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  • A Plea for Purging

    (51,764 listeners)

    metalcore, technical metalcore, deathcore, christian

    (2005–2012) A Plea For Purging was a four piece metalcore band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The band mixes elements of heavy metal and traditional hardcore. Their early work is noted for being very lead guitar-driven and employing lots of guitar tricks such as finger tapping and divebombs, while their more recent output is more influenced by technical deathcore.

  • Abandon Kansas

    (8,563 listeners)

    rock, indie, christian, indie pop

    Abandon Kansas is a four piece indie rock outfit from Wichita, Kansas. Jeremy Spring - Vocals and Guitar Brian Scheideman - Drums and Backing Tracks Brad Foster - Guitar and Michael Jackson Moves Chet Kueffer - Bass

  • Ace Augustine

    (4,305 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, christian metalcore

    "Metalcore" band out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Forever the underdog, fighting for our place. New album, out Spring 2013, on Red Cord Records. Biography:

  • An Early Ending

    (4,841 listeners)

    post-hardcore, melodic metalcore, emocore, hardcore

    It’s deafening, the sound of An Early Ending’s notoriety. It is not in the wicked screams, the sweetly searing guitar lines, or the signature drop of the 808 that define their music as a furious sound for a furious time. No, the sound of their success only comes in the spaces between their songs, as an ever growing roar from their rapidly increasing fanbase.

  • August Burns Red

    (514,434 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian metalcore, christian

    August Burns Red is a band from Manheim, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2003, the group began their first performances while a majority of the members were attending their senior year of high school, and soon began playing shows around Lancaster, before being signed to CI Records, and afterward, Solid State Records.

  • B.Reith

    (7,254 listeners)

    christian, christian rap, under 2000 listeners, rap

    Brian Reith, better known by his stage name B. Reith, is a Christian hip hop and pop musician from Brown Deer, Wisconsin. B. Reith's musical career began when he released an independent album, Urgent Message, in 2003.

  • Besides Daniel

    (2,047 listeners)

    folk, indie, under 2000 listeners, christian

    http://BESIDESDANIEL.com Besides Daniel is the Alias of Daniel Brewer. Performing solo or with a band the name remains the same.

  • Bradley Hathaway

    (11,961 listeners)

    spoken word, poetry, indie, slam poetry

    After exploding onto the scene three years ago as “the poet who has never read poetry”, critically acclaimed poet, thinker, singer, and soul, Bradley Hathaway is releasing his sophomore album and book, The Thing that Poets Write About, The Thing that Singers Sing About this October.

  • Children 18:3

    (31,975 listeners)

    punk, christian, punk rock, rock

    Hailing from Morris, Minnesota, Children 18:3 started out in 1999 as a ska band. Today, they play hard punk rock music. The band is comprised of siblings David Hostetter (lead vocals/guitar), LeeMarie Hostetter (bass/vocals), and Seth Hostetter (drums).

  • Demon Hunter

    (225,197 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, christian metal, christian

    Demon Hunter is a Seattle based metal band which first received wide notice in 2002 with the release of their self-titled album demon hunter on Solid State Records. Their style is a combination of modern and classic metal sounds, incorporating elements of metalcore and post-hardcore.

  • Derek Webb

    (71,578 listeners)

    christian, folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter

    Derek Walsh Webb (born May 27, 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a singer-songwriter, and a part-time member of the band Caedmon's Call.

  • Esterlyn

    (11,574 listeners)

    indie, christian rock, christian, rock

    Esterlyn is a worship band based out of Boise, Idaho

  • Family Force 5

    (195,190 listeners)

    crunk rock, alternative, rock, christian rock

    Family Force 5 is an American Christian rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band was formed in 1993 by brothers Solomon "Soul Glow Activatur", Joshua "Fatty", and Jacob "Crouton" Olds.

  • House of Heroes

    (78,544 listeners)

    rock, christian rock, alternative, indie

    House of Heroes - Tim Skipper (vocals, guitar), A.J. Babcock (bass, vocals), Colin Rigsby (drums, vocals), and Jared Rigsby (guitar, vocals) - creates a unique breed of music verging on the safe line of pop-punk rock while blending the danger of indie-style rock.

  • I Am Terrified

    (1,454 listeners)

    christian, post-hardcore, hardcore, metalcore

    The Birmingham-based quintet I Am Terrified is a study in contrasts, always zigging when you thought you saw a zag coming. After six years of constant performing and forceful sonic development, the blazing metal core band serves up this self-titled 6-track EP from Mono vs Stereo as compelling documentation of their unique, spirit-driven journey.

