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  • A key is a key

    (257 listeners)

    danish, independent, chillout, acoustic

    We created the project A Key is A Key a little over a year ago in the fine parks of Copenhagen. In these golden gardens we met and here we played for the first couple of months of our friendship. Soon our first gig came along and it came apparent that we had something good in our hands. Smiles and grooving hips were everywhere to be seen in future gigs.

  • Adapter und Getan

    (0 listeners)

  • Africa HiTech

    (41,638 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, dub, post-dubstep

    Africa Hitech is an electronic music project consisting of Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek. They released their first EP Blen on 19th April 2010 and a second, Hitecherous, on 28 June 2010. Their debut album 93 Million Miles was released on May 16, 2011.


    (58 listeners)

  • Alamaailman Vasarat

    (18,549 listeners)

    avant-garde, experimental, progressive rock, jazz

    The Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat, which translates to "the Hammers of the Underworld" in English, create music influenced by Klezmer and other forms of European folk music and play it with the ferocity of a punk or metal act. Abandoning major keys for the most part and guitars all together, the group performs on such instruments as a pump organ, saxophone, and distorted cello.

  • All We Are

    (46,832 listeners)

    indie, british, alternative, folk

    All We Are is a name of least two bands: [1] A Liverpool-based alt-pop / psychedelic / folk trio, formed in June 2011. Members include musicians: Rich, Guro & Luis.

  • Allaby

    (2,762 listeners)

    psytrance, all, progressive trance, goa

    Matt Allaby is a trance producer from Manchester in the UK. His unique sound has been forged through his background in the acid house scene in the 'Madchester' nineties and the years following where Matt played his part in the beginnings of the Northern psytrance scene.

  • Alle Farben

    (100,409 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, minimal techno, berlin

    Alle Farben (English "All Colors"), born July 5, 1985 in Berlin, Germany as Frans Zimmer, is a German DJ and producer.

  • Analog Africa

    (297 listeners)

    african, roskilde 2010

  • Andhim

    (48,617 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, tech house, german

    Andhim – the new boys in town It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their butts and get out of their studio to show their beats to the world.

  • Andreas Henneberg

    (13,623 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, tech house

    Andreas Henneberg, who has been active as a producer, Live Act artist and DJ in the "Electronic Music" scene since 1997, has already made quite an impression upon various productions in the fields mentioned.

  • Anne Haight

    (764 listeners)

    mellow, under 2000 listeners, guitar, love

  • Annlaug Børsheim

    (0 listeners)

  • Ash Roy

    (146 listeners)

    electronic, house, electro, progressive house

  • Ashvin Mani Sharma

    (0 listeners)

  • AstronautalisUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (68,176 listeners)

    hip-hop, indie, experimental hip-hop, experimental

    Charles Andrew Bothwell (born December 13, 1981), better known by his stage name Astronautalis, is an American alternative hip hop artist currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Atmos

    (35,247 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive trance, progressive psytrance, goa

    Originally from Poland, Atmos (Tomasz Balicki) is a Swedish progressive/psychedelic trance producer. He is most famous for his 1999 hit, "The Only Process", and of course klein aber doctor, released on various compilations.

  • Au Palais

    (10,516 listeners)

    electro, pop, darkwave, electronica

    Au Palais are brother-sister duo David and Elise. Currently based in London they are from Toronto. Au Palais released their Tender Mercy EP in December 2011 via The Sounds of Sweet Nothing. www.aupalais.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/aupalais

  • Aucan

    (13,459 listeners)

    post-rock, electronic, experimental, math rock

    Aucan met during their university studies and found kinship in their ideas on the relationship between music, art and contemporary philosophy.

  • Audio Werner

    (11,103 listeners)

    minimal, techno, house, perlon

    Andreas Werner is one of today’s most prolific figures in the incredible Techno universe of Cologne.

  • Auxes

    (3,392 listeners)

    punk, post-punk, rock, indie

    AUXES is the brainchild of Dave Laney, also known as guitarist and founding member of the bands MILEMARKER and CHALLENGER.

  • Avatism

    (8,206 listeners)

    deep house, house, electronic, minimal techno

  • Awesome Tapes from Africa

    (522 listeners)

    electronic, world, todaysart, seen dj


  • Axel KrygierUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (13,926 listeners)

    latin, fusion, argentina, world

    Axel Krygier is a musician and composer from Buenos Aires (Argentina). His music does not bear any simple definition, it is rather a fusion between the characteristic sounds of South America (cumbia, tango), European folk melodies (Klezmer, Balcan) with groove, dub, psychedelia, twist and countless styles, as Axel Krygier's sounds are a constant surprise.

  • Baba Zula

    (66,011 listeners)

    turkish, oriental, psychedelic, experimental

    Baba Zula is a Turkish musical group, founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1996, featuring founding members Levent Akman and Murat Ertel as well as Coşar Kamçı who replaced original member Emre Onel in 2005.

  • Badkat & Giotto

    (1 listener)

  • Bamwise

    (521 listeners)

    dub, under 2000 listeners, steppers dub, seen live

    Bamwise. Collaboration of 6 musicians and 1 visual artist gathered around same idea of playing electronic dub music. The idea of making music started earlier but the band was founded in 2008. The music is inspired by jamaican dub and reggae but taken to new level combining various elements of modern electronic music.

