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  • ClickClickDecker

    (105,520 listeners)

    indie, german, singer-songwriter, deutsch

    ClickClickDecker (AKA Kevin Hamann), is a Singer-Songwriter from Hamburg, Germany. He originally exclusively released his music on tape, but since 2002 he also offers CDs. In 2006 his third CD, called "Nichts für Ungut", reached stores. Everything he does is based on the DIY-attitude.

  • Immanu El

    (84,222 listeners)

    post-rock, shoegaze, swedish, experimental

    Immanu El (often typeset as IMMANU EL) is a Swedish post-rock band from Jönköping. Formed by Claes Strängberg and his brother Per in 2004, Immanu El was joined by Michael Persson and Emil Karlsson soonafter where they began to work on their first release.

  • Scott Matthew

    (80,330 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, indie, alternative, rock

    Scott Matthew is a vocalist and lyricist born in Queensland, Australia, who currently resides in New York City. The popularity of Shortbus by director John Cameron Mitchell has brought Matthew to the attention of a larger audience as Matthew's music is featured extensively in the movie soundtrack. He also acted in the movie, playing his songs for the eclectic Shortbus club's patrons.

  • Christian Kjellvander

    (63,592 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, swedish, alt-country, americana

    Christian Kjellvander is a Swedish singer-songwriter leaning towards americana and alt-country. He was earlier the singer and frontman of Loosegoats and has also recorded the album The Painted Trees of Ghostwood together with his younger brother Gustaf Kjellvander.

  • Alamo Race TrackUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (43,574 listeners)

    indie, dutch, alternative, indie rock

    Alamo Race Track is an indierock band, founded and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The band rose from the ashes of Redivider (1997-2001), a melodic guitar band that won the Grote Prijs van Nederland ('Grand Prize of The Netherlands'), Holland's number one band battle, in 1998.

  • Erland and the Carnival

    (39,889 listeners)

    british, folk rock, folk, indie

    Erland and the Carnival are a London, UK folk rock band, formed by multi-instrumentalist Simon Tong (formerly of the the The Verve / Blur / The Good, the Bad & the Queen), Erland Cooper (Orkney Islander - guitars / vocals), David Nock (drums / engineering - recently worked with Paul McCartney & The Fireman). Other members inc: Andy Bruce, Georgia Sands & Danny Wheeler.

  • The Fuzztones

    (39,277 listeners)

    garage rock, garage punk, psychobilly, garage

    The Fuzztones are a garage rock revival band formed in the 1980s, playing straight into the 1990s and now.

  • Spain

    (35,244 listeners)

    slowcore, indie, singer-songwriter, acoustic

    Spain was formed in Los Angeles in 1993 by Josh Haden (son to jazz legend Charlie Haden). The group released three albums: The Blue Moods of Spain, She Haunts My Dreams and I Believe. Spirituals – The Best of Spain is a collection of some of their most poignant songs (+ two never before released and three live versions).

  • The Miserable Rich

    (18,195 listeners)

    chamber pop, british, indie, acoustic

    The Miserable Rich are a Brighton, UK, chamber pop quintet, formed in 2007 and comprised of: Will Calderbank (cello), James de Malplaquet (vocals), Mike Siddell (violin), Ricky Pritchard (acoustic guitar, piano) and Rhys Lovell (double bass). Their latest album is "Miss You In The Days" (Oct 2011, Humble Soul).

  • The Travelling Band

    (15,774 listeners)

    folk, folk rock, country, country rock

    The Travelling Band is an alternative folk band that formed in Manchester, UK, in 2006. The band consists of: Adam Gorman: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Pump Organ, Accordion, Banjo, Harmonica, Percussion, Keys

  • The Flying Eyes

    (16,020 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, blues rock, psychedelic, blues

    The Flying Eyes are a heavy, psychedelic rock band hailing from Baltimore, USA. Since forming in 2007, they have opened for artists like The Black Keys (SXSW 2009), The Black Angels, Dead Meadow etc.

  • Navel

    (8,275 listeners)

    grunge, rock, swiss, alternative

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Navel is a Swedish band. 2) Navel is a Japanese pop punk band. They have released 2 albums under the Snuffy Smile Records label.

  • Israel Nash Gripka

    (12,105 listeners)

    americana, alt-country, folk, country

    As a native of Missouri, Israel Nash grew up slap bang in the heartland of America. Ever restless, Israel was somehow destined to take the well travelled road to New York City where his songwriting skills were properly put to the test. In 2011 he released Barn Doors and Concrete Floors.

  • The Moon Invaders

    (5,503 listeners)

    ska, reggae, rocksteady, traditional ska

    The Moon Invaders are a nine-piece ska band from Brussels, Belgium. They play their own rendition of authentic ska music, and have been doing so for over seven years. Since the release of their first album, they toured all over Europe. In May 2007, they had the pleasure of being the backing band of the legendary Mr.

  • Nive Nielsen

    (3,645 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, indie, greenland

    nive was born in Nuuk, Greenland - this is also where she lives when not traveling to play music or act. her myspace page reads:

  • Chris Eckman

    (3,465 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, americana, glitterhouse, folk

    Chris Eckman is, together with Carla Torgerson, co-founder of the American folkrock band The Walkabouts. Together with Torgerson, he also forms the duo Chris & Carla. To date, he has released three solo albums, "A Janela" (2000, only available via mailorder), "Black Field" (2004) and "Novi Svet" (2005, a soundtrack album for Slovenian TV).

  • The Fog Joggers

    (2,969 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, alternative, rock'n'roll

  • Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children

    (2,375 listeners)

    greenlandic, greenland, folk, all

    This is another name from http://www.last.fm/music/Nive+Nielsen

  • Orph

    (1,116 listeners)

    fusion festival 2008, label, weeping, under 2000 listeners

    ORPH is a corpus of three soulful minstrels, equipped with a fuscous kaleidoscope, a glass darkly, of warmhearted serenity. Sounds and words of port-magic, drunkard-aesthetics, ragged glamour and rainy wayward pothole-scrabble, send wandering thoughts on a journey along the subtle lines of fine-wired sound-

  • Andrea Schroeder

    (1,635 listeners)

    female vocalists, folk, under 2000 listeners, poetical

    Poetical Songs with an incredible voice. The outstanding music of Andrea Schroeder is filled with poetry and mesmerizing energy. Some of her songs were created in international cooperations, e.g. with Richard Horowitz (Golden-Globe Soundtrack of Bernardo Bertoluccis "Sheltering Sky") and the legendary New Yorker Beatpoet Charles Plymell ("The last of the Mocassins").

  • Horst With No Name

    (44 listeners)

    rockabilly, german, one man band


    (18 listeners)

    one man band

    http://www.myspace.com/roccorecycle http://www.vollanalog.nl/?page_id=344

  • Skurilli

    (0 listeners)

    live, köln, gypsy, cologne