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  • Acherontas

    (5,899 listeners)

    black metal, orthodox black metal, hellenic black metal, greek black metal

    Acherontas is an occult black metal band from Greece, previously know as Stutthof. Contrary to popular belief, neither Acherontas nor Stutthof were NS bands - Stutthof's name was taken from that of a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, but NS ideology does not appear or play a significant part in the lyrics or meanings of songs by either band.

  • Behexen

    (41,469 listeners)

    black metal, raw black metal, finnish black metal, finnish

    The current line-up is: Hoath Torog - Vocals (Sargeist) Shatraug - Guitars (Horna / Sargeist) Wraath - Guitars (Celestial Bloodshed / One Tail, One Head) Horns - Drums (Sargeist) Evisc - Bass live The unattractive worm of Behexen hatched out in 1994 with members Torog, Horns & Reaper. The first expression of frustrating hate "Reality is in Evil" was despaired in '95 by the ugly larva.

  • Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (20,503 listeners)

    black metal, raw black metal, german black metal, german

    Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult is a German underground black metal band from Dormagen, Germany, founded in 1997 by Onielar and Ariovist. Today the band is made up of Onielar (voc, git), Velnias (git), Horrn (drums), and Adversarius (bass). They are a bit of a rarity in that they are a black metal band fronted by a woman. (Onielar's real name is Yvonne Wilczynski).

  • Hetroertzen

    (2,758 listeners)

    black metal, chilean black metal, chilean, underground black metal

    Our journey towards places far beyond comprehension began in the year 1997 and after several musical and mystical works, we have established our Cult in the Old World and started another kind of Occult Black Art different from what it was before and more focused upon the understanding of the Unknown.

  • Mare

    (15,564 listeners)

    sludge, black metal, experimental, doom metal

    At least two bands call themselves Mare: a black metal band from Trondheim, Norway, the other was a progressive sludge band from Oakville/Burlington, Canada.

  • One Tail, One Head

    (2,826 listeners)

    black metal, raw black metal, norwegian, norwegian black metal

    Black Metal from Trondheim, Norway. Current Members: Luctus - Vocals (Behexen / Celestial Bloodshed) Åsli - Guitars (Vemod) *symbol* - Drums (Mare) Former/past members:

  • Ormgård

    (717 listeners)

    black metal, raw black metal, dark ambient, swedish

    Ormgård is a Black Metal and Dark Ambient project by Wod's vocalist Orm. Ormgård was formed in 2001 in Heby, Sweden.

  • Sons Of Fenris

    (597 listeners)

    black metal, french black metal, french, raw black metal

    Sons of Fenris is a manifestation of Them, the Primordial Dark Forces named Thurisaz, Giants, Jotuns or Manetanaz, into this aberration named Creation. Follower of the dark Germanic path, this band is a monument of Dark feelings, Death, Chaos and supports all things which bring the fall of Mankind and the return of the Primordial Chaos named Ginnungagap!!!

  • Tomhet

    (2,332 listeners)

    black metal, ambient black metal, dark ambient, depressive black metal

    There are 3 different bands under the name Tomhet. 1. Black Metal from Mora, Sweden. Formed in late 1999 by Kumulonimbus (Wulkanaz, Semilanceata). Discography: Tomhet, demo, 2001 Strid, demo, 2002 Brandbanner, demo, 2004