) night in Krakow’s Caryca club, as well as playing all over Poland.

  • Enter Shikari

    (579,013 listeners)

    post-hardcore, trancecore, hardcore, nintendocore

    Enter Shikari is a four-piece experimental post-hardcore band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England formed in 2003.

  • Etheric Double

    (24 listeners)

  • Floex

    (40,154 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, nu-jazz, chillout

    Tomáš Dvořák (*78) aka Floex- clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic). His music is characteristic by unique exploration of electroacoustic nexus and emphasis on audiovisual aspects of art.

  • Gabriel Ananda

    (121,836 listeners)

    minimal, techno, electronic, minimal techno

    Gabriel Ananda was captivated by the sound of Classical music by the early age of 8. He was encouraged by his family to practice the cello, but it was through playing the guitar that fueled his motivation to continue to learn about music. The guitar became a useful tool to express his creativity, but Gabriel was not finished searching for his musical direction.

  • Gathaspar

    (1,446 listeners)

    techno, dub techno, minimal techno, dub

  • Goldie

    (151,715 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, electronic, drum n bass

    Goldie refers to both a British pop/rock band and a UK Drum & Bass/Jungle producer. 1 - Clifford Price, better known as Goldie (born September, 1965 in Wolverhampton) is a British electronic music artist, disc jockey, and actor. As a musician he works mainly within the jungle and drum and bass genres, and has helped to promote these styles globally.

  • Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

    (28,903 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, house, minimal techno

    ::Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts: !!! me no dj !!! Ever an energetic actor in the electronic music scene, Montreal based artist Guillaume Coutu Dumont maintains numerous collaborative projects, performing regularly in his hometown and around the world.

  • Hobo

    (12,194 listeners)

    minimal, techno, blues, minimal techno

    There are, at least nine, artists by this name: 1) Hungarian singer, songwriter & actor (aka Földes László), performing solo since, at least, 1986. 2) A California rapper (aka Hobo the Ghetto Bastard & Big HB. 3) A Canadian minimal techno artist (aka Joel Boychuk), solo as Hobo since early 2008.

  • Hungry Hungry Models

    (187 listeners)

    under 500 listeners, electro, heavy bass, dj

    Hungry Hungry Models. Horror Horror Music. To sum up-HHM. The most popular Warsaw DJ collective(firstly a trio,lately a duo –S.T.tees and Starfucker).

  • Jarek Czechowski

    (163 listeners)

    progressive, progressive house, house, techno

    Jarek Czechowski known as Angelo Mike is one of the leadings Polish DJ and Producer. During 12 years career won several times Best Polish Dj Award and many other awards in electronic music.

  • Kavinsky

    (660,782 listeners)

    electronic, electro, french, dance

    Kavinsky, also known as Vincent Belorgey, is an electro house artist from Paris, France, and has released EPs on the Record Makers label and another one with Fool's Gold label. He has worked with several prominent electro artists including Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and SebastiAn. OutRun, his first studio album, was released in 2013.

  • Kuba Sojka

    (2,161 listeners)

    deep house, dub techno, techno, polish electronic

    Kuba Sojka aka Psi-acoustic is the Polish music producer,musician and live performer from Myslowice. Officially, he began to spend his music in 2007. So far, managed to give both more experimental music and dance in a typical music labels such as Telescope, Enypnion and ROHS! Records, very large success is cooperation with Matrix Records from Detroit.

  • Last Robots

    (557 listeners)

    live seen, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    The duo Last Robots, previously known as Electricity!, are two Warsaw Djs - Bert & Igor. They've come together over 6 years ago, but each of them has clocked more individual DJ-miles previously.

  • Marcel Dettmann

    (43,078 listeners)

    techno, minimal techno, minimal, berghain

    Resident DJ at Berghain in Berlin. Nothing but the Club as a musical and cultural lifeworld forms and defines the life of Marcel Dettmann, who was born in the GDR in 1977 and raised with east-german youth culture.

  • Marcin Czubala

    (17,866 listeners)

    minimal techno, techno, minimal, polish

    Marcin Czubala is not your typical techno artist: part of this might have to do with the fact that he hails from Poland; yet another part of it might have to do with his extensive background in classical music. Ultimately, however, what sets Marcin apart are his distinct and idiosyncratic musical stylings.

  • Marco CarolaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (58,971 listeners)

    techno, minimal, minimal techno, electronic

    Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno. From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Neapolitan scene to the rest of the world.

