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  • A. G. Weinberger

    (102 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, blues-rock, romanian

    În România nu se poate vorbi despre Blues fără acest muzician de excepţie cu reputaţie internaţională, care este AGWeinberger. Eforturile sale de a promova cu zel misionar şi de a implementa acest gen pe piaţă, dar şi atitudinea cît şi gîndirea despre viaţă, a ceea ce se numeste Blues, îi conferă statutul de "punct de pornire" al acestei mişcări muzicale în România.

  • A.G. Weinberger

    (467 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, blues-rock, romanian

    Attila Weinberger, popularly known as A.G., is absolutely peerless in his mastery of the American blues, a musical genre that has taken Romania, his native country, by storm.

  • Akos

    (2,129 listeners)

    akos, satan, electro-pop, hungarian pop

    Ákos Kovács, born in Budapest, 6 April 1968, is a Hungarian pop singer-songwriter. He is known for his solo career writing and performing serious, poetic pop songs, as well as a member of the now defunct group Bonanza Banzai.

  • Altar

    (11,319 listeners)

    death metal, old school death metal, dutch, metal

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Altar was a death metal band from The Netherlands. Band's Info 2) Altar was an early death metal band from Sweden. Band's Info 3) Altar was a Speed Metal / Thrash Metal band from France. Band's Info 4) Altar is a Hardcore / Thrash Metal band from Romania. Band's Info

  • Alternosfera

    (6,219 listeners)

    alternative rock, alternative, rock, moldavian

    Alternosfera is an Alternative Rock band from Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova. The legacy of Alternosfera starts when two high school students without any prior musical experience decided to learn playing guitars and kill some time. The first rehearsal with all the band members accounted for, have taken place on December 13th, 1998.

  • Alysson

    (14 listeners)

  • Andy C

    (66,265 listeners)

    drum and bass, drum n bass, jungle, dnb

    Andy C, real name Andrew Clarke, is a British DJ and producer and co-founder of record label RAM Records. A pioneering Drum and Bass DJ since the genre's emergence in the early '90s, he has consistently been voted World's Greatest Drum and Bass DJ . He specialises in fast mixing, often employing three turntables, and is known for mixing established classics with cutting edge releases.

  • Anima Sound System

    (74,295 listeners)

    electronic, dub, hungarian, trip-hop

    Anima Sound System is a Hungarian electronic band founded in 1993 in Szombathely, Hungary. Anima is one of the first and most important Hungarian electronic acts, a unique fusion of Eastern-European folk music and modern electronic styles. The band is current under Mole Listening Pearls.

  • Blazzaj

    (10,899 listeners)

    romanian, acid jazz, jazz, experimental

    Formatia Blazzaj s-a constituit in 1998, in Timișoara, Romania. Iar numele lor provine din combinatia cuvintelor 'blazare' si 'jazz', folosit insa invers, adica 'zzaj'. Si, inca ceva legat de numele formatiei: acesta, citit de la coada la cap, nu e altceva decit 'jazzalb'.

  • Blind Myself

    (2,682 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, hungarian, metal

    -Greg Toth (singer of the band) is the HOST and PRODUCER of the Hungarian HEADBANGERS BALL. He’s VJing other MTV shows as well

  • Booze Brothers

    (2,020 listeners)

    stoner rock, bulgarian, blues, folk

    There are multiple bands with this name. 1: Booze Brothers - folkpunk band from France http://booze.brothers.free.fr 2: Booze Brothers - 80s rock'n'roll band from The Netherlands 3: The Booze Brothers - blues/rock band from Sweden http://www.boozebrothers.net/

  • Brains

    (9,161 listeners)

    drum and bass, ragga, ragga-jungle, hungarian

    There are three acts with the name Brains - a Hungarian ragga/drum 'n' bass act, a punk band from Dunedin, New Zealand (bandcamp) and a rock band from Cork, Ireland.

  • Butterflies in My Stomach

    (1,218 listeners)

    funk, nu jazz, acid jazz, romanian

    Butterflies in My Stomach is a project that emerged in the spring of 2005 and it is one of the most renowned, respected and desired bands of nu-jazz, funk and acid jazz in Romania .

  • Cargo

    (28,252 listeners)

    hard rock, romanian, heavy metal, progressive rock

    There are several groups called Cargo, including: 1. A Dutch hard rock/progressive rock band from the '70s. 2. A Romanian hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1985. 3. A Danish dance/electronica act. 4. A Japanese house/electronica act. 5. A French duo based in Bordeaux, France making music by way of electronics. Sound samples @ http://soundcloud.com/cargofm

  • ColorStar

    (14,910 listeners)

    hungarian, psychedelic, electronic, space rock

    colorStar was formed in 1996, and was named after the first colour TV set manufactured in Hungary, the name bearing several meanings: referring to the band’s „colourful” music, and to the „inner movie” people see while listening to the free flowing music, especially the tracks on the early releases.

