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  • Cansei de Ser Sexy

    (832,690 listeners)

    electronic, indie, brazilian, female vocalists

    Cansei de Ser Sexy (commonly known as CSS) is a band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2003. The band name is Portuguese for “Tired of Being Sexy” (taken from something Beyoncé once commented to the press: “I am tired of being sexy”).

  • The Sounds

    (578,060 listeners)

    indie, swedish, rock, female vocalists

    There are multiple artists that have used this name: 1) A Swedish New Wave group 2) A Finnish instrumental rock band in the early 1960s 3) A 1950's doo wop group on the Cascade label 4) A danish pigtraad group 5) A popular Greek band of the 60s with the big hits "To mathima" ("The lesson") and "Apopse se thelo" ("Tonight I want you").

  • The Presets

    (563,882 listeners)

    electronic, electro, australian, electroclash

    The Presets are Julian Hamilton (keyboard and vocals) and Kim Moyes (drums and keyboard). They are an electronic two piece from Sydney, Australia who met when they were both members of Prop. Hamilton and Moyes broke off from Prop in 2003, when they remixed a track, "Magnetic Highway", with "harder electronic edges" under the name The Presets.

  • Lee "Scratch" Perry

    (287,196 listeners)

    dub, reggae, roots reggae, roots

    Lee "Scratch" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry, on 20th March 1936, in Kendal, Jamaica) is one of the most influential people in the development of reggae and dub music in Jamaica.

  • Bag Raiders

    (278,496 listeners)

    electronic, australian, electro, dance

    Sydney dancefloor princes Chris Stracey and Jack Glass have already built up a Bag Raiders hype storm. Here's why.

  • Calle 13

    (232,416 listeners)

    reggaeton, latin, hip hop, puerto rico

    Calle 13 is a ten-time Latin Grammy Award nominee and one time Grammy Award-winning hip hop and alternative duo from San Juan, Puerto Rico, formed by stepbrothers René Pérez Joglar (born on February 23, 1978)…

  • Zoé

    (134,754 listeners)

    rock, indie, alternative rock, alternative

    Zoé is a Mexican rock band, that's not afraid of experimenting, with a modern sound, an eclectic style, some British influences & overall, their music's sophisticated without loss of rock energy. Their lyrics cover many subjects / feelings, with the same level of sophistication that their music shows, plus honesty.

  • Revolver

    (103,862 listeners)

    shoegaze, rock, spanish, pop

    There are at least 9 artists that use the name Revolver. For the Spanish group, please see Revólver. 1. An alternative rock band from the United Kingdom 2. A rock band from Germany 3. A hard rock band from New Zealand

  • The TwelvesUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (73,609 listeners)

    electronic, brazilian, electro, electroclash

    From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Twelves were formed by the duo João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira in 2005. The name came from the strange coincidence of their birth dates: 12th July 1980.

  • ChocQuibTown

    (13,429 listeners)

    colombia, latin, pacifico, hip hop

    Choc Quib Town es una agrupación que conjuga el sonido rural con el hip hop. Rumba, flow y mucha energía, eso es lo que proyectan estos jóvenes que vienen desde el pacifico en cada aparición.

  • Monsieur Periné

    (13,791 listeners)

    jazz, swing, colombia, indie

    Monsieur Periné, more than a musical group, is a creative project that was born out of the artistic and rhythmic exploration undertaken by Catalina Garcia, Santiago Prieto, Nicolas Junca and Camilo Parra in 2007. Today our project has grown and we have added the talent of three new members: Fabián Peñaranda, Miguel Guerra and Daniel Chebair.


    (6,226 listeners)

    cumbia, latin, colombia, dub

    In mid 2009 Frente Cumbiero invited the legendary Dub producer Mad Professor to Bogota, as part of the British Council's Incubator project, with the aim of making a sonic encounter between Cumbia and Dub.