  • Martyn

    (107,210 listeners)

    dubstep, techno, electronic, drum and bass

    1) Martyn’s unique strand of bass defies easy categorisation - to his fans and admirers, it’s known simply as ‘Martyn Music.

  • Mic Ostap

    (53 listeners)

    techno, electro

  • Modeselektor

    (416,358 listeners)

    electronic, idm, electro, techno

    Modeselektor is an electronic music band formed in Berlin, featuring Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. The group draws heavily from IDM, glitch, electro and hip hop. Modeselektor produces all its material with self-developed software in Max/MSP and MIDI controllers.

  • Nathan Fake

    (233,532 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, electronica

    Nathan Fake is an electronic musician from Norfolk, UK. Nathan exploded onto the scene with ‘Outhouse’ on James Holden’s Border Community label, which has now earned classic status, still receiving regular club and radio plays. His rocktronica follow up “The Sky was Pink” (graced with a remix by Nathan’s main fan 1#, James Holden).

  • Nicolas Jaar

    (288,135 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, deep house, house

    Nicolas Jaar was born the 10th of January 1990 in New York but spent most of his childhood in Santiago de Chile, only to return to his place of birth as a teenager. Haunted by Mulatu Astatke, Erik Satie, Ezekiel Honig and Villalobos’ “Thé au Harem d’Archimède”; Nico started to make organic electronic music in 2004 at the age of 14.

  • Nymfo

    (10,419 listeners)

    drum and bass, neurofunk, dnb, electronic

    Nymfo is the moniker used by Dutch DJ Bardo Camp from Weert currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Plaid

    (345,959 listeners)

    idm, electronic, ambient, electronica

    There are at least two bands named Plaid: 1) Plaid (pronounced \ˈplad\) are the London electronic music duo Andy Turner & Ed Handley.

  • Poziom-X

    (145 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, ambient, techno, tech house

  • Ricardo Villalobos

    (204,624 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, electronic

    From his early childhood Ricardo Villalobos loved to travel and today he plays his music around the globe. Brown from the sun, and with a four-day beard ... Ricardo Villalobos has a certain aura and personality about him that is incredibly quiet, friendly and positive, and he likes to convey this to the public.

  • Ripperton

    (46,522 listeners)

    minimal, techno, tech house, deep house

    Raphaël Ripperton started his DJing career in 1993. When D ! Club opened its doors in 1997, he started a collaboration and became monthly guest DJ at The Rêve d’O in Geneva at the same time.

  • Roni Size

    (220,266 listeners)

    drum and bass, drum n bass, electronic, jungle

    Roni started on the path of production when he was thrown out of school aged 16, but music had always been a part of his life. Born and raised in Bristol, the sounds of the 70s blues parties and sound-systems happening in the St Pauls area of the city infected Roni's bones.

  • Röyksopp

    (1,864,805 listeners)

    electronic, chillout, ambient, electronica

    Röyksopp is an electronic music duo formed in 1998 in Tromsø, Norway and currently based in Bergen, Norway. The band consists of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge, both being songwriters, producers and remixers. They usually rely on the use of other vocalists for their songs and occasionally they perform the vocal parts.

  • S.P.Y

    (47,687 listeners)

    drum and bass, liquid funk, dnb, all

    2013 is the golden year for S.P.Y, aka Carlos Lima, the DJ and producer with a career firmly rooted in the underground drum and bass scene. After signing to heavyweight label Hospital Records in 2012, S.P.Y has moved from strength to strength bringing his trademark heavy, soulful sound to the masses.

  • Seb Skalski

    (903 listeners)

    electropop, electronic, disco, late night

    SEB SKALSKI ( DJ Seb a.k.a Jamajski Spekulant ,Easy Band All Stars, Jazz Engineers , WackyDeep ) one from the mine Polish Dj's and producetns , musician , remikser . Born in in Warsaw .As kid start to play on guitar , keyboards and drums . Soon run his firsts bands and start writing songs in funk, reggae and jazz style.

  • Sebastian

    (416,851 listeners)

    electro, electronic, french, ed banger

    1) SebastiAn (born Sebastian Akchoté) is a French electro house artist whose reputation started with his first releases on Ed Banger Records in 2005 entitled 'Smoking Kills' & 'H.A.L.'.

  • Shapeshifter

    (74,243 listeners)

    drum and bass, new zealand, liquid funk, electronic

    Shapeshifter by name and by nature, this elemental, electronic soul outfit has morphed time and time again with seismic shifts in genre – from depth-charge bass music, elastic electronic textures and barrelling breakbeats to bedrocks of soul, jazz and rave that ground their experimentation.