maximum INDIA

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Tuesday 1 March 2011 Sunday 20 March 2011

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

2700 F Street, NW
Washington DC 20566
United States
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Tel: (800) 444-1324

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It speaks many languages. It savors many cuisines. It colors life in more hues than there are in a rainbow.

India is vast: 1.2 billion people; 24 languages; 1,600 dialects; 28 states; myriad cuisines; 330,000 gods and goddesses; 300 ways to cook a potato; the Ganges attracting millions to its banks; home also of Mahatma Gandhi—a moral force; and one of the richest and most ancient cultures on the planet.
Every few miles, India presents itself differently; each region distinct. It’s modern, yet traditional, where a cow shares space with a rickshaw and an SUV. It’s contemporary, yet classic, where skyscrapers jostle shanties for space, where yoga and hip hop are neighbors. India is diverse in every aspect, yet united as one country.
India is home to a million art forms, both traditional and modern. maximum INDIA brings you perhaps not a million, but many wonderful and unusual aspects of the country’s diverse arts and culture, from folkloric to classical and contemporary. It will surprise and delight you with dance, music, and theater performed by India’s most acclaimed artists. Film selections from the world’s most robust movie industry, featuring both indie and Bollywood films; prize-winning authors reading, debating, conversing, and sharing their insights; exhibitions that astonish and confront; incredible and unimaginable crafts from exquisite collections; jewels that dazzle from the princely era of the Mughals and Maharajas. And, to top it all, feasts of Indian food for the entire three-week period of the festival, prepared by 13 world-class, award-winning Indian chefs, representing all regions of the country.
India amazes with the majesty and mystery of its culture. Its brilliance is that it is a country of extremes—intellect, innovation, survival, and experimentation. We have traveled, researched, and scoured the country for the best it can offer, and India offers the maximum. This festival will truly be maximum INDIA.
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