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  • Abraham Inc.

    (2,748 listeners)

    klezmer, jazz, funk, hip-hop

    Abraham Inc. is a collaboration between clarinetist David Krakauer, trombonist Fred Wesley, and beat-maker and keyboardist Socalled. They merge klezmer and funk influences to create a unique intercultural sound.

  • Adre'N'Alin

    (6,756 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, polish, bjork

    Adre'N'Alin is a project by Igor Szulc – a singer, a composer and a pianist. Combining the piano with electronic sounds he is not afraid to experiment with many genres.

  • Ailo in Head

    (145 listeners)

    neo-soul, powerpop, electropop, electronic

  • Asi Mina

    (3,274 listeners)

    polish, female vocalists, folk, indie

    Solo project of Asia Bronisławska from The Complainer (formerly known as The Complainer & The Complainers). Born and living in Katowice, Silesia, Poland. In polish language - ASI means "of ASIA, ASIA'S", ASIA is popular girls name. MINA means "look(on sb's face)/air/countenance/funny face" but also means mine'/bomb.

  • Baaba Kulka

    (2,288 listeners)

    experimental, polish, female vocalists, jazz

    Polish Iron Maiden cover band. Released their first eponymous album, Baaba Kulka, in 2011. Fronted by Gabriela Kulka, who is an accomplished artist in her own right.

  • Ballady i Romanse

    (4,395 listeners)

    experimental, polish, indie, alternative

    "Ballady i Romanse" to tytuł płyty zespołu Ballady i Romanse, którego powstanie jest pokłosiem nagrania przez siostry Barbarę i Zuzannę Wrońskie piosenki do wiersza Władysława Broniewskiego "Ballady i Romanse", w którym poeta ten odwoływał się do wierszy Adama Mickiewicza zatytułowanych "Ballady i Romanse".

  • Big Boi

    (476,191 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, dirty south

    Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an American Grammy Award winning rapper, producer, actor and half of the critically and commercially successful hip hop duo OutKast. Big Boi met André 3000 while attending high school in the 1980s and the two eventually joined forces as OutKast and signed with LaFace Records.

  • Bipolar Bears

    (4,154 listeners)

    electronic, indietronica, experimental, polish

    We all know white and furry polar bears. But what is a bipolar bear? According to the Uncyclopedia: “…also known as north-south bears or nanuq-depressive bears in the Inuit language, (they) are a bear species native to both the Arctic and Antarctic. Bipolar bears migrate between the north and south poles so that they remain in winter conditions year-round.

  • British Sea Power

    (323,888 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, alternative

    British Sea Power are a six-piece indie rock band based in Brighton, England, although three of the band hail originally from Kendal in Cumbria.

  • Brodka

    (191,649 listeners)

    polish, pop, female vocalists, soul

    SHORT BIO Monika Brodka, the sprite‐like vocalist BRODKA, launched onto the Polish music scene with a bang as the winner of Polish Pop Idol in 2004 at the young age of 16. Now, eight years and three award‐winning albums later, BRODKA has strayed away from her pop‐music start and is developing in a more mature, alternative electro‐pop artist.

  • Bueno Bros

    (914 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, minimal techno, polish

    Having always been into music of all sorts they have come a long way. Working as radio DJs for years they have also produced their own music. They have DJed across Europe.

  • Caribou

    (803,831 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, indie, canadian

    Caribou is Canadian Dan Snaith (b. 1978), who formerly recorded under the moniker Manitoba. Known for altering his sound with each subsequent release, he incorporates electronic psychedelia, krautrock rhythms, and breakbeat drums and creates a swirling, lush, musical panorama. Snaith also creates more club-oriented dance music under the name Daphni.

  • Catz 'N Dogz

    (23,390 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, house, minimal techno

    The name is new, but chances are you’ve already heard Catz 'n Dogz. Previously, as 3 Channels, the best friend duo have already released red hot club records on some of the most respected underground dance labels in the world including Trapez, Crosstown Rebels, Pokerflat, Boxer, dirtybird, Leena, Trenton, and their own imprint, Channels Recordings.

  • Chapel Club

    (69,350 listeners)

    post-punk, indie, indie rock, british

    Chapel Club were a London, UK post-punk / shoegaze quintet: Lewis Bowman (vocals), Michael Hibbert (guitar & keyboards), Alex Parry (guitar), Liam Arklie (bass guitar) & Rich Mitchell (drums). Formed in the church of St Luke Old Street's shadow (summer 2006), where - twice or thrice weekly - after nearby rehearsals, the five gathered to drink & discuss the band's name.

