• Top 10 gigs of 2007

    19 Dec 2007, 01:19 by homsar_rb

    1. The Mountain Goats - London Union Chapel, 8 December
    Seeing as The Mountain Goats rarely play in the UK, and were the big, glowing number one on my bands-to-see-before-I-die list, I hyped this show up to ridiculous levels. But this is the heroic John Darnielle we’re talking about, and it completely fulfilled expectations. Truly, Darnielle is one of the most passionate performers I’ve ever seen: highlights included a beautiful ‘Maybe Sprout Wings’ delivered partly in the middle of the stage with no microphone, using only the church’s acoustics to carry it through the silent room, and an incredibly emotional ‘You Or Your Memory’, in which he slaps himself in the face during verses. The finale, ‘The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton’, features an amusingly shy Eddie Argos knowingly shouting “Hail Satan!” in a church. I can’t imagine The Mountain Goats ever playing a bad show, but this felt like a particularly unforgettable event.

  • Latitude '07 - Summaries

    6 Aug 2007, 12:54 by Severed799

    Thu 12 Jul – Latitude

    Full review will be up on http://www.DirtyZine.co.uk soon, this is a pre-cursor as such mainly for myself.

    The Whip - 4/10 - Extremely dull start to my Latitude '07 experience. Play one good song, then repeat until saturation point.
    Midlake - 7/10 - Despite major sound issues do extremely well to pull off an entertaining set.
    Wilco - 9/10 - Band of the day, absolutely stunning performance.
    Patrick Wolf - 7/10 - A fantastic festival performer, particuarly for his adoring fans that are scattered across the audience, couldn't help but wish for Explosions in the Sky though.

    Annuals - 8/10 - Somehow manage to not play recent fantastic single Brother and still put on an amazing set, and to not an awful crowd for the time of day either.
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 3/10 - Absolutely appalling. I came to give this band a fair chance and they were just dreadful. The only moments that showed any promise were the ones where "frontman" Alec Ounslow concentrated on guitar.
  • 2007; half year review

    3 Aug 2007, 13:20 by Severed799

  • Latitude Diary

    1 Aug 2007, 20:25 by y2penni

    Thu 12 Jul – Latitude


    16:00 – Arrived at the Henham Park site, set up tent (we were stopped at the door because we had glass bottles so we had to pour ALL OUR BEER into plastic bottles)

    Lake Stage
    19:00 – Screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Lodger’ accompanied by live orchestra, conducted by Robert Ziegler (Introduction by Mark Kermode)

    Back to the tent for BBQ

    Poetry Tent
    22:00 – Aisle16 & Friends

    We check out a really cool ethnic instruments stall

    Music & Film Arena
    23:00 – Beautiful & The Damned DJ’s
    1:00 – Daft Punk’s Electroma

    I trip over a log, then we go back to the tent


    We pass a small stage on the lake with an acoustic duo covering Bob the Builder

    Uncut Stage
    12:30 – Grace (short visit)

    Comedy Tent
    12:00 – Kevin Day
    13:00 – Jon Richardson
    13:30 – Russel Howard
    14:30 – Mark Steel
    15:30 – Paul Tonkinson
    16:30 – Bill Bailey
    I got ham but i'm not a hamster

    Obelisk Stage
    17:30 – Midlake (Sound problems so a really really short set)
  • Latitude 2007

    29 Jul 2007, 10:22 by kenny_scott

    Thu 12 Jul – Latitude

    As last year, a fantastic laid-back vibe and lots of sunshine. The musical line up was somewhat stronger this year, with many highlights for me...


    Cake - One of the bands that I stumbled upon by accident and then was suitably impressed to stay for the whole set. Note to Glen: buy a Cake record sometime soon.

    Midlake - Poor sound didn't prevent the quality of the The Trials Of Van Occupanther songs shining through.

    Wilco - A fantastically cohesive set from a band that I've always wanted to see live. Probably my favourite set from the weekend, Spiders was immense.


    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Great performance, and a good bass-heavy sound.

    CSS - Fantastic fun, a perfect band for a Saturday afternoon in the Sun. First signs of crowd-surfing at Latitude!


    Andrew Bird - Incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, the looping strings and songs worked fantastically well.

  • Live review - Latitude Festival

    25 Jul 2007, 16:21 by homsar_rb

    Thu 12 Jul – Latitude

    Though it's run by omnipresent festival fat cats Mean Fiddler, the Latitude Festival is part of the growing number of smaller, more peaceful festivals in the UK. Set in Henham Park, Suffolk against a backdrop including a lake and multicoloured sheep, the quality of bands this year was extraordinarily high. Only in its second year, Latitude has proven itself to be one of the finest British festivals, thanks to its line-up (both music and comedy, literature and theatre), setting and complete absence of burning portaloos.


    Youthmovies and Jonquil (Music and Film Arena, 1.15pm)
    Fittingly considering Latitude's stance as a festival which encompasses music, film, arts, literature and poetry, Oxford bands Youthmovies and Jonquil kick off Friday with a collaborative set with visuals from their favourite teen films. It's an odd choice, as scenes from Dodgeball and Bring It On aren't the kind of films I'd associated with sprawling post-rock. …
  • Latitude 2007

    17 Jul 2007, 20:41 by thing2

    Thu 12 Jul – Latitude
    Up there as one of my favourite festival experiences: Mostly good weather, excellent bands that were chosen for their quality rather than going for the lowest common denominator audience, not over commercialised, and lots of thoughtful touches (e.g. deckchairs by the lake, loo roll outside the portaloos).

    The two stages in the middle of the woods were wonderful, like a fairy grotto, but it was hard to get a good view from the side of the Sunrise tent because of the lack of a level surface and bad placement of the stage.

    There were lots of people in Fancy Dress for some reason, and quite a few families with kids - something for everyone it seems. I have some pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=8835&l=76a73&id=529461625

    For me, the highlights were Patrick Wolf, Bat for Lashes,Metronomy, Midlake, CSS (the singer is completely fruit loops, but you had to agree with her when she said everything was "beautiful" and "marvelous". …
  • Argh!!!

    18 Apr 2007, 18:23 by marshee

    I'm so irritated, there are so many concerts coming up that I'd love to attend:

    1) Camden Crawl - With loads of relatively unknown bands including Johnossi and Pull Tiger Tail.

    2) Dirty PRetty Things - the Dirty Pretty Things concert at Shepherds bush. I was considering getting tickets, but as there are other concerts I want to go to and I've seen them before, I decided not to!

    3) The Bravery - The Bravery is an artist I think would be amazing live, even though I don't really know much music from them.

    4) Yann Tiersen - Who wouldn't wan't to see Yann Tiersen? He's such an amazing pianist and composer. Unfortunately tickets were sold out by the time I heard about this concert!

    5) Malajube - Malajube is a great canadian band, and I intend to attend this concert, if I can get around the 18+ age limit!

    6) Johnossi - Smae venue as Malajube, with same the limitations. This concert is 4 days before I'm 18. It really annoys me, especially as I love this band so much!