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    (5,452 listeners)

    visual kei, j-rock, japanese, metal

    ALSDEAD is an alternative metal band from Tokyo, Japan active since December, 2008. Their music can be described as an aggressive, yet melodic metal sound, fused with electronic musical elements. The band's concept is to create music that assumes mental disorder to be basis.

  • HITT

    (2,993 listeners)

    j-rock, visual kei, japanese, rock

    1) HITT is a solo J-Rock artist from Chiba, in Japan. His clothing style makes often people think of him as a Visual Kei artist, even though he isn't from this movement. HITT was the bassist of the new and upcoming Japanese Ninja Band (as they call themselves), Otokage, but left the band in June 2009 to concentrate on his solo career.

  • ゆまち&愛奈

    (1,078 listeners)

    j-pop, pop, jpop, cute

    ゆまち&愛奈 (Yumachi & Aina) consists of Yuma Takahashi and Aina Tanaka, who both model for the Japanese fashion magazine Egg.