  • Chromeo

    (728,230 listeners)

    electronic, funk, electro, dance

    Chromeo is an electrofunk duo based in Montreal, Canada and New York City. They are P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) on keyboards, synthesizers and talk box, and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) on guitar and lead vocals. The two were best friends since childhood and officially formed the band in 2002. They describe themselves as the only successful Arab/Jewish collaboration since the beginning of time.

  • Club Collab

    (573 listeners)

    funk, disko, under 2000 listeners, 80s

    Club Collab is a collective formed around namesake monthly clubnight put on by four DJ friends – Jedynak, Dizky, Najar (all formerly known as Beat Banquet).

  • Coldplay

    (5,070,139 listeners)

    rock, alternative, britpop, alternative rock

    Coldplay is a British alternative rock band, formed in London, United Kingdom in 1997. The band comprises vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland – who met each other in September 1996 at Ramsay Hall (halls of residence) at University College London - bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion.

  • Contemporary Noise Sextet

    (27,006 listeners)

    jazz, free jazz, contemporary jazz, polish

    Jazz band from Poland; Originally established as Contemporary Noise Quartet later Contemporary Noise Quintet. They again changed their name after becoming a sextet, adding new guitarist Kamil Pater who also appeared on the previous album as a guest.

  • Crystal Fighters

    (565,517 listeners)

    electronic, dance-punk, electro, spanish

    Crystal Fighters are an English/Spanish electronic band who formed in London, United Kingdom in 2007. They are Sebastian (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert (electronics, guitars, txalaparta, percussion) and Graham (guitar/ txalaparta), plus Laure and Mimi (vocals).

  • Cuba de Zoo

    (1,813 listeners)

    rock, alternative, polish, classic rock

  • Cut Copy

    (1,072,152 listeners)

    electronic, indie, australian, electro

    Cut Copy is a synthpop band formed in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia, and made up of Dan Whitford (lead vocals/keys/guitar), Tim Hoey (bass/guitar), Mitchell Scott (drums) and Ben Browning (bass/synthesiser), Bennett Foddy being a former member.

  • Daktari

    (388 listeners)

    avant-garde jazz, jazz, jewish music, polish

    Polish Alternative Jazz Band with high influence of Jewish music. The band is led by Olgierd Dokalski (trumpet) and consists of few other members (drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, sax).

  • Daniel Drumz

    (8,093 listeners)

    funk, hip-hop, jazz, rap

    Daniel Drumz (aka DJ Taśmy). Born in 1985 in Stalowa Wola, lives in Krakow, Poland. DJ, turntablist (v-ce champ @ ITF Poland 2005 Finals in Beat Juggling), producer, record collector. Releases:

  • deadmau5

    (1,374,749 listeners)

    house, electronic, progressive house, electro

    Born (January 5, 1981) and raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Joel Zimmerman (aka "deadmau5") has become one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic music scene in recent times. He is known for his highly entertaining live gigs, often performing wearing a large cartoon mouse head.

  • Dick4Dick

    (49,733 listeners)

    electronic, polish, electroclash, electro

    DICK4DICK is back in the town again (and the village too)! Members: Baron Baye, Goodboy Khris, Great Adaggio, MBunioS.

  • Enej

    (39,736 listeners)

    ska, folk, polish, reggae

    Enej was established in 2002 in Olsztyn, Poland; Squad: Piotr (Lolek) Sołoducha – vocal, accordion Mirosław (Mynio) Ortyński – bass guitar Paweł (Bolek) Sołoducha – drums Jacek (Gregory) Grygorowicz – guitar

  • Envee

    (2,443 listeners)

    polish, electronic, chillout, funk

    ENVEE - dj, producer, musician, a founding member of Innocent Sorcerers. His debut album "Envee & The Innocent Sorcerers" was released in Poland in 2003.

  • Fat Freddy's Drop

    (238,612 listeners)

    dub, reggae, new zealand, chillout

    Fat Freddy's Drop is a 7 piece live Dub/Reggae band from Wellington, New Zealand. Founded in 2001, the current lineup consists of DJ Fitchie, Joe Dukie, Toby Chang, HoPepa, Chopper Reedz, Jetlag Johnson, and Dobie Blaze. The name "Fat Freddy's Drop" is a reference to a piece of blotter art that was circulating in the NZ dance scene in the late 90's.