  • In The Midst Of Lions

    (33,487 listeners)

    deathcore, christian, metalcore, christian deathcore

    In the Midst of Lions are a deathcore band that include a mixture of fast-paced tech metal and melodic worship, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and Veil of Maya. ITMOL's truth comes under the guise of death metal laced with explosive breakdowns and powerful live shows.

  • Ivoryline

    (81,458 listeners)

    rock, alternative, alternative rock, emo

    Ivoryline formed in 2003 under the name Dead End Driveway, releasing an EP and an album under this name before changing the name to Ivoryline in 2005. Soon after the name change, the band was selected to play at the 2006 Vans Warped Tour. While on the tour, they were scouted by Tooth & Nail Records, who signed them in 2007 and released their debut full-length, There Came a Lion, in February 2008.

  • John Mark McMillan

    (35,660 listeners)

    indie, christian, worship, singer-songwriter

    John Mark McMillan is an indie rock artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, where he grew up playing in local rock bands. In June of 2005, McMillan released his first album, Hope Anthology Volume One. Just a few months after the release of this album, McMillan lost his best friend in a tragic accident, bringing him into a troubling time.

  • Lecrae

    (66,179 listeners)

    christian rap, hip-hop, christian, rap

    From the beginning of his music ministry, Lecrae's heart has always been dedicated to broadening the fan's view of who God truly is. Now after extensive touring opportunities across the U.S.

  • Leigh Nash

    (99,764 listeners)

    female vocalists, singer-songwriter, pop, alternative

    Leigh Bingham Nash (born 27 June 1976) is a singer, and composer, best known as the lead vocalist for the rock band Sixpence None The Richer.

  • MyChildren MyBride

    (103,747 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, deathcore

    Hailing from the ever growing metal scene of north Alabama, brutal Hardcore influenced Metal act, Mychildren Mybride , are proud to have landed a home with Solid State Records.

  • Oceans in Love

    (104 listeners)

    rock, indie

  • Onward To Olympas

    (19,725 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, christian, hardcore

    Coming up among such North Carolina bands as BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, BELOVED and HE IS LEGEND gave the members of Onward To Olympas an appreciation for an array of genres.

  • Paper Route

    (100,586 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, electronic, ambient

    Paper Route is an American indie band from Nashville, Tennessee formed in 2004. The band's self-titled debut album was released August 29, 2006.

  • Project 86Up-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (98,138 listeners)

    hard rock, christian rock, rock, post-hardcore

    Project 86 is a christian hard rock band from Orange County, CA, USA In 1998, Project 86 released its self-titled debut on BEC Recordings, a division of Tooth & Nail Records, and was immediately labeled "rapcore" due to strong similarities to acts such as Rage Against the Machine.

  • Seabird

    (50,517 listeners)

    indie, christian, christian rock, indie rock

    Seabird is a rock band hailing from Northern Kentucky. They originally started out with Aaron Morgan (lead singer, and keys) playing songs with bassist Micah Landers, keys and accordion player B.O.D.

  • Showbread

    (74,742 listeners)

    screamo, hardcore, christian, post-hardcore

    Showbread is a Raw Rock band from Guyton, Georgia. They were signed to Tooth and Nail Records, but recently signed to Come & Live!. They are known for their spastic vocals and energetic live shows.

  • Texas in July

    (143,811 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, christian

    Texas in July is a metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States formed in 2008. Being one of the youngest bands in the local scene, with ages ranging from 18-21, Texas in July hails out of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Texas in July can be described as nothing but dedicated to their music, fans and promoters.

  • The Classic Crime

    (150,414 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, indie

    The Classic Crime is a Seattle-based alternative rock band. They released their Tooth & Nail debut album, 'Albatross', in 2006. It marked the fastest first-week sales for a new artist in the history of T&N. The band members are Matt MacDonald (vocals), Justin DuQue (guitar), Robert "Cheeze" Negrin (guitar), Alan Clark (bass), and Paul "Skip" Erickson (drums).

  • This'l

    (52 listeners)

  • Thousand Foot Krutch

    (611,831 listeners)

    alternative rock, christian rock, rock, alternative

    Thousand Foot Krutch is a Canadian alternative band formed in 1997, currently composed of Trevor McNevan (vocals), Steve Augustine (drums), Joel Bruyere (bass) and Ty Dietzler (touring guitarist), all of whom are Christians.

  • War Of AgesUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (75,742 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, christian metalcore

    War of Ages is a christian metalcore band from Erie, Pennsylvania, formed during the summer of 2002.