  • Demjén Ferenc

    (2,556 listeners)

    hungarian, rock, magyar, classic rock

    Demjén Ferenc "Rózsi" is the correct artist name. He was the founder of the Hungarian "Számum" band. Later he went to the "Dogs" band after he was the member of the Liversing tagjai lettek. in1968 he was the singer of the Meteor (Hungarian) band, in 1969 he was the singer Radics Béla's band Sakk-Matt. In 1970 he was the member of Tűzkerék.

  • Depresszió

    (10,669 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative metal, rock, hard rock

    Depresszió is a Hungarian modern rock/metal band formed in late 1999 by vocalist/guitarist Ferenc Halász, guitarist Ádám Hartmann, drummer Dávid Nagy and bassist Roland Reichert.

  • Deák Bill Blues Band

    (58 listeners)

    blues, hungarian

  • Direcţia 5

    (87 listeners)

  • Emil.Rulez!

    (12,229 listeners)

    jazz, hungarian, alternative, magyar

    Emil.RuleZ! is a Hungarian alternative jazz group formed in Budapest, 2001. Much of their music includes a light-hearted comedic component. Members are: Hajós András (singer, guitar, composer, and a popular media celebrity in Hungary), Hegyi György (bass, vocals, lyrics) and Kisvári Ferenc (drums), Fekete-Kovács Kornél (trumpet), Bruzsa Gábor (guitar), Gereben Zita and Warnusz Zsuzsa (vocals)

  • Fabula Rasa

    (109 listeners)

    folk, hungarian, rock, world music

  • Ferry Corsten

    (539,221 listeners)

    trance, electronic, progressive trance, dance

    Ferry Corsten is a Dutch DJ, producer and recorder who first started out in 1991 producing underground hardcore gabber tracks. He soon expanded into clubhouse and trance music. But don't put Ferry into the trance corner, because his sound encompasses several genres of electronic music.

  • Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel

    (1,365 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, gangsta rap, hungarian

    A Kartelt 1995-ben a Sex Action egykori dobosa, Ganxsta Döglégy Zolee (Zana Zoltán) alapította. Először még nem akarta otthagyni rockegyüttesét, ám párhuzamosan mellette mindenképpen szeretett volna egy rapbandát létrehozni

  • Gogol Bordello

    (604,140 listeners)

    gypsy punk, punk, gypsy, alternative

    Combining elements of punk, gypsy music, and Brechtian cabaret, Gogol Bordello tells the story of New York's immigrant diaspora through debauchery, humor, and surreal costumes. Leader and singer Eugene Hütz's taste in music was spun out of black-market tapes of the The Birthday Party and Einstürzende Neubauten in his native Ukraine.

  • Grimus

    (7,215 listeners)

    deathcore, alternative rock, romanian, alternative

    Grimus is the name of at least three different artists: 1. A Romanian alternative rock band from Cluj-Napoca. 2. An American melodic deathcore band from Elizabeth New Jersey. 3. An Australian artist named Pierre Proske. 1. The alternative rock band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

  • Guerillas

    (38 listeners)

  • Hara

    (2,773 listeners)

    romanian, etno-rock, korean, pop-rock

    There are two artists using the name Hara. 1. Hara is a band performing self-styled "European Rock". The band Started in May 2000 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. They have switched members over the years, the current being: Flavius Buzilă, Mihai Pop, Nicu Lichirie, Marius Astilean and Vasi Nani.

  • hiperkarma

    (10,415 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, hungarian alternative, magyar

    Hiperkarma is a band formed in Budapest, Hungary in 1999. The project was started by founding member Bérczesi Róbert who previously was member of the band Blabla. After Blabla split up, Bérczesi went on to create the first post-Blabla album mostly alone this time under the name Hiperkarma.

  • Hooligans

    (6,504 listeners)

    hungarian, pop punk, easycore, pop rock

    There are multiple artists by this name: 1.Hooligans is a hip hop collective out of Nashville, TN. Started by rapper/producer Cory Stylez and features members such as Sleazy Wonder, Mikey G, Sir Gunt McBlutts, SPEAKeasy, and more. Their mixtape The Green Street Mixtape is due out later this year.

  • HS7

    (322 listeners)

    Popular indie/britpop band of Hungary. After several years of planning, and playing acoustic teahouse gigs, as well as several ametuer demo recordings made in the girls showers at the college, the band known as Heaven Street Seven came into being in 1995.

  • Implant pentru refuz

    (4,848 listeners)

    hardcore, romanian, metalcore, hardcore punk

    Implant Pentru Refuz After a long period of re-consolidation, after writing and rewriting, composing and singing together, we have a vision of our new album; we feel its shape, margins, color, and we are looking forward to finally see it and share it with you at the end of October 2014.

  • Iris

    (75,593 listeners)

    synthpop, electronic, futurepop, hard rock

    1) IRIS originally called "Forgiving Iris", started in 1993 when two members of a Texas college electronic music class, Reagan Jones and Matt Morris, realized they had identical tastes in music.

