• MEF Trailer

    18 Jul 2007, 08:06 by pratchettfan

    Do., 5. Jul. – Mittelerdefest

    The trailer of the movie about the recent MEF 7 has just gone online. It manages to show the atmosphere much better than the written word. And you can even spot me several times (I'm the one in the red wizard cloak) *g*

  • Middle Earth Festival (MEF) 7: Day 2

    12 Jul 2007, 12:51 by pratchettfan

    Thu 5 Jul – Mittelerdefest

    Staying in Leukerbad in a four-star hotel had several advantages: First the comfortable beds, second the swimming before breakfast (there's nothing better to revive the tired limbs) and then of course the huge and excellent breakfast itself :). The only disadvantage was the overcrowded bus we had to take to get back to Leuk...

    Having had so much fun dancing the day before I went straight to the next dance workshop :).

    Returning to the castle I received the biggest surprise of the day. Thyrion approached and told me: "Scrappy, you are nominated for the costume competition." I didn't know what to say! So I ended up on stage together with a Nazgul, two riders from Rohan, two towers from Gondor the biggest dwarf in Middle Earth and Kankra (well, she waited in front of the stage). I didn't rank in the top three, but just being part of this was honor enough for me :).

    The waiting time till the next workshop was shortened by an impromptu gig by Des Koenigs Halunken, a Swiss Medieval Folk band. …
  • Middle Earth Festival (MEF) 7: Day 1

    11 Jul 2007, 08:28 by pratchettfan

    Thu 5 Jul – Mittelerdefest

    The day after our climb over the Caradhras pass dawned bleak and cold. It was still snowing outside our hut. By taking the Gondola down to Leukerbad we could at least leave the snow behind, however we were greeted by slight rain. A trip to the Burgerbad revived our senses and we were ready to tackle three days full of Middle Earth.

    The Middle Earth Festival is mainly dedicated to Tolkien's books, yet also offers a lot of opportunities for fans of medieval times. There were dozens of workshops ranging from Archery over Dancing to Excursions. Additionally there was a small medieval market as well as several musicians around to create a fitting atmosphere. And once again the icing on the cake were the visitors, most dressed in medieval or fantasy garb and as always extremely friendly and happy.

    My first workshop was a play of Jugger. That's a kind of Rugby played by two teams at six players each. Five of the players were armed with latex weapons with which…
  • The Caradhras Adventure

    10 Jul 2007, 09:47 by pratchettfan

    Thu 5 Jul – Mittelerdefest

    To get into the right mood for this year's Middle Earth Festival (MEF) about fifty brave souls clad in medieval or fantasy clothes met to climb the Caradhras pass. We started from a gondola station close to Goppenstein. The weather was overcast and quite fresh, however, this didn't stop us. Soon after leaving we encountered the first snow flakes. Fortunately they didn't last long.

    At the first resting point we were greeted by blue sky and the sun. So we dutifully applied sunscreen to prevent sunburns. Maybe we should have known better than to scorn Saruman and Petrus... And so they decided to send out everything they got. The first warnings of what was to come arrived about thirty minutes later with the first snow flakes. This time, however, it did not stop, on the contrary, more snow started to fall and a piercing wind accompanied it. So it shouldn't have come as a surprise when we faced a snow-covered way. …