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  • Afekth

    (792 listeners)

    math metal, djent, progressive metal, experimental

    Afekth is the four-piece experimental band from Poland. The band was created by Maikh in early 2008.

  • Aliases

    (8,811 listeners)

    mathcore, progressive metal, math metal, djent

    April 2010 saw ALIASES rise from the melting pot minds of ex SikTh guitarist Pin, guitarist Leah Woodward, drummer Darren Pugh, bassist Joe Heaton.

  • Chimp Spanner

    (42,845 listeners)

    progressive metal, instrumental, djent, math metal

    Chimp Spanner began as a one man multi-instrumental progressive metal entity, with the independent release of Imperium Vorago in 2004. Since then Chimp (aka Paul Antonio Ortiz) has come to be an integral player in the international online prog/tech djent scene, having joined the ranks of the boundary pushing Basick Records label to release a further two records.

  • Cruentus

    (4,219 listeners)

    industrial metal, math metal, black metal, avant-garde metal

    There are a few bands with this name. (1) Cruentus is a contemporary metal band with music that can be described as a complex fusion of industrial, math metal and progressive.

  • Destiny Potato

    (4,812 listeners)

    progressive metal, djent, serbian, math metal

    Destiny Potato is an experimental project from Belgrade, Serbia. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and graduate of Berklee College of Music David Maxim Micic, Destiny Potato formed in 2010 and comprised Micic, former Idol Serbia-Montenegro & Macedonia runner-up Aleksandra Radosavljevic (vocals) and Aleksandra Djelmash (vocals).

  • Devastating Enemy

    (1,784 listeners)

    melodic death metal, metalcore, death metal, metal

    Devastating Enemy was founded in January of 2007. Although each and every member came from projects with entirely different musical directions, it soon became clear, that the sound of Devastating Enemy should combine the most brutal aspects of extreme Death and Thrash Metal with the complex and yet catchy melodies of Modern Melodic Death Metal.

  • Disconcrete

    (172 listeners)

    progressive, progressive metal, math metal, metal

  • Disperse

    (10,386 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, djent, polish

    1. A polish progressive rock/metal band. In December 2007 Marcin Kicyk, Jakub Żytecki and Rafal Biernacki met to form a band called DISPERSE.

  • Illucinoma

    (51 listeners)

    metal, progressive, black metal, trash metal

    Illucinoma is a metalband from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which consists of five members. The music has elements of trash metal as well as progressive metal and is comparable with bands like Meshuggah, Mastodon and Lamb of God. Illucinoma was founded in 2010 by Joe Tal (guitar) and Dave Masciari (vocals). After graduating from the conservatory, Tal wanted to start his own metalband.

  • Kryn

    (1,261 listeners)

    progressive metal, modern metal, metal, croatian

    Creatively fresh ideas, perfect blend of heavy riffs and melodic-atmospheric parts with impressive vocal presentation is what really makes this band apparent in the sea of bands copying themselves, trying to be heavier, more technical and brutal than ever, somehow forgetting the idea of writing good music.

  • Mnemic

    (150,637 listeners)

    industrial metal, metalcore, melodic death metal, metal

    Mnemic (pronounced /ˈniːmɨk/) is a Danish metal band, formed in Aalborg, Denmark in 1998. Their music has been described as a fusion between metalcore, melodic death metal, industrial metal with additional elements of thrash metal and groove metal, to form a style the band themselves have described as "Future Fusion Metal.

  • Monuments

    (39,992 listeners)

    djent, progressive metal, math metal, progressive

    There are six bands with the name Monuments: 1. Monuments is a progressive metal/djent band from London, UK formed in 2009. The music combines aggressive angular grooves interwoven with spacious melodic ambience that is punchy yet progressive. They released their debut 3-track EP “We Are The Foundation” in 2010, and their debut LP “Gnosis” was released through Century Media in 2012.