  • Barbara Morgenstern

    (74,899 listeners)

    electronic, german, electronica, berlin

    After a long period of playing in bands, singing in an acapella-band and having bad experiences with major-label-deals Barbara Morgenstern started to concentrate on her own songs.

  • Barrio Kingdom Soundsystem

    (0 listeners)

  • Barrio Populo

    (140 listeners)

    rock, rock francais, manuo chao, la mano negra

    Partis ensemble pour une aventure humaine, depuis leur enfance, les 8 jeunes musiciens de BARRIO POPULO ont bu le même bouillon rock. Sur scène, c’est une vague déferlante qui vous atteint et vous inonde d’énergie ! Dans un spectacle énergique et rebondissant, les motifs et couleurs s’entremêlent, de titres explosifs en chansons plus intimes où le texte peut s’affirmer.

  • Bass Crafters

    (41 listeners)

    dub, france, lyon

    Side project from members of Kaly Live Dub

  • Bassfalter

    (1 listener)

  • Bassline Circus

    (1 listener)

  • Batida

    (8,574 listeners)

    dance, reggae, african, kuduro

    Batida is the name of a radio show that, since 2007, promotes DJ Dj Mpula's favourites on everything Afro or Afro inspired urban music. Stuff like Kwaito, Kuduro, Brazilian Funk, Dancehall, Pretoria and other Afro House, etc, on the national station Antena 3. Radio Fazuma is now presenting “Dance Mwangolé”, to make you move your hips like a Mwangolé.


    (51 listeners)

  • Bebetta

    (1,279 listeners)

    minimal, house, techhouse, techno

  • Ben Mono

    (20,466 listeners)

    electronic, future jazz, deep house, brokenbeats

    Ben Mono – ambitious multi-player, producer, remixer and in demand DJ from Munich – has built himself a solid reputation in the world of advanced diskotainment during the past years.

  • Benji BokoUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (23,210 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, breaks, turntable

    Things started getting out of control in 2010 when Benji guided 17,000 revellers into the New Year at the London O2 arena alongside Deadmau5, Justice and Calvin Harris. This half man half monkey, has taken the music scene by the scruff of the neck with his totally unique live remix show called “Can I Mix It?”. In his own words it's, "Completely improvised, off the cuff, live remixing"

  • Bernd Begemann

    (13,330 listeners)

    german, singer-songwriter, deutsch, hamburger schule

    Bernd Begemann is a contemporary German alt/pop singer linked to the Hamburger Schule from Hamburg. He is especially known for his extraordinary live performances.

  • Bernd Begemann und die Befreiung

    (831 listeners)

    2005, deutsch, kulturladen, konstanz

  • Bert On Beats

    (3,043 listeners)

    uk funky, dubstep, estonian, eesti

    Bert On Beats is the alias of Estonian artist DJ Critikal. http://www.myspace.com/bertonbeats http://soundcloud.com/bert_on_beats

  • Black Princess

    (8 listeners)

  • Bleubird

    (13,446 listeners)

    hip-hop, experimental hip-hop, experimental, rap

    Calling Bleubird an MC doesn’t feel complete. Storytellers draw from varied impulses, and Bleubird’s vision is oddly utopian. He takes mere observations, gift-wraps them and re-presents them as spectacles. It’s the type of satire that can only be born of a wide-eyed-yet-wary appreciation of modern day landscapes and the people who walk through them.

  • Blitz the Ambassador

    (11,037 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, urban

    Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador grew up to the sounds of Afro-Beat, Highlife, Jazz, and Motown. But when his older brother introduced him to Public Enemy’s classic album, It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, as a young boy, he was changed forever. “I had never heard young Black people express themselves in that way before,” recalls Blitz.

  • Bocage

    (252 listeners)

    french, folk, indie, pop

    Bocage are Claire Weidmann (voice & music machines) and Timothée Demoury (guitar, bass & some voice) from Nantes (France)/ Berlin (Germany). They name Low , Nina Simone , Yo La Tengo , Stereolab , Tortoise , Bonnie Prince Billy , Rokia Traoré , Shipping News , many soul singers, american hip-hop and music from East Africa as some of their influences.

  • Bohemian Betyars

    (1,087 listeners)

    folk rock, folk, hungarian, under 2000 listeners

    MUZÍÍÍKA, AGREESZIÓ! A Bohemian Betyars zenekar 2009 hajnalán alakult, amikor még a macskák is aludtak.

  • Bong-Ra

    (80,880 listeners)

    breakcore, raggacore, jungle, idm

    Bong-Ra, Jason Köhnen’s electronic alter ego saw life in 1996. Hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands, Bong-Ra initially started as a dj, but quickly focused his priority on producing his own music in 1997.

  • Bonga

    (38,023 listeners)

    african, angola, world, africa

    Bonga Kwenda, better known as Bonga, is a singer and songwriter from Angola. Born in 1943 in the province of Bengo, and left Angola at age 23 to become an athlete, becoming the Angolan record holder for the 400 metre dash. He had already begun his singing career at age 15.

  • Bottled in England

    (2,574 listeners)

    drum and bass, roskilde 2011, dubstep, nothing but hope and passion

  • Braintheft

    (724 listeners)

    dubstep, wobble berlin, dub, trip-hop

    Braintheft are a live Darkdub/Dubstep 3 piece band coming from Ireland and France, based in Berlin. The band was formed in September 2016 and travelled back in time to the year 2008 in Berlin.