Boombalfestival 2011

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Friday 26 August 2011 Sunday 28 August 2011


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The Boombalfestival (25-28 August 2011) is an event offering the best folk dance music in Europe together with the finest singer-songwriters from Belgium. And that’s not all. During the day, different brass bands cross the field where the festival is taking place. During the night, the lighting transforms the environment into a marvellous and enchanting setting, in which people gather around many wood fires, if they are not dancing in one of the marquees. The ambiance alone attracts many friends and families to the festival!

The setting is a big green field, surrounded by huge poplars and old willows. Add to that the best folk dance groups, conviviality, and of course, reasonable prices.

During the day, the festival offers several danceworkshops and plenty of activities for the younger visitors. In the afternoon the first dance concerts start, which continue until at least midnight. But you can of course at any time sit down and taste one of the excellent local beers, or simply enjoy the excellent live music.
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