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  • Angel Band

    (647 listeners)

    country, new alternative country and western folk rock swing, female independent country, seen live

    Angel Band makes big noise. Loud noise. Boisterous, sad, sweet, goofy, glorious and angelic. Any which way you look at it this stuff gets your attention.

  • Arlo Guthrie

    (210,300 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, 60s, classic rock

    Arlo Guthrie (born 10th July 1947, Brooklyn, New York ) is an American folk singer who is the son of folk singer and composer Woody Guthrie and his wife Marjorie Mazia Guthrie, a one-time professional dancer with the Martha Graham Company and founder of The Committee to Combat Huntington's Disease.

  • Battlefield Band

    (38,425 listeners)

    folk, celtic, scottish, scottish folk

    The Battlefield Band is a Scottish band playing traditional music and their own compositions, with occasional forays into other traditions as well as covers of contemporay popular songs.

  • Brad Hinton

    (21 listeners)

  • Burning Bridget Cleary

    (1,268 listeners)

    folk, celtic, fiddle, fiddling

    Burning Bridget Cleary took form on St. Patty's day of '06 when Genevieve Gillespie joined forces with the father-daughter duo, Lou and Rose Baldino. The combination sparks a blaze of Celtic sound that is perceived way beyond the sum of its parts!

  • Caitlin Rose

    (58,902 listeners)

    alt-country, nashville, kickasstic, recommended

    Caitlin Rose (b. 23 June 1987) is a singer and songwriter from Nashville, TN. She began writing songs at the age of 16, initially influenced by punk but subsequently discovering and embracing Nashville's country music heritage. Her lyrics and vocal style have drawn comparisons to Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Iris DeMent.

  • Dan Bern

    (33,262 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, indie, political

    Dan Bern (aka Bernstein, a name under which he sometimes performs) is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and painter. His music is often compared to that of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello.

  • David Amram

    (1,318 listeners)

    contemporary classical, composers, score, soundtrack

    David Amram (born November 17, 1930) is an American composer, musician, conductor, and writer. As a classical composer and virtuoso performer, his integration of jazz (including being one of the first noted as an improvising jazz French hornist), ethnic and folk music has led him to work with the likes of Charlie Parker…

  • David Bromberg

    (21,729 listeners)

    folk, blues, bluegrass, singer-songwriter

    David Bromberg (b. September 19, 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American guitarist. Bromberg has an eclectic style, playing bluegrass, blues, folk, country and western, and rock & roll equally well.

  • Dry Branch Fire Squad

    (9,247 listeners)

    bluegrass, americana, folk, banjo

    This band is one you have to see live to fully appreciate. More rantings than a talk show - but incredibly powerful,musically.

  • Elizabeth Butters

    (85 listeners)

  • gene shay

    (9 listeners)

  • Gregory Alan Isakov

    (214,286 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic, americana

    Gregory Alan Isakov (born in 1979 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a South Africa-born American singer-songwriter. He released his first album, Rust Colored Stones, in 2003.

  • Hoots & Hellmouth

    (6,216 listeners)

    basnobua says maybe, folk, alt country, rock

    Hoots & Hellmouth is an americana/roots band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The band was formed in 2005 by Sean Hoots and Andrew Gray. Both Hoots and Gray (aka Hellmouth) were already veterans of the Pennsylvania alternative rock scene by the time they began playing together in 2005, having been involved in Philadelphia-area bands Pilot Round the Sun and Midiron Blast Shaft.

  • Hoots and Hellmouth

    (1,823 listeners)

    alt-country, indie folk, philadelphia, revival rock

    Hoots & Hellmouth is an americana/roots band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The band was formed in 2005 by Sean Hoots and Andrew Gray. Both Hoots and Gray (aka Hellmouth) were already veterans of the Pennsylvania alternative rock scene by the time they began playing together in 2005, having been involved in Philadelphia-area bands Pilot Round the Sun and Midiron Blast Shaft.

  • Jessica Lea Mayfield

    (93,868 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, acoustic

    Jessica Lea Mayfield (born on August 27, 1989, in Kent, Ohio) is an American singer-songwriter. She first performed with her family bluegrass band One Way Rider at the age of 8.

  • Jim Boggia

    (4,730 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, indie pop, indie, folk

    Jim Boggia makes pop like the kind found in record collections when record collections were on... well, records. He makes the verse/chorus/bridge form relevant to current listeners.

  • Joel Plaskett Emergency

    (54,386 listeners)

    canadian, indie rock, indie, rock

    Joel Plaskett Emergency is a Canadian rock band formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001 with the release of Down at the Khyber. The band consists of Joel Plaskett, drummer Dave Marsh and bass player Chris Pennell. Their second album, Truthfully, Truthfully was a commercial success.

  • John Flynn

    (400 listeners)

    folk, americana, seen live

    Few people who knew singer-songwriter John Flynn as a boy would have predicted the path his life would take.

  • Jorma Kaukonen

    (27,380 listeners)

    kickasstic, pay attention, recommended, indie

    Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen, Jr. (born December 23, 1940) is an American blues, folk, and rock guitarist, best known for his work with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna.

