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  • Beat Connection

    (116,288 listeners)

    chillwave, electronic, glo-fi, indie

    Beat Connection is Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy & Jarred Katz joined live by Mark Hunter. Formed in 2010, Beat Connection has undergone numerous changes, finally stabilizing in its current form. The band has already shared the stage with Jungle, Toro y Moi, STRFKR, Washed Out, Holy Ghost! & ODESZA; and has garnered positive looks from Pitchfork, The Fader and The Guardian.

  • CocknBullKid

    (71,949 listeners)

    indie, female vocalists, pop, electronica

    CocknBullKid is a pseudonym of Anita Blay (b. Hackney, London, UK to Ghanaian parents - aka theCocknBullKid). She has spent the past four years exploring all manner of influences (from Moz to Madonna, M.I.

  • Dead Cities

    (228 listeners)

    hardcore, liverpool, hc punk, seen live

    Oli Hughes, Martin Stilwell, Ryan Wyatt

  • Dutch Uncles

    (84,958 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, manchester, rock

    Dutch Uncles are a band from Marple, a suburb of Stockport, UK. They are known for pop with atypical time-signatures. Their latest, and fourth, album is O Shudder (23 Feb 2015).

  • fieldhouse

    (197 listeners)

    seen live

    Fieldhouse are a five-piece AltRock band from Liverpool. They're chiefly interested in making sophisticated music that will make you think and toe tap in equal measure.

  • Idiot Glee

    (17,758 listeners)

    pop, experimental pop, post-doo wop, indie

    Idiot Glee is the name of one of two acts. Idiot Glee is James Friley from Lexington, Kentucky. http://idiotglee.com http://idiotglee.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/idiotglee http://www.twitter.com/idiot_glee

  • Jonas Alaska

    (36,559 listeners)

    acoustic, singer-songwriter, americana, norway

    Jonas Alaska (born Jonas Aslaksen on April 3. 1988) is a singer/songwriter from Åmli, Norway. He moved to Liverpool, where he studied music at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

  • Niki & the Dove

    (150,885 listeners)

    electronic, swedish, indie, female vocalists

    Niki & The Dove is a project from Sweden featuring lead vocalist and songwriter Malin Dahlström. Prior to being the front woman, Malin was programming for midaircondo, singing lead in now-defunct rock band The Dora Steins, contributing wispy vocals to various electronic productions and doing solo shows and performance art all around Sweden under the name Disdishdance.

  • Sound of Rum

    (7,743 listeners)

    hip-hop, crossover, funk, spoken word

    Sound of Rum formed in the summer of 2008. Since then rapper Kate Tempest, guitarist Archie Marsh and drummer Ferry Lawrenson have been playing gigs all over Britain, at every festival going - whether on actual stages or just busking in the rain.

  • TEETH!!!

    (1,753 listeners)

    noise, diy, under 2000 listeners, dance

    TEETH!!! / T3ETH / TEETH / T33TH > Are an Experimental dance/punk band from London, UK. Veronica So and Simon Leahy/Ximon Tayki started the band after meeting at central st.martins school of Art . Drummer Simon Whybray then joined Veronica & Simon in April 2008. Their style covers such genres as acid rave, dance-hall, pop, punk, grunge, acid house, tropical and all out weird shyt.

  • Thomas J Speight

    (1,736 listeners)

    acoustic, uk, british, under 2000 listeners

    Thomas travelled extensively over the last year, notching up over 150 gigs, 2 Nationwide tours and is just back from the US. In the middle of all this he has just recorded his latest EP with Tim Rice Oxley & Jesse Quin from Keane which will be later released this year. One not to be missed!

  • Vasco Da Gama

    (902 listeners)

    heavy metal, rock, alt rock, alternative

    There are two bands using the name Vasco Da Gama: 1. A heavy metal band from Portugal 2. A math rock band from Liverpool 1. The first was an heavy metal band from portugal. They released their only LP in 1988. The band was formed by: Carlos Jorge Miguel (guitar)

  • Veronica Falls

    (131,475 listeners)

    indie pop, lo-fi, indie, twee

    Veronica Falls are an indie pop band which formed in London, England, United Kingdom in 2009. The band consists of Roxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar), James Hoare (guitar, vocals), Marion Herbain (bass) and Patrick Doyle (drums, vocals). The members of the band were formerly in the bands The Royal We and Sexy Kids.

  • Waines

    (1,846 listeners)

    blues rock, blues, italian, palermo

    Sicilian artists, the reason for their name The Waines is because of a Sicilian man trying to tell them in English that they were the number one.

  • Willy Mason

    (239,123 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, indie, acoustic

    Willy Mason (born 21 November 1984) is an American singer-songwriter. He is the son of Jemima James and Michael Mason, both folk singers who, according to Mason, have influenced his music. When Mason was five, he and his family moved from New York to West Tisbury, Massachusetts on the island of Martha's Vineyard.