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  • Baxter

    (97,528 listeners)

    trip-hop, electronic, downtempo, female vocalists

    There are, at least, seven artists known as Baxter: 1) A Swedish band, combining drum and bass loops & the hypnotic, sometimes melancholy, voice of Nina Ramsby. 2) A Long Island, NY prog rock group, who did one eponymous album in 1973. 3) A Chicago post-hardcore band (sometimes typset .

  • Blumentopf

    (213,603 listeners)

    german, hip-hop, hip hop, german hiphop

    Blumentopf (ENG: flower pot) is a 1992 in Freising founded Hip-Hop act from Munich, Germany. Their first Album “Kein Zufall” (eng. “No Coincidence”) was released in 1997.

  • Eternal Tango

    (6,631 listeners)

    post-hardcore, emocore, screamo, rock

    Born in 2002 Eternal Tango was a young motivated band which played different Shows with Bands such as: Defdump or Malkovich, Majority Rule or Kaospilot.

  • Kraftklub

    (101,393 listeners)

    german, indie, electronic, randie pop

    Kraftklub is a German indie rock band founded at the end of 2009 in Chemnitz and released their first EP entitled Adonis Maximus on 13 February 2010. Two of them are siblings, Felix and Till. The band members: Vocals: Felix Brummer, Guitar/Vocals: Karl Schumann,

  • Pascow

    (19,496 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, deutschpunk, german

    formation: 1998 vigilantes: drums, bass, 2 x guitar and singer provenance: saarland, anywhere between saarbrücken and kaiserslautern discography: 1999: demo-tape: „the charles bronson gay club“ (sold-out) 2000: 2 songs (fort knox, cockroach bop) on the millenium madness 2 sampler by vitaminepillen records

  • SondaschuleUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (22,893 listeners)

    ska punk, ska, german, punk

    Sondaschule ist eine Ska-Punk-Band aus Oberhausen/Mülheim an der Ruhr. Sondaschule (the band's name is an intentionally misspelled version of the German word "Sonderschule", which means "school for students with special educational needs") is a truly extraordinary ska punk band from Oberhausen, Germany.

  • Supershirt

    (45,915 listeners)

    electropunk, electro, electronic, audiolith

    Supershirt is a German electronic/clash band founded in 2006 in Rostock, Germany.