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  • Anihilated

    (2,420 listeners)

    thrash metal, old school thrash metal, speed metal, under 2000 listeners

    Formed in 1981 Anihilated are one of the longest serving thrash bands in the UK. Emerging from Hardcore Punk origins, they began to bring elements of aggressive metal into their sound and by the time the Speedwell sessions was recorded in 1984 the crossover sound was firmly entrenched.

  • Bitches Sin

    (6,959 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, 80s, british

    Bitches Sin were a heavy metal band, based in Cumbria, England, and formed around 1980. After several changes, the definitive line-up of Ian Toomey, Pete Toomey, Frank Quegan, Billy Knowles and Mike Frazer, came together. This culminated in the 'Invaders' album, released in 1986.

  • Black Magic (Hartlepool)

    (0 listeners)

  • Black Rose (Middlesbrough)

    (0 listeners)

  • Cambion

    (411 listeners)

    metalcore, melodic death metal, electronica, idm

    1. A southwest metal band formed in late 2009, Cambion strive to set themselves apart from the genres of metal to create their own individual style, based on influences such as Meshuggah, Fear Factory and Divine Heresy. October 2010 saw them tour with US rockers Fozzy fronted by WWE star Chis Jericho. Then march 2011 return to Wizzfest in Belgium to play alongside Blaze Bayley.

  • Fallen Fate

    (1,558 listeners)

    melodic death metal, thrash metal, death metal, metal

    Fallen Fate are a Thrash Metal band from the North East UK. Starting out in 2005, the band have came along way and have been through many line up changes to be where they are today.

  • Holosade

    (225 listeners)

    thrash metal, heavy metal, speed metal, speed thrash metal

    Holosade is a thrash metal/heavy metal band from Darlington, UK and formed in 1985. They were formed by ex-Dark Heart and Rebel vocalist Phillip De Sade. They released 4 demos and a split between the years 1985 - 1987. They released their full-length album Hell House in 1988.

  • Huron

    (3,666 listeners)

    idm, ambient, electronic, glitch

    Huron is the name to at least 4 known artists: (1) IDM/electronica artist based in Berlin, Germany (2) American-Dutch postpunk/showgaze band based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3) Rock and roll group based out of Hamilton, Ontario (4) Heavy metal band in Plymouth, UK

  • Nightvision

    (1,393 listeners)

    hard rock, modern rock, hardrock, metal

    There are at least four artists with the name Nightvision: 1) A four piece hard rock band from Lincolnshire, UK. They formed in 2003.

  • Reflection In Exile

    (101 listeners)

    black metal, death metal, blackened death metal, melodic death metal

    http://www.reverbnation.com/reflectioninexile Reflection in Exile…A Metal quintet from North East England.