  • Panzerballett

    (15,854 listeners)

    jazz metal, fusion, progressive metal, jazz

    Background: Guitarist Jan Zehrfeld is the founder of this fusion band based in München, Germany. In 2004, he concluded a couple of years search for skilled musicians to play his compositions.

  • Proghma-C

    (5,890 listeners)

    progressive metal, math metal, experimental, polish

    The tale of PROGHMA-C began in 2002, when a group of experimental music aficionados crossed their paths of musical exploration. Three individuals decided to merge three different fields of experience into a single entity. The love for music, the energy and the will to create an alternative world of sound were - and remain to this day - the driving force of PROGHMA-C.

  • Shattered SkiesUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (4,488 listeners)

    progressive metal, djent, math metal, groove metal

    SHATTERED SKIES is a melodic groove metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. The band consists of vocalist Sean Murphy, bassist James Dunne, drummer Ross McMahon and guitarist and keyboardist Ian Rockett. The band's music is an attempt to combine heavy, groove metal riffs with powerful melodies and a lush atmosphere, influenced by anything from film scores to dance/trance music.

  • Subversion

    (3,295 listeners)

    djent, hardcore, metalcore, math metal

    PLEASE READ - There are a total of 8 bands with the same name on this page. To find the "Subversion" you are searching for then please click "Read more" at the bottom of this bio and then click "Read all". All band descriptions will be contained within the full bio. Thank you.

  • Sybreed

    (67,302 listeners)

    industrial metal, cyber metal, melodic death metal, groove metal

    Formed in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland by guitar player Drop and singer Benjamin, Sybreed was created to reflect their mutual tastes for metal and industrial music, with conceptual contents revolving around social misery, everyday alienation and the decay of the modern way of life in general.

  • Syranic

    (2,498 listeners)

    math metal, progressive metal, technical metal, metalcore

    SYRANIC This beast captivates you and won’t let go! One moment a sweet refrain takes you up to the sky, the next moment a wall of hatred abruptly pushes you into an abyss with brutal force.

  • TesseracT

    (100,963 listeners)

    progressive metal, djent, math metal, technical metal

    TesseracT is a progressive metal band from Reading, UK, that uses math metal, djent, ambient and technical metal elements in their music. TesseracT started out back in 2003 as an archetypal djent band in then-teenage Acle Kahney's bedroom. What started as an outlet for creativity and experimentation grew and Kahney posted clips of his technically heavy guitar work on forums such as Sevenstring.

  • Textures

    (97,840 listeners)

    progressive metal, math metal, technical metal, death metal

    In 2003, the year of the launch of TEXTURES’debut album Polars, the first reactions start to stream in: “This is the best metal album that’s ever come out of the Netherlands” according to the Dutch music magazine Oor. The standard is set.

  • The Algorithm

    (30,533 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, math metal, djent

    The Algorithm is Rémi Gallego, an electronic music composer from Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France. Born October 7, 1989, he began releasing music under this name in 2009 following the dissolution of his former band Dying Breath. It's a fusion of several styles of electronic music with progressive metal, mathcore, and djent.

  • Uneven Structure

    (38,516 listeners)

    djent, progressive metal, math metal, ambient

    Uneven Structure is a band formed in Metz, France in 2008, playing a nuanced blend of progressive metal and ambient music.

  • Vildhjarta

    (56,743 listeners)

    djent, progressive metal, math metal, ambidjent

    Vildhjarta is a progressive metal band from Hudiksvall, Sweden. The band plays in an aberrant Meshuggah-influenced musical style with use of djent guitar.

  • Visions

    (9,398 listeners)

    dark ambient, ambient, space ambient, metalcore

    Visions is a multimedia project dedicated to the awe inspiring grandeur of infinite space and our relation to it. To re-think our purpose and place in the ever expanding cosmos, to be at one with infinity for we are stardust. The music can be described as heavy dark ambient.

  • Xerath

    (24,108 listeners)

    progressive metal, groove metal, symphonic metal, djent

    Xerath is a modern cutting-edge orchestral metal band – combining crushing metal riffs and grooves with cinematic symphonic arrangements.