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  • 2AM Club

    (59,982 listeners)

    hip hop, american, rock, live

    2AM Club is an American band consisting of lead singer Marc Griffin, emcee Tyler Cordy, guitarist Matt Reagan, keyboard player Dave Dalton, drummer Ian O'Neill, and bassist Matt Warshauer. The band came together in Los Angeles, CA in 2007. 2AM Club brings a diverse array of genres, including rock, hip-hop, electro, rap, and alternative.

  • 30 Seconds to Mars

    (2,183,135 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, emo

    Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, United States by Jared Leto and his brother, Shannon, 30 Seconds to Mars initially began as a small family project. Matt Wachter later joined the band as bassist and keyboard player. After working with a number of guitarists (including Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler), the band auditioned Tomo Miličević to complete the band's official roster.

  • A Day to Remember

    (1,080,100 listeners)

    post-hardcore, hardcore, pop punk, screamo

    A Day to Remember is a band that combines metalcore and pop punk from Ocala, Florida, founded in 2003 by guitarist Tom Denney and drummer Bobby Scruggs.

  • A Loss for Words

    (71,822 listeners)

    pop punk, post-hardcore, hardcore, melodic hardcore

    .. In a world where some bands are handed everything on a silver platter, there's also a place where there's still some hardworking folks left. Boston's own pop-punk outfit, A Loss For Words are at the top of that list. Having released 3 EPs and their full length "The Kids Can't Lose" since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity.

  • Abandon All Ships

    (77,683 listeners)

    post-hardcore, trancecore, electronic, screamo

    Abandon All Ships was a post-hardcore band founded in 2006 in Toronto, Canada and broke up in 2014. Originally, playing covers of Norma Jean songs and having gone through many different band members…

  • Action Item

    (7,958 listeners)

    pop punk, indie, power pop, punk

    Action Item is: Brian Cag - Vocals/guitar Anthony Li - Guitar/vocals Mark Shami - Guitar/piano Dave Buczkowski - Bass Dan Brozek - Drums Website: http://www.actionitemband.com .

  • After the Burial

    (92,063 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, progressive metalcore, mathcore

    After the Burial is an American metal band from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States formed in 2004.

  • Alex York

    (359 listeners)

    New York City born and raised, Alex York grew up to the classic tunes of music legends David Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, and Blondie-all the while soaking up the fresh stylings of his own generation's pacesetters.

  • Alkaline Trio

    (781,802 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, emo, alternative

    Alkaline Trio are a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Matt Skiba (guitar/vocals), Dan Andriano (bass/vocals), and Derek Grant (drums/backing vocals). Their music is characterized by dark lyrics, catchy hooks, fast tempos and recurring subjects of alcoholism, depression, shattered relationships, drugs and death.

  • An Horse

    (81,490 listeners)

    indie, australian, indie rock, female vocalists

    An Horse is an indie rock band from Brisbane, Australia, comprising Kate Cooper of Iron On on vocals and guitar and Damon Cox of Intercooler on drums.

  • Anberlin

    (813,053 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, emo

    Anberlin was formed in 2002 in Winter Haven, FL, USA. Their debut album, Blueprints for the Black Market, was quite successful. Spurred on by popular singles Readyfuels and Change the World, it sold over 60,000 copies and raised Anberlin's profile. They released their sophomore album, Never Take Friendship Personal, in February 2005.

  • Andy Grammer

    (112,709 listeners)

    pop, acoustic, singer-songwriter, los angeles

    Andy Grammer is an American Singer-songwriter managed by Steve Greenberg's S-Curve Records. He released his first album in June 2011. He was born in Los Angeles, United States, but grew up in New York. At 20, he returned to the Los Angeles area. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

  • Animals as Leaders

    (145,574 listeners)

    progressive metal, instrumental, math metal, djent

    Animals as Leaders is a Washington, D.C. based instrumental progressive metal project formed by guitarist Tosin Abasi in 2007. Their self-titled debut album was released in April 2009 by Prosthetic Records.

  • Arsonists Get All The Girls

    (111,305 listeners)

    deathcore, experimental, grindcore, mathcore

    Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, Arsonists Get All The Girls (AGATG) can be best described as experimental deathcore. With catchy and humorous intros and breaks in their songs, electrifying breakdowns, and a feel of technicality that seems ever-lasting, Arsonists Get All The Girls are setting a new standard for the term "experimental."

  • Attack Attack!

    (243,777 listeners)

    post-hardcore, electronic, trancecore, crabcore

    Attack Attack! were an American metalcore band from Westerville, Ohio, formed in 2005. Attack Attack!'s first release, an independent EP titled If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?, was released in 2008, which led to the signing of the band to Rise Records the same year.

  • Big K.R.I.T.

    (403,373 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, southern hip hop

    Justin Scott (born August 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T., is an American hip hop musician and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi. K.R.I.T. is an acronym, meaning King Remembered In Time. K.R.I.T. first came into the hip hop scene in 2005 with the release of his two mixtapes, See Me On Top and See Me On Top II.