  • Justin Townes Earle

    (166,377 listeners)

    alt-country, americana, indie, nashville

    Justin Townes Earle, born January 4, 1982 in Nashville, TN, is an American alt-country singer-songwriter who walks the line between old-time country and modern acoustic Indie music by breathing new life into early country, blues and gospel forms.

  • Levon Helm

    (68,452 listeners)

    americana, country, country rock, the band

    Mark Lavon Helm (May 26, 1940-April 19, 2012), better known as Levon Helm, was an American rock musician most famous as the drummer for the rock group The Band.

  • Roy Bookbinder

    (982 listeners)

    A student and friend of the Rev. Gary Davis, Roy Book Binder (born 1943) is a blues guitar entertainer.

  • Runa

    (1,691 listeners)

    celtic, irish, nanar kei

    There are many bands called Runa... One was a Tijuana Mex. slow-core metal stoner rock band that existed between 2000 and 2003. The band consisted of Adrian Delgadillo (Drums), Gunther Frettlohr (vocals, guitar) and George Guerrero (bass).

  • Steve Riley

    (2,105 listeners)

    folk, cajun, louisiana, rock

    Steve started playing the typical school band instruments and learning music at an early age like many kids. He enjoyed the sounds of many instruments and played several while playing and taking traditional piano lessons.

  • Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys

    (8,385 listeners)

    cajun, zydeco, louisiana, new orleans

    Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys are a Cajun band band from southern Louisiana. The band formed in 1988 and has since recorded 10 albums, nine of which are on Rounder Records. The bands members include: Steve Riley (accordion), David Greely (fiddle), Sam Broussard (guitar), Brazos Huval (fiddle/saxophone/bass) and Kevin Dugas (drums).

  • Suzie Brown

    (198 listeners)

    folk, guitar, acoustic, female vocalist

    SUZIE BROWN – might be a common name, but there’s nothing common about this rising talent. Brown is a practicing cardiologist who gave up a promising research career to pursue music.

  • Tempest

    (25,654 listeners)

    progressive rock, hardcore, folk rock, crust

    There are 10 known artists with the name Tempest: 1) Tempest is a Canadian hardcore punk band from Vancouver, who formed during the fall of 2007. 2) a Celtic folk-rock group based in California;

  • Terrance Simien

    (3,956 listeners)

    zydeco, cajun, louisiana, pop

    Terrance Simien is a cajun zydeco artist who first rose out of the swampland near Eunice Louisiana into prominence as a teenage accordian wunderkind when noted style pirate Paul Simon hijacked him for a recorded cover of Clifton Chenier's "You Used to Call Me" in 1984.

  • The Campbell Brothers

    (2,883 listeners)

    gospel, under 2000 listeners, ropeadope, roskilde 08

    In 2001 ropeadope enlisted the support of John Medeski to produce a recording featuring a then unknown guitar player named Robert Randolph. The Word, went on to spawn a career for Mr. Randolph, while introducing the world to the obscure (yet extremely deep) genre that is Sacred Steel Music - a form of gospel that puts the pedal steel guitar front and center as the instrument of choice.

  • The David Wax Museum

    (2,145 listeners)

    folk, indie, country, americana

    Tagged as "one of Boston's hottest new bands" by The Boston Globe, The David Wax Museum fuses exuberant Mexican roots music with rockin' country folk reminiscent of old school Jayhawks and early Wilco to create "Boston's homegrown answer to Calexico" (The Bostonist). They have toured with The Avett Brothers and have just completed their own six-week tour of the East Coast.

  • The Kennedys

    (6,104 listeners)

    rock, folk, acoustic, the kennedys

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Last year’s Half a Million Miles CD celebrated musicians Pete and Maura Kennedy’s first decade of married life and their first 500,000 tour miles as increasingly beloved purveyors of an exuberant blend of folk, rock, country, pop and secular gospel music with philosophical underpinnings.

  • The Levon Helm Band

    (1,141 listeners)

    americana, acl, seen live

    The Levon Helm Band features the vocal and drumming talents of former member of The Band, Levon Helm. As of 2006, this multi-genre band also features his daughter Amy Helm and guitarist Larry Campbell, as well as many other musicians that rotate in and out of the fold.

  • The Wilderness of Manitoba

    (24,643 listeners)

    folk, canadian, acoustic, indie

    The Wilderness of Manitoba prefers to characterize itself as an evolving entity. The band’s newest album, Between Colours, is as far-reaching as anything in its catalogue.

  • Tom Paxton

    (45,623 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, political, acoustic

    Tom Paxton (born Thomas Richard Paxton on October 31, 1937) is an American singer-songwriter of folk music whose songs have had enduring appeal (and include modern standards such as "The Last Thing on My Mind") known for a cynical, often political edge.

  • Trombone Shorty

    (53,266 listeners)

    jazz, funk, trombone, brass

    Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews (born January 2, 1986) is a trombone and trumpet player from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

  • Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

    (1,262 listeners)

    jam cruise 10, funk, jam cruise, jam cruise 8

    Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews (born January 2, 1986) is a trombone and trumpet player from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.