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  • Abakus

    (100,505 listeners)

    ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronic

    Abakus is Russell Davies the son of Dave Davies the founder of the Kinks. Who also releases electro/disco-house under the moniker Cinnamon Chasers.

  • Big Gigantic

    (98,584 listeners)

    electronic, dubstep, trip hop, dance

    One thing Dominic Lalli (Motet saxophonist/producer) is not afraid of is trying new things. Big Gigantic is Lalli’s latest project that showcases an array of gripping compositions combining elements of a DJ and a live band setup. Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, mix thoughtful melodic ideas, with pulsating dance tunes, sure to energize the dance floor.

  • Blacklight Ruckus

    (2 listeners)

  • Digital Tape Machine

    (261 listeners)

    seen live

    Digital Tape Machine is a Chicago based band. The group consists of members from multiple Chicago groups including Umphrey's McGee, Strange Arrangement, Liquid Soul, Land of Atlantis, and The Hue. This group features Kris Myers, Joel Cummins, Joe Hettinga, Kevin Barry, David Arredondo, Marcus Rezak, and Dan Rucinski.

  • EOTO

    (51,344 listeners)

    electronic, dubstep, jam band, experimental

    Jason Hann and Michael Travis (percussionist and drummer from the band The String Cheese Incident) make up this 100% improvised live Breakbeat/ House/ Drum n Bass/ Trip Hop/ Dubstep project.

  • Higher Organix

    (25 listeners)

    digital, stella blues

    HiGHER ORGANiX is a power trio hailing from The Shire (Berkshire County, MA). They play an undefinable style that mixes dance rhythms, and electronic experimentation with a jam-rock sensibility and willingness to take it to new places every time.

  • Jimkata

    (2,719 listeners)

    all, jam, electro rock, under 2000 listeners

    Jimkata is a four piece electro-rock band based out of Ithaca, NY. Intertwining electric guitars, bass and drum kit with synthesizers and electronic drums, Jimkata is a reminder of the modern lengths that a quartet can reach without leaving their rock roots.

  • Kung Fu

    (1,762 listeners)

    rock, under 2000 listeners, jam, funk

    “I was trying to become the ultimate technical musician -- able to play anything. Jazz fusion to me is the hardest music to play. You have to be so proficient on your instrument. Playing five tempos at the same time, for instance. I wanted to try the toughest music because I knew if I could do that, I could do anything.” - Randy Jackson

  • Marco Benevento Trio

    (588 listeners)

    sxsw 2009

  • Orchard Lounge

    (671 listeners)

    trance, soul, funk, downtempo

    Orchard Lounge is a collective of DJs and close friends that formed in Chicago, IL, USA in 2000. The trio of Ben Silver, Spencer Lokken, and Bethany Lokken, focus on performing for the more discerning of dance floors, and are known to appeal to open-minded and diverse audiences.

  • Ott

    (153,725 listeners)

    dub, ambient, chillout, psychedelic

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Ott is a record producer and musician who has worked with Sinéad O'Connor, Embrace, The Orb, and Brian Eno, and has achieved recognition since 2002 for his own psychedelic dub tracks and his collaborations with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen / Shpongle).

  • Papadosio

    (17,745 listeners)

    psychedelic, jam band, chillout, jam

    Papadosio is a five member band from Athens, Ohio. The band members are: Anthony Thogmartin on guitar, keys, vocals; Billy Brouse on keys and vocals; Mike Healy on drums; and Rob McConnell on bass, vocals and a recent new addition of Sam Brouse on keys and vocals as well.

  • Strange Arrangement

    (528 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, jazz, folk

    Trying to put a label on something is difficult. You run the risk of catering to the wrong demographic, or scaring away the right person. Labels are for soup cans and cereal boxes in my opinion and should be kept as such. Unfortunately, when trying to market a band to the masses, labels are a necessary evil.

  • Technicolor Lenses

    (95 listeners)


  • The Breakfast

    (4,300 listeners)

    progressive rock, rock, psychedelic, funk

    The band was formed in East Haven, Connecticut in 1998, during which time all the original members met: guitarist Tim Palmieri, bassist Ron Spears, drummer Adrian Tramontano and keyboardist Jordan Giangreco. They decided on their first name, Psychedelic Breakfast, based on the suggestion of Tramontano's cousin.

  • The Indobox

    (467 listeners)

    rock, guitar, indie, electronic

    From Boston, MA and roots in Northeast PA, The Indobox is starting dance-parties everywhere they go, bringing something they call Dance-Rock...

  • The Malah

    (7,189 listeners)

    chillout, electronic, chill, jam

    The Malah are a SouthEast based trio who have been captivating ears across the country with their ‘malahdic’ electro grooves.

  • The Polish Ambassador

    (65,411 listeners)

    electronic, electro, electronica, synth pop

    The Polish Ambassador (b. David Sugalski, aka Ample Mammal), is an Oakland, CA, USA electronic artist.