  • The Mills

    (4,569 listeners)

    colombia, alternative rock, colombian rock, rock

    The Mills es una banda de rock colombiana. La cual nace cuando Bako (Alvaro Charry) y Geogy (Jorge Luis Bello) sin ningún tipo de pasado musical empiezan a armar canciones y melodías. Con el tiempo de manera empírica logran acoplar nuevos sonidos y tendencias. Luego llega Juan D (Juan David Parra) y aporta su experiencia como baterista de otras bandas bogotanas.

  • Jiggy Drama

    (4,073 listeners)

    rap, colombian, latino, all

    Heartan Edward Lever (June 2, 1983, San Andres Island, Colombia) better known as Jiggy Drama, is a Colombian rapper and songwriter. Is an alternative urban music artist; his career is over 10 years in the interpretation of genres such as Hip-Hop, R & B, Dancehall, and Socca.

  • V For Volume

    (3,127 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, pop punk, colombia

    V For Volume is formed in Bogota, Colombia in 2008 when 4 friends decide to get together and play the music they love. A lot of new sounds inspire them; rock, indie, pop, you name it. After attending a show where they saw Maria Jose as the lead singer of a metal act, they decide that she would be the perfect frontwoman for the band and V For Volume gets born.

  • Profetas

    (2,319 listeners)

    colombia, reggae, sxsw 2011, folklore colombiano

    PROFETAS was born in 1997, when three mc’s, two of them colombian, Pablo Fortaleza, J Bovir and american Real One decided to bring effords together to develop a musical Project which presented a new proposal, in music and lyrics as well, for the growing hip-hop wave in Colombia.

  • Sexy Lucy

    (1,815 listeners)

    electronic, indie, colombia, eje records

    Sexy Lucy

  • Modex

    (1,483 listeners)

    idm, electronic, glitch, under 2000 listeners

    There are two known artists performing under the name Modex. The first is an experimental electronic/IDM project of Rob Curulli (aka Pselodux, Rooftop Access, Thirds, and others) established in 1996. Modex's style blends glitch beats, reverbed synths and occasional guitar and piano. Influences include Autechre, Ilkae, Nine Inch Nails, Tortoise, and Talk Talk.

  • Providencia

    (1,007 listeners)

    reggae, random, medellin, colombian reggae

    Reggae Band from Medellín, Colombia

  • Ciegossordomudos

    (685 listeners)

    rock, latin, alternative rock, indie rock

  • Like Some Cat From Japan

    (591 listeners)

    indie, electronic, experimental, electronica

    Like Some Cat From Japan (LSCFJ) LSCFJ, a Colombian band created in the beginning of 2010. A new project of electronic music, created by Jorge Pizarro and Carlos Hurtado. It has been a while since Pizarro and Charlie have been doing music together, but it’s the first time that they have a project in which they can show all of their ideas and all of their potential.

  • Alfonso Espriella

    (466 listeners)

    latin rock, colombian, rec, under 2000 listeners

    Born in Bogota, Colombia to musician parents. Proficient in voice, piano, guitar, drums, song-writing and arranging from an early age. Degree in Music-therapy from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). 5 years living in San Diego, CA. Shows at The House of Blues, The Palace - Avalon, The greek theater amongst others.

  • Radio Rebelde

    (456 listeners)

    colombia, under 2000 listeners

    There are multiple artists with this name.

  • Pizarro

    (414 listeners)

    chillout, instrumental, house, electronic

  • Frankie Ha Muerto

    (297 listeners)

    post-punk, indie, hard rock, gothic rock

    1991. Frankie ha Muerto se gesta de la percepción que algunos jóvenes tenían sobre la violencia que se vivía en la ciudad...

  • Purple Zippers

    (137 listeners)

  • Sonido Bestial

    (93 listeners)

  • fruto

    (56 listeners)

  • bendito

    (43 listeners)

  • El Reino Del Mar

    (24 listeners)

  • Remaj7

    (9 listeners)

  • Troyans

    (7 listeners)

  • Armandito

    (6 listeners)

  • Steven Gubereck

    (0 listeners)