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  • Alter Bridge

    (738,704 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge

    Alter Bridge is an American alternative metal/hard rock band that was formed in 2004 in Orlando, Florida.

  • American Bang

    (15,655 listeners)

    rock, garage rock, nashville, southern rock

    American Bang (formerly known as Bang Bang Bang) is a Nashville-based Southern rock band featuring Jaren Johnston (formerly of The Kicks) on vocals and guitar, Ben Brown and Neil Mason (both formerly of Llama) on lead guitar and drums respectively, Kelby Caldwell on bass.

  • Bad City

    (3,167 listeners)

    hard rock, alternative rock, modern rock, rock

    BAD CITY is a rock band from chicago with ex members of powerspace WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND

  • Cake

    (1,494,027 listeners)

    alternative, rock, indie, alternative rock

    CAKE is an alternative rock band which formed in 1991 in Sacramento, California, United States. The band consists of John McCrea (vocals, guitar), Xan McCurdy (guitar), Gabe Nelson (bass), Vincent DiFiore (trumpet, keyboards, vocals) and Paulo Baldi (drums).

  • Chevelle

    (992,333 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, hard rock

    Chevelle is an alternative metal band from Grayslake, IL. They formed in 1994 with the members of Sam Loeffler, Pete Loeffler (brothers) and Matt Scott. Matt was later replaced in 1996 by Joe Loeffler as bass player. On July 10, 2005 Joe was fired because of "irreconcilable differences".

  • Danko Jones

    (259,573 listeners)

    rock, hard rock, canadian, alternative

    Danko Jones is a Canadian rock band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), John 'JC' Calabrese (bass guitar) and Atom Willard (drums).

  • Finger Eleven

    (815,622 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, hard rock

    Finger Eleven is a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 1989. They have currently released six studio albums.

  • Five Finger Death Punch

    (829,499 listeners)

    metalcore, groove metal, metal, thrash metal

    Five Finger Death Punch were formed in 2005 by guitarist Zoltan Bathory (formerly of U.P.O.). The American Capitalist Songfacts states that Bathory came up with the name after being amused by a scene involving a five finger punch in Kill Bill 2. Other members recruited to the band include former Motograter & Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan Moody, former W.

  • Greek Fire

    (2,621 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, hard rock, progressive rock

    Greek Fire is a mission to capture the attention of a rock deprived generation. A mission to re-vitalize the spirit of rock music in all of it's purity and greatness.

  • Hail The Villain

    (20,353 listeners)

    hard rock, alternative rock, modern rock, alternative metal

    “They say the singer should calm the fuck down,” says singer Bryan Crouch. “But it’s not enough to just be a good band. It’s about putting in the extra effort. It’s saying to the audience ‘I ain’t quitting so you better not quit. You better shout and scream because that’s what makes the show better.’”

  • Hellyeah

    (231,690 listeners)

    groove metal, metal, heavy metal, southern metal

    Hellyeah is a rock band which formed in Dallas, Texas, United States in 2006. The band consists of Chad Grey (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Tom Maxwell (guitar), Bob Zilla (bass) and Vinnie Paul Abbott (drums). Grey and Tribbet are members of Mudvayne, Maxwell is a member of Nothingface, Zilla was a member of Damageplan and Abbott was a member of Pantera and Damageplan.

  • Janus

    (49,056 listeners)

    gothic, darkwave, german, industrial

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Janus were a UK band who had much more success in Germany than in their home country. Hard rock was the name of the game, and it is exemplified perfectly in the opening track to their sole 1972 album. 'Red Sun' is the song that prompted me to get the album after I heard it on a compilation tape some years ago.

  • Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

    (5,437 listeners)

    rock, blues, guitar, texas

    Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights first began to take shape when childhood friends Jonathan and Kansas began playing guitar in their teens. With shared common influences ranging from the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Jimi Henrix to Bob Dylan, The Band and Muddy Waters; the two were compelled to write and play together.

  • Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

    (517 listeners)

    rock, guitar, soul, blues

  • Middle Class Rut

    (85,078 listeners)

    alternative rock, alternative, rock, post-hardcore

    Middle Class Rut play a visceral brand of alternative rock that echoes the intensity of Jane's Addiction and Refused, the pummeling backbone of Rage Against The Machine and the anthemic post-punk core of The Foo Fighters.

  • My Chemical Romance

    (2,148,602 listeners)

    rock, emo, alternative, punk rock

    My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from New Jersey, United States formed in 2001. The band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way and keyboardist James Dewees. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002.

  • Sick Puppies

    (682,090 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, hard rock

    Sick Puppies is an alternative rock band formed in 1997 in Sydney, Australia. The band currently consists of vocalist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin.

  • The Damned Things

    (32,938 listeners)

    hard rock, southern rock, rock, metal

    The Damned Things is an American Hardrock supergroup composed of Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die, and Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax.