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  • Amon Tobin

    (785,043 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, idm, ninja tune

    Amon Tobin (born Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin on February 7, 1972) is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer of electronic music.

  • Black Stone Cherry

    (257,361 listeners)

    hard rock, southern rock, rock, stoner rock

    Black Stone Cherry are a southern rock band formed on June 4, 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, USA. They are signed to Roadrunner Records. The band is composed of Chris Robertson (lead vocals, guitar), Ben Wells (guitar, background vocals), John Lawhon (bass guitar, background vocals), and John Fred Young (drums, background vocals), son of The Kentucky Headhunters' rhythm guitarist Richard Young.

  • blink-182

    (2,697,290 listeners)

    punk rock, pop punk, punk, rock

    Blink-182 is an American rock band formed in Poway, a suburb of San Diego, California in 1992. The trio consists of bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Travis Barker.

  • Cartonnage

    (2,244 listeners)

    pop, electronic, czech, electronica

    Electro-pop formation Cartonnage was founded in 2001 and consisted of producer/musician Armin Effenberger and singer Vanda Choco. Cartonnage are from Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Clou

    (10,483 listeners)

    czech, rock, punk rock, pop punk

    Clou is a rock band formed in Prague, Czech Republic in 2001. The current members are Lukáš Vyhnal a.k.a Lukemo (vocals), Petr Vaško a.k.a Petrock (guitar), Radek Tomášek a.k.a Rae (drums) and Pavel Bureš a.k.a Rocky (guitar). Former members are Hubert Topinka (guitar), Bugsy (bass), Štěpán Farkas (bass).

  • Dubioza Kolektiv

    (33,392 listeners)

    dub, reggae, bosnian, dubreggae

    Dubioza Kolektiv are a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 2003. by Adis Zvekić and Almir Hasanbegović (former members of Gluho doba against Def Age from Zenica) and Brano Jakubović and Vedran Mujagić (former members of Ornamenti from Sarajevo).

  • Eddie Stoilow

    (952 listeners)

    czech, alternative rock, jewish, oblibene

    Celý životopis této kapely se táhne už od roku 2000, ovšem až roku 2004 našla kapela kompletní sestavu.....Hozna Žampa, okouzlí všechny naprosto báječným hlasem, Martin Puškař a Martin Mrázek naladí své kytary, David Šmídt zpříjemní celou atmosferu hudby a Vladimír Zeman a Michal Hons táhnou rytmus celé kapely.

  • Hadouken!

    (435,082 listeners)

    new rave, electronic, indie, british

    Hadouken! are a band formed in 2006 at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom by vocalist James Smith (born 1985) and guitarist Daniel "Pilau" Rice (born 1986).

  • Lostprophets

    (1,358,219 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, emo

    Lostprophets were an alternative rock band formed in Pontypridd, Wales in 1997. It was founded by current vocalist Ian Watkins and guitarist Mike Lewis.

  • New Order

    (1,536,742 listeners)

    new wave, electronic, post-punk, 80s

    New Order are an alternative rock/electronic dance band which formed in 1980 in Salford, England, United Kingdom by the three remaining members of Joy Division. The band's classic lineup consists of Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Peter Hook (bass, electronic percussion), Gillian Gilbert (keyboards, guitar) and Stephen Morris (drums, keyboards).

  • Señor Coconut

    (98,283 listeners)

    latin, electronic, lounge, electronica

    Uwe Schmidt (aka Señor Coconut; born in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German DJ and producer of electronic music.

  • Shantel

    (238,806 listeners)

    balkan, gypsy, electronic, lounge

    Shantel (Stefan Hantel) is a DJ and producer from Germany. He was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1968. After growing up in Frankfurt, he went to Paris to study graphic design. In 1991 he opened a club called Lissania Essay in the Frankfurt red light district.

  • Simple Plan

    (1,542,653 listeners)

    rock, pop punk, punk rock, punk

    Simple Plan is a pop punk band from Montréal, Québec. The band has had no lineup changes since its inception in 1999.

  • Street Drum Corps

    (26,916 listeners)

    experimental, rock, percussion, instrumental

    Street Drum Corps is a punk rock percussion band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2004 by Bobby Alt, of S.T.U.N. and Faculty X, Adam Alt, of Circus Minor, and Frank Zummo, of TheStart. They have been part of tours such as Van's Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, 30 Seconds to Mars's Into The Wild Tour and Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution.

  • The All-American Rejects

    (1,846,840 listeners)

    rock, alternative, pop punk, emo

    The All-American Rejects are an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The band consists of lead vocalist, bass guitarist, and pianist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist Mike Kennerty, and drummer and percussionist Chris Gaylor.

  • The Pooh

    (481 listeners)

    czech, stoner rock, garage, metal

    The Pooh were formed on Christams 2002. It took just a while and a very naive South Bohemian band had their first "show" (exactly on 7th January 2003). The band realized that they have many things to improve. This improvement lasted for almost one year and soon The Pooh began to spread their rock 'n' roll all over the South Bohemia.

  • What Now

    (1,711 listeners)

    rock, pop, alternative, ambient dub

    The band have reinvented their sound with gigantic guitars and heart wrenching melodies. Their solid song writing ability is truly captivating, reaching new listeners and gripping fans from across the country. Songs switch and shift from hard rock anthems to bellowing ballads and display variance allowing the band to appeal to the masses.

  • White Lies

    (1,038,192 listeners)

    indie rock, post-punk, british, indie

    There are at least three artists who have used this name 1. A popular indie band from London, England 2. A singer from Belgium 3. A rock band from Devon, England