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  • Fuzzy Lights

    (5,986 listeners)

    post-rock, psychedelic, experimental, violin

    Fuzzy Lights were formed in 2004, and it has been a long journey since the release of their near-instrumental debut album 'A Distant Voice'.

  • Listing Ships

    (338 listeners)

    post-rock, krautrock, instrumental, art-rock

    Listing Ships are an Oxford-based, nautically-inspired instrumental post-krautrock band. Everything about their songs reflects the band’s obsession with ships and the sea, from the titles and samples collected everywhere from Venice to Blackpool, right down to the songs’ very construction, based upon and often built around tales of the sea.

  • Matt Stevens

    (3,217 listeners)

    instrumental, post-rock, guitar, acoustic

    Matt Stevens is a musician and composer from North London, UK. He uses an acoustic guitar and a sampler to create multi layered tracks live. This is often called Live Looping. His music is compared with artists as diverse as John Mclaughlin and Sigur Rós. He plays live all over the UK.

  • Rumour Cubes

    (3,678 listeners)

    post-rock, ambient, instrumental, experimental

    **Super-exciting Rumour Cubes news** Rumour Cubes' second album, Appearances of Collections, will be released on 18th August, shortly before the band perform on the main stage at ArcTanGent Festival.

  • Teeth of the Sea

    (14,007 listeners)

    post-rock, psychedelic, ambient, drone

    Teeth of the Sea is a Psychedelic rock band from London. The group (Sam Barton, Mike Bourne, John Hirst and Jimmy Martin) were inspired to forge forth in search of oblivion unknown after experiencing an epiphany during a Wolf Eyes gig.

  • Thought Forms

    (4,264 listeners)

    shoegaze, post-rock, psychedelic rock, ambient

    http://www.thought-forms.co.uk/ http://thoughtforms.bandcamp.com/ Thought Forms are Charlie Romijn, Deej Dhariwal and Guy Metcalfe.