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  • Seung-Ah Oh

    (10 listeners)

  • slagwerk den haag

    (295 listeners)

    dutch, new music, percussion, 1977

    Since its founding in 1977 the musicians of The Hague Percussion (Slagwerk Den Haag, formerly known as Percussion Group the Hague) have focused on performing and developing contemporary percussion music in its most diverse forms: from existing repertoire, via a large number of new commissions and ongoing collaborations with composers, to researching the furthest limits of organized sound.

  • Stephanie Pan

    (1 listener)

  • Tadeusz Wielecki

    (61 listeners)

    contemporary classical, polish, composer, avant-garde

  • Thierry Tidrow

    (6 listeners)

    music, week, prize, nominee

  • Thundercat

    (83,924 listeners)

    electronic, funk, jazz, soul

    Thundercat is a pseudonym of Stephen Bruner (b. Los Angeles, CA, USA), a virtuoso bassist, composer, producer and singer. He débuted with No Curfew's "18" (2001) and his latest album is "Apocalypse" (Jun 2013, Brainfeeder).

  • Tomoko Mukaiyama

    (193 listeners)

    avant-garde, japanese, piano, contemporary classical

    The pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama (向山智子) was born in Japan, studied in Tokyo, Indiana and Amsterdam, and is now living and working in Amsterdam. She made her debut recital in Japan in 1990. Winning the International Gaudeamus Prize brought invitations for solo rectials and concert apperances in Europe, Asia, and America.

  • Vincent Hepp

    (0 listeners)

  • Vladimir Gorlinsky

    (102 listeners)

    contemporary classical, composer, russian, sound plasticity

    Vladimir Gorlinsky was born in 1984 in Moscow. His works have been broadcasted in Europe, Asia and Australia and performed by ensembles and soloists such as trumpeter Marco Blaauw (Netherlands), pianist Ulrich Murtfeld (Germany)…

  • VocaalLAB

    (3 listeners)

  • Wei-Chieh Lin

    (6 listeners)

    music, week, prize, nominee

    Born in 1982 in Taichung, Taiwan, Wei-Chieh Lin’s compositions range from a variety of solo instrumental music to orchestral works, small and large ensemble music, vocal and choral music, as well as Jazz and pop arrangements.

  • Wilbert Bulsink

    (2 listeners)

    incubate, incubate 2009, incubate2009, kraaklink

  • Wouter Snoei

    (45 listeners)

    netherlands, electroacoustic, noise drone

    All rights reserved www.woutersnoei.nl (text and photo's) Wouter Snoei (1977) studied at the Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague). He worked in various fields of music practice, all involving electronic music. Wouter was sound director in several performances of electro-acoustic pieces by Luigi Nono, John Cage and Gérard Grisey.

  • Yannis Kyriakides

    (1,440 listeners)

    ambient, contemporary, electronic, sound art

    Yannis Kyriakides was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1969 , emigrated to Britain 1975 and has been living in the Netherlands since 1992. He studied musicology at York University, and later composition with Louis Andriessen. He currently lives is Amsterdam with his wife and two sons.

  • Yoshiaki Onishi

    (12 listeners)

    music, week, prize, nominee

    Recipient of the Gaudeamus Prize 2011, composer and conductor Yoshiaki Onishi (大西義明) is currently in his fourth year as a doctorate candidate in music composition and a teaching fellow at Columbia University in the City of New York. As a composer, Onishi’s music has been performed worldwide by such ensembles as JACK Quartet, Next Mushroom Promotion, and Nieuw Ensemble.

  • Yota Morimoto

    (31 listeners)

    soundscape, field recordings

    Yota Morimoto (*1981) is a Japanese composer born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently undertaking a doctorate research at the University of Birmingham, UK.

  • Yu Oda

    (29 listeners)

    music, week, prize, nominee

    Japanese composer and hichiriki player currently living in Amsterdam Oda was born in Japan and started his musical activity playing and composing in a rock band. While in high school, he spent one year in Oregon as an exchange student.

  • Łukasz Owczynnikow

    (0 listeners)