• Gigposters subliminally inform the musical sublime

    16 Aug 2010, 22:00 by Groovemine

    Event: Sat 4 Sep – Bumbershoot 2010

    "Exciting you more than the facts they advertise, providing you with a lasting impression of an event you attended and offering a lasting expression of art in and of itself, gigposters can be an awe-inspiring artefact all the way around. Flatstock is a series of shows sponsored by American Poster Institute designed to properly recognize this fact, providing the general public with an ongoing series of opportunities to see fine poster art in person and to meet the artists who’ve created it. Bumbershoot has been hosting the poster exhibition since 2003 and will continue to do so with Flatstock 27 to be held in the Fisher Pavilion during this year’s 2010 festival."

    "Groovemine’s favorites, chosen from a field of over 50 artists/studios, are represented below. We invite you to click through to each selection page (10 pages total) and hope you let us know what your favorites are. All of the art you will see in this round-up will be for sale and quite affordable.."