  • Big Sean

    (1,153,322 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, good music

    Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, (born March 25, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan), better known by his stage name Big Sean, is an American rapper signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music and Island Def Jam. In 2005 he met West at a radio station, and after being impressed with Sean's obvious talents he signed him in 2007.

  • Black Cards

    (9,100 listeners)

    pop, synthpop, indie, electropop

    The band consists of lead vocalist Bebe Rexha, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Nate Patterson (The Receiving End of Sirens, ex-The Dear Hunter) and Spencer Peterson (Hidden In Plain View, ex-Saves The Day).

  • Black Veil Brides

    (279,612 listeners)

    post-hardcore, screamo, rock, gothic glam

    Black Veil Brides is an American Post-Hardcore/ Glam Rock band based out of Hollywood, California and formed in 2006 in Delhi, Ohio .

  • Bo Burnham

    (60,186 listeners)

    comedy, acoustic, piano, youtube

    Bo Burnham (born August 21, 1990 in Hamilton, Massachusetts, United States) is a comedian, musician and singer/songwriter. Burnham originally found fame through YouTube before being signed to Comedy Central Records in 2008. Burnham has released three studio albums and an EP: "Bo Fo Sho - EP" (2008), "Bo Burnham" (2009), "Words Words Words" (2010), and "what." (2013).

  • Born of Osiris

    (162,420 listeners)

    deathcore, progressive deathcore, metalcore, progressive metal

    Born of Osiris is an American deathcore band, formed in 2003 in Chicago. The group has undergone a number of name changes before finally settling with Born of Osiris in 2007, basing the name off the Egyptian deity Osiris, and the tale of his son Horus.

  • Boyz II Men

    (721,594 listeners)

    rnb, soul, 90s, pop

    Boyz II Men is an American R&B/soul singing group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1988 as a quintet, Boyz II Men found fame as a quartet, with members Wanya Morris, Michael McCary, Shawn Stockman, and Nathan Morris, on Motown Records during the early 1990s.

  • Breathe Carolina

    (466,745 listeners)

    electronic, powerpop, screamo, electronica

    Breathe Carolina is an electronic duo from Denver, Colorado. When members, Kyle Even and David Schmitt started the project in 2007, they didn't anticipate that their “just for fun” intent would explode into an internationally sought-after duo within just a couple of years.

  • Breathing East

    (69 listeners)

    rock, alternative, under 2000 listeners, punk

    Started in December of 2008 on the East End of Long Island, New York, Breathing East has spent the last years writing songs and perfecting their sound. A 4-piece rock group with influences ranging from Taking Back Sunday and The Early November to Third Eye Blind, Breathing East’s songs are a blend of syncopated rhythms and catchy leads that will keep you wanting more.

  • Bruno Mars

    (1,404,082 listeners)

    pop, rnb, male vocalists, r&b

    Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985 in Waikiki, Hawaii), better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is a Filipino-Puerto Rican American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist signed to Atlantic Records. He is most well known for his hit Just The Way You Are, which went #1 in 9 countries in 2010.

  • Cady Groves

    (65,172 listeners)

    acoustic, pop, female vocalists, singer-songwriter

    Cady Groves (born 30 July, 1989 in Marlow, Oklahoma, USA, now lives in Los Angeles) is an American pop artist. She grew up in a family of seven kids in a tiny town just over seven square miles near the Southern border of the state.

  • Carnifex

    (197,855 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, brutal deathcore, grindcore

    There are 5 artists bearing the name Carnifex: 1) Deathcore band from the USA. 2) Finnish old school death metal band. 3) A Danish hardstyle act. 4) A death metal band from Germany. 5) A Norwegian black metal band.

  • Chelsea Grin

    (192,366 listeners)

    deathcore, brutal deathcore, grindcore, deathgrind

    Chelsea Grin is an American deathcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in 2007, the group is currently signed to Artery Recordings and have released two EPs (Chelsea Grin in July 2008, and Evolve in June 2012) and two full-length albums, the latest being My Damnation (July 2011). The name of the band is derived from the torture method of the same name.

  • Chiddy Bang

    (721,315 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, electronic, hip hop

    Chiddy Bang is an alternative hip hop duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania consisting of Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege, and Noah "Xaphoon Jones" Beresin. The pair shot to international prominence in 2010 with the release of their major-label debut single opposite of adults which peaked within the Top 20 on various singles charts worldwide including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.

  • Circa Survive

    (507,484 listeners)

    indie, experimental, alternative, emo

    Circa Survive is an alternative rock band consisting of former Saosin vocalist Anthony Green and members of the now-defunct This Day Forward, including guitarists Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto.

  • Conditions

    (34,205 listeners)

    post-hardcore, rock, emo, alternative

    Making a claim of performing a countless number of shows, while on face value may seem noteworthy, does not necessarily speak to the impact a band is able to make while on the road. Seemingly, since the beginning of rock and roll a band could pack themselves in a van and stay out there as long as their heart and soul could endure countless trucks stops and sub par accommodations.