  • Kispál és a Borz

    (12,854 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Founded in 1987, in the town of Pécs, Hungary, Kispál és a Borz was probably the most successful Hungarian alternative rock group to date.

  • Korai Öröm

    (11,805 listeners)

    psychedelic, space rock, progressive rock, hungarian

    Korai Öröm are a Hungarian band known for their dynamic live concerts (often in unusual places such as around swimming pools or in the great outdoors) accompanied by video projections and for their original sound - long-flowing, cosmic space-rock jams with hypnotic atmospheres and superb percussion, with bits of trumpet and flute added on.

  • Kosheen

    (598,226 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, drum and bass, female vocalists

    Kosheen are a Bristol-based trio formed in 1998 by Sian Evans (vocals), Darren "Decoder" Beale and Markee "Substance" Morrison (both producing, mixing, guitars etc.).

  • Kumm

    (14,453 listeners)

    romanian, alternative rock, rock, alternative

    Kumm are a Romanian alternative rock band from Cluj. The band is composed of Eugen Nutescu (lead vocal, guitar), Iordache (saxophones), Kovacs Andras (piano, Rhodes piano, synthesisers), Utu Pascu (bass) and John Ciurea (drums). Since 1998, the band have released five studio albums.

  • Locomotiv GT

    (5,826 listeners)

    hungarian, classic rock, rock, 70s

    Locomotiv GT (often abbreviated LGT) is a Hungarian rock band formed in 1971. It is one of the most influential bands in the history of Hungarian rock music.

  • Loredana

    (6,566 listeners)

    pop, romanian, aiesec, female vocalists

    Loredana (real name: Loredana Groza, born 10th of June, 1970 in Onesti, Romania) is considered, by and large, the most succesful, extravagant and charismatic female pop star in Romania.

  • Lufo

    (23 listeners)

    electro indus, electro metal industriel, under 2000 listeners, seen live

  • Luna amară

    (899 listeners)

    romanian, rock, alternativ, alternative rock

    BITTER MOON (LUNA AMARA), represents the ideals of a whole generation of young Romanians who love their country but cannot do anything to change the mentality of the corrupt, older generation. The Romanian population has decreased by a million in the past 5 years due to the constant outpouring of Romanians who wish to benefit from a higher standard of living in "The West".

  • MC Verse

    (331 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, electronic, dnb

  • Nevergreen

    (10,628 listeners)

    doom metal, gothic metal, gothic, hungarian

    1. Hungarian dark/gothic metal band formed in 1994 in Subotica (Serbia). Nevergreen released 7 full-length albums so far and one double live, most of their songs having Hungarian lyrics.

  • Omul cu şobolani

    (414 listeners)

    alternative rock, alternative, post-grunge, romanian

    Omul cu şobolani (OCS) is a Romanian alternative rock band started in Constanţa, Romania, on August 1st 1997, by Dan Amariei and Adrian Albu (Koks). The band's name ("The Man With Rats") is inspired by Sigmund Freud's "Rat Man".

  • Ossian

    (8,833 listeners)

    heavy metal, hungarian, power metal, folk

    There are three bands called Ossian: a Hungarian heavy-metal band, a Scottish traditional-music group and a Polish ethnic/jazz group.

  • Paraziţii

    (1,069 listeners)

    romanian, hip-hop, rap, message

    Please correct your tags to Paraziții. Paraziţii (Romanian for "The Parasites") is a Romanian three-man rap group founded in 1994. It consists of Cheloo (Cătălin Ştefan Ion), Ombladon (Bogdan Ionuţ Pastaca), and FreakaDaDisk (Petre Urda).

  • Pendulum

    (1,225,205 listeners)

    drum and bass, electronic, drum n bass, dnb

    Pendulum was a drum and bass-influenced electronic rock group from Perth, Australia, who relocated to the UK in 2003.

  • Phoenix

    (1,761,088 listeners)

    indie, french, indie pop, electronic

    There have been a number of artists going by the name of Phoenix (1) A popular French alternative rock band (2) A Romanian folk rock band (3) A short-lived British hard rock band (4) A UK-based filk band (5) A goa project (6) A RAC band with members from France and Sweden.

  • Plump DJs

    (135,665 listeners)

    breakbeat, breaks, electronic, electronica

    Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, aka Plump DJs, have been performing and producing together since meeting in the late 1990’s. Since the start of their career they have been avid pioneers of diverse electronic music, smashing into the early breaks scene and since then, keeping the electro, house and bass music fields supplied with their ever-evolving beats.

  • Quimby

    (17,976 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Quimby has its root in one of the biggest industrial cities of western Hungary. The band members met during their high school years in Dunaújváros, Hungary at the end of the eighties and played covers of their favorite artists under the moniker October.

  • Sarmalele Reci

    (2,906 listeners)

    rock, romanian, original, alternative

    During their first years of existence, the group did jazz songs (performing adorable musical parodies) under the name "Mioritmics".