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  • Lori Meyers

    (91,176 listeners)

    indie, spanish indie pop, indie pop, spanish

    Lori Meyers is an spanish indie pop band from Loja, Spain, formed in 1998. The members are Antonio López, Julián Méndez, Alejandro Méndez and Alfredo Núñez. First their style was asociated to the noise pop of Los Planetas (Granada is near Loja) but later the 60s revival influences with rich vocal harmonies related them with other granadian band: Los Ángeles.

  • Mendetz

    (35,164 listeners)

    casio-punk, electronic, dance rock, indie rock

    Mendetz is a band from Barcelona, formed in 2003. They play guitars,Casios and other old keyboards. None of this songs are programmed or prerecorded, they like being robotic-craftsmen,keep the human touch handling electronic sounds. Frenetic drums, very rhythmic guitars, hard basses full the Mendetz sound.

  • Mindless

    (2,499 listeners)

    powerviolence, punk, metal, hardcore

    There are 4 artists by the name Mindless 1) A powerviolence project including ex-vocalist of Hatred Surge, Faiza.

  • ortofálico chisme

    (67 listeners)

    electropop, almeria, olula, macael

  • Russian Red

    (205,500 listeners)

    folk, female vocalists, acoustic, singer-songwriter

    Lourdes Hernández (born 20 November, 1985) is a singer-songwriter based in Madrid, Spain. The moniker for Lourdes comes from a lipstick color she frequently uses.

  • The Dry Mouths

    (292 listeners)

    stoner, grunge, alternative rock, post-rock

    Heavy Rock from Almeria , Somewere to Grunge , StonerRock & Alternative "The Dry Mouths work presents its 3rd album with 11 cuts of experimental rock and expansive, choruses and melodies that haunt the subconscious days after hearing.