  • Das Racist

    (173,268 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, art rap, new york

    Das Racist was a hip hop group, formed in 2008 and based in Brooklyn, New York, comprised of Queens-born Himanshu Suri and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez.

  • Dashboard Confessional

    (1,175,371 listeners)

    emo, indie, acoustic, rock

    Dashboard Confessional was an emo group started in 2000, by Chris Carrabba in Boca Raton, Florida, as a side project from his band Further Seems Forever.

  • Dev

    (530,459 listeners)

    electronic, female vocalists, pop, rap

    There are at least three artists with this name: 1. A pop singer 2. A remix group 3. Abbreviation of Deepearth.void

  • Diggy Simmons

    (10,946 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, diggy, hip hop

    Daniel “Diggy” Simmons, III born March 21, 1995 is the second son and fourth oldest in the growing Simmons family.

  • DJ Pauly D

    (28,440 listeners)

    jersey shore, all, indie, house

    DJ Pauly Delvecchio (Paul Delvecchio) aka. Pauly D was born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 5, 1980. Pauly has been DJing since the age of 16. His lifelong interest and early on-set passion for music are what sparked his career. Pauly started spinning in the club scene at the age of 18 at local spots, and private functions.

  • DJ Prime

    (1,158 listeners)

    hiphop, rap, uk, remix


  • E. Town Concrete

    (2,411 listeners)

    hardcore, rapcore, rap, beatdown

  • E.Town Concrete

    (23,037 listeners)

    rapcore, hardcore, rap, metal

    E.Town Concrete is a band from Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. They formed in 1995 and shortly thereafter released Time 2 Shine, their first full-length album, in 1999 on the Resurrection A.D. label. They have since released four more albums on various record labels, such as Razor & Tie and Ironbound Recordings. The band has recently decided to call it quits.

  • eatmewhileimhot!

    (29,585 listeners)

    post-hardcore, experimental, electronic, screamo

    eatmewhileimhot! is a band that consists of Christofer Drew (CD-i), Hayden Kaiser, Taylor Macfee, and Caleb Denison. The band was formed in Joplin, Missouri on Feburary 3, 2008. eatmewhileimhot! started out as a “sorta a joke. just boredom put into heavy music :)”, but was later given serious thought and turned into a full-time, serious band.

  • Eisley

    (399,038 listeners)

    indie, female vocalists, indie pop, indie rock

    Eisley is an indie-pop rock band from Tyler, Texas, United States. Eisley consists of four siblings: Sherri Bemis, Stacy King , Chauntelle D’Agostino and Weston DuPree -- and their cousin, Garron DuPree.

  • For Today

    (110,789 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, christian metalcore

    For Today is a Metalcore band from Sioux City, Iowa, United States currently signed to Razor & Tie. Known for their non-stop touring, high energy live performance, and unrelenting message, For Today will stop at nothing until the name of Christ is proclaimed to the entire world.

  • Forever the Sickest Kids

    (546,944 listeners)

    pop punk, powerpop, rock, electronic

    Forever the Sickest Kids is an American rock band from Dallas, Texas, who are currently signed to Universal Motown Records Group.

  • Frank Turner

    (355,078 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic, british

    Frank Turner (born 28 December 1981) is an English folk/punk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire.

  • Freddie Gibbs

    (168,417 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, gangsta rap

    Freddie Tipton (born January 28, 1982 in Gary, Indiana), better known as Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper best known for being one of XXL Magazine's ten Freshmen of 2010.

  • Fuel

    (828,850 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, post-grunge

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Fuel - American alternative rock/post-grunge band. 2) Fuel - American (Bay Area) hardcore band. 1989-1991 (see Monuments to Excess LP) 3) Fuel - Scottish band.

  • Further Seems Forever

    (221,636 listeners)

    emo, rock, indie, alternative

    Further Seems Forever (often abbreviated FSF) is a rock band based in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States that formed after the breakup of the well established hardcore outfit, Strongarm, in 1998.

  • Gatsby's American Dream

    (140,964 listeners)

    indie, rock, emo, alternative

    Gatsbys American Dream is a Seattle-based rock band. Since their founding in 2001, they have written four albums, and one EP. They have also appeared on a few compilations with original songs and covers.

  • I Am The Avalanche

    (106,464 listeners)

    pop punk, emo, rock, punk

    I Am The Avalanche is a five piece punk band from Brooklyn, NY featuring the vocals of Vinnie Caruana previously of The Movielife. Other members include Brett Romnes on drums, Michael Ireland on guitar, Brandon Swanson on guitar and Kellen Robson on bass.

  • I See Stars

    (161,173 listeners)

    post-hardcore, electronic, electronicore, nintendocore

    I See Stars are an post-hardcore band formed in Warren, Michigan in 2006. The band's lineup consists of Devin Oliver, Brent Allen, Jimmy Gregerson, Jeff Valentine, Andrew Oliver, and Zach Johnson. Johnson left the band after their debut album 3D was released, and Chris Moore took his place at screamed vocals/keys/programming.