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  • 20 000 hz

    (6 listeners)

    alternative, experimental, electronica, alavaivaudu

  • Athletic Arms

    (73 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, folk, indie, finnish

    A group of 5-13 people starting 2003 although there was some vague activity (a demo and two live-shows) from 2001 onwards; more like a community than a band, not only due to the amount of members, but also to the social structure within. Has been compared in the past to such acts as early Pink Floyd, "Mogwai meets Hector" and "Music to make love to" (but with considerably less eloquent wording).

  • Basismin Ylipappi

    (0 listeners)

    punk, experimental, bass, seen live

  • Bitch Alert

    (37,451 listeners)

    punk rock, female vocalists, riot grrrl, punk

    Bitch Alert - Facebook Hailing from Finland, Bitch Alert are all about loud, fuzzy, angry rock music yet full of pop hooks. Combining elements of punk, grunge and raw garage they have pretty much the sound of the moment in their hands. The singer Heinie has unique voice which easily goes from silky tenderness to wild, scary, craspy scream.

  • Boys Of Caligula

    (32 listeners)

    electronic, electro, skweee, seen live

  • Eero Johannes

    (11,759 listeners)

    skweee, electronic, finnish, electro

    Eero Johannes is a one-man synthetic funk orchestra. His background as a drummer and a bassist has a fundamental part in building the electronic, "sugarhigh" grooves for the dancefloor. His first experiments with electronic music started with tracker software, his interests gradually evolving towards midi-oriented sequencers and playing live.

  • Esa Ruoho

    (1,057 listeners)

    ambient, soundscapers, electronic, finnish

    This is Lackluster.

  • Evestus And the New Scum

    (0 listeners)

    industrial, seen live

  • Hidria SpacefolkUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (24,238 listeners)

    space rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, finnish

    Finland Hidria Spacefolk ( www.hidriaspacefolk.st ) is a Finnish folk-influenced progressive / psychedelic rock band consisting of Kimmo Dammert (bass), Mikko Happo (guitars), Teemu Kilponen (drums), Janne Lounatvuori (keyboards), and Sami Wirkkala (guitars).

  • Jericho Fuzz

    (252 listeners)

    rock, stoner rock, seen live

    http://www.myspace.com/jerichofuzz Street survivors of the seedier side of Helsinki underground, Jericho Fuzz have paid their dues in various former bands. Suho Superstar became infamous as the devil-may-care frontman of the cult stoner rock band Jimsonweed, while all except one of the other members were kicked out from the warped psych folk/rock combo Hidria Spacefolk.

  • Jo' Buddy and the Down Home King III

    (0 listeners)

    blues, roots, country blues, seen live

  • Kaucas

    (1,786 listeners)

    hip-hop, finnish, hip hop, underground

    Kaucas is a hip-hop group formed in Lappeenranta, Finland in 1998. Haunting mix of rap, trip hop and avantgarde, creating a gloomy landscape without any ego-boosting or gangstas. Laineen Kasperi (Producer, MC) Aztra (MC) Raipati (MC)

  • Kehoruoska

    (45 listeners)

    seen live

  • Kingoffpop

    (98 listeners)

    breakcore, under 2000 listeners, hardcore, noise

  • Konvehdinmussuttajat

    (6,136 listeners)

    hip-hop, finnish, hip hop, suomirap

    When Memmy Posse went on a hiatus of undefined length, members Aave, Säkki, and DJ Antti Skate formed Konvehdinmussuttajat around 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. Debut album Älä mussuta! was released by label Monsp in fall of 2007. The album boasts the first known recorded skweee song with rap vocals.

  • Lady Escape

    (6,597 listeners)

    finnish, indie, alternative, indie rock

    Lady Escape is a Finnish indie rock band. Popular music from Käpylä. Ecstatic jams, bare feet, hooks, noise, rock'n roll stripped of everything thats wrong about it. Lady Escape have been around for a while (since 2004), getting better all the time. As some car-rides and drunken benders prove, few things are as important as music.

  • Lemon Slide

    (3,798 listeners)

    suomisaundi, psytrance, psychedelic, suomi

    Finnish psychedelic trance (suomisaundi) duo. Members are DJ Ukki (Leo Louhio) and Robomate (Roope Karhunen). Their debut album, "True Nature", was released by Finnish electronica label Freakdance Records in November 2007.

  • MAKE

    (2,277 listeners)

    sludge, stoner, doom, metal

    There are 6 different bands with this name: 1)MAKE is a heavy blend of psychedelic sludge metal from Chapel Hill, NC featuring Scott Endres from the defunct Boston space-rock band SUNTAN, Spencer Lee of Chapel Hill band Systems and drummer Matt Stevenson.

  • Nuclear Sex War

    (0 listeners)

    experimental, breakcore, seen live

  • Näätä Hämääjä

    (0 listeners)

  • toiminto

    (1,393 listeners)

    dubstep, under 2000 listeners, dadacore, swg

    Toiminto is electronic music artist and sound engineer from Tampere, Finland. Toiminto has been making electronic music since 1997 and organizing non-profit electronic music events since 2000 as a co-founder of SWAEG Audiovisual Troops. Toiminto's music is in his own words idm - waltz - breakcore - medley - mash up - mortar rave - worst case scenario - neurodrunk.

  • Trio Pussit

    (20 listeners)

    doombass, niit on kaks, dada, funk

    The Best Band On Earth. There is two of us. Country Grunge Funk Swing With Frank Sinatra's Smoothness And Slayer's Additude.

  • Underwater Sleeping Society

    (9,508 listeners)

    finnish, indie, indie rock, alternative

    The Helsinki-based indie rock sextet Underwater Sleeping Society is definitely one of the most interesting bands of the moment and a rare exception in the line of "Post- Radiohead" bands today. The band delivers a perfect mix of orchestral anthems spiced with 2000´s psychedelia.

  • V.C.

    (1,966 listeners)

    skweee, electronic, experimental, electronica

    Helsinki-based producer V.C. recently released his debut long-player, Invisibility, via his own Raha & Tunteet label.

  • Videovalvontaa

    (2,065 listeners)

    chiptune, finnish, electronic, gameboy

    Videovalvontaa is chiptune/doombass duo DKSTR & kEff from Turku, Finland. Videovalvontaa is known of their special brand of incisive 8-bit shrills backed up by massive chest-wrecking bass mayhem called DOOMBASS! Videovalvontaa has been active since 2003.