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  • Big Brother & The Holding Company

    (366,354 listeners)

    classic rock, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, blues

    Big Brother and the Holding Company is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1965 as part of the same psychedelic music scene that produced the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane. They are best known as the band that featured Janis Joplin as their lead singer.

  • Canned Heat

    (571,720 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, classic rock, 60s

    Canned Heat is a blues-rock/boogie band that formed in Los Angeles in 1965. The group has been noted for its own interpretations of blues material as well as for efforts to promote the interest in this type of music and its original artists.

  • Carson Cole

    (27 listeners)

    canadian, toy run tunes

    Carson Cole's new greatest hits album is being added to college and indie radio across the country!

  • Doucette

    (856 listeners)

    rock, classic rock, canadian, guitar

    Jerry Doucette came by his talent and success naturally: his family are musicians by trade. As a youngster he would sit in on jam sessions with his father and Uncle Jim.

  • Jefferson Starship

    (198,551 listeners)

    classic rock, rock, psychedelic, 70s

    During the transitional period of the early 70s, Paul Kantner (a founding member of Jefferson Airplane) recorded Blows Against the Empire, a concept album featuring an ad hoc group of musicians that he dubbed "Jefferson Starship", marking the first use of that name.

  • Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd

    (2 listeners)

  • Sounds Familiar

    (41 listeners)

  • Sweet

    (450,263 listeners)

    glam rock, classic rock, 70s, rock

    Sweet (referred to as The Sweet on albums before 1974 and singles before 1975) were a popular 70s-era British rock band.

  • The Vindicators

    (202 listeners)

    italian psychedelic wave, classic rock, garage rock revival, 90's

    Garage Punk band from Bassano del Grappa (1985/1992 Vicenza - Italy) Post Frigidaire Tango band very active in the late 80's in the italian garage revival movement. Formation: Charlie Out Cazale – Voice Steve Dal Col – Guitars

  • Tom Constanten

    (395 listeners)

    badman producer, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    Tom Constanten (born March 19, 1944 in Long Branch, New Jersey) is an American keyboardist, best known for playing with the Grateful Dead from 1968 to 1970.