  • Foals

    (1,193,507 listeners)

    indie, math rock, indie rock, british

    Foals are an Indie Rock/British Rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. They released their debut album Antidotes on 24 March 2008 in the UK (Transgressive), and 8 April 2008 in the US (sub pOp).


    (712 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, polskie, polish alternative

  • Futuristen

    (513 listeners)

    post-punk, electronic, polish, under 2000 listeners

    Polish postpunk band formed in late 2009 in Poznań.

  • Gooral

    (20,624 listeners)

    ethno electro, electro, polish, etno

    Hi! I’m a human being. An artist, producer, composer and sound generator. I call the music that I make ETHNO ELECTRONIC: I blend electro-house, dubstep and drum’n’bass with traditional songs from polish mountains and sometimes with classical music. On stage I express myself through the laptop with midi controllers, synthesizer, CDd-player as well as with my vocal and beatbox.

  • Hurts

    (627,375 listeners)

    synthpop, electronic, british, new wave

    There are multiple artists named "Hurts" Manchester, UK electro-pop duo Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. Formed in 2009, elegant and enigmatic HURTS have their sharp suits, slick hair and stark visuals. Theo and Adam present a striking contrast to the glow-in-the-dark pop stars who have run amok across the charts of late.

  • Igor Boxx

    (9,596 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, jazz, ninja tune

    Igor Boxx known also as Igor Pudlo (from Ninja Tune’s Polish protégé Skalpel) is opening a new decade with a solo album „Breslau“.

  • James Blake

    (776,971 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, experimental, downtempo

    James Blake (born 26 September 1988) is a Grammy-nominated electronic musician and singer-songwriter from London, England, United Kingdom.

  • Janusz Prusinowski Trio

    (393 listeners)

    folk, womex, polish, tany yany

    Janusz Prusinowski - skrzypce, głos Piotr Piszczatowski - baraban, bas Michał Żak - flet, szałamaja, głos

  • Jazzpospolita

    (9,486 listeners)

    jazz, nu jazz, experimental, post rock

    Zespół został założony przez Wojtka Oleksiaka (dr) i Stefana Nowakowskiego (b) w 2008 r. Po kilku próbach, paru koncertach i przeglądach do składu dołączył Michał Załęski (k), a następnie Michał Przerwa – Tetmajer (g). W tymże naszpikowanym muzykami z Wydziału Jazzu na Bednarskiej w Warszawie składzie nagraliśmy swoje drugie demo – efekt do posłuchania powyżej.

  • Junkie Punks

    (127 listeners)

    electronic, electro, electro house, electro punk

  • Karbido

    (510 listeners)

    jazz, experimental, avant jazz, polish

    Karbido means free choice typical of vanguard artists with inclination to and experience in music, theatre and art. Wroclawians have made it plain that all inspiration is allowed, although it seems that some in a little more significant way: criminal jazz, idyllic melodies, folk-like openness and the energy of contrasts.

  • Karolina Cicha

    (3,181 listeners)

    polish, rock, folk, jazz

  • Kate Nash

    (1,182,573 listeners)

    female vocalists, british, indie, singer-songwriter

    Kate Nash (born 6 July 1987) is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist from Harrow, North London, United Kingdom, best known for the UK #2 hit "Foundations".

  • Kim Nowak

    (21,646 listeners)

    rock, garage rock, polish, alternative

    Kim Nowak is an rock "super group" from Poland formed in 2008 and consisting of Fisz (vocals, bass guitar), Emade (drums) And Michał Sobolewski (guitar).

  • Last Robots

    (563 listeners)

    live seen, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    The duo Last Robots, previously known as Electricity!, are two Warsaw Djs - Bert & Igor. They've come together over 6 years ago, but each of them has clocked more individual DJ-miles previously.

  • Lody

    (567 listeners)

    electronic, electro, electroclash, polish

    Lody /Daga, Jaga, Dj Shame/ Projekt, w którym słyszysz co chcesz usłyszeć, jak w nazwie, która balansuje między niewinnością, a perwersją. Moment kiedy przestajemy być dziećmi, a ciągle jemy u mamy. Lody już

  • M.I.A.

    (1,564,412 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, female vocalists, dance

    There are five known artists under this name: (1) Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, (born 18 July 1975 in Hounslow, London, U.K.) is a British artist of Sri Lankan descent.

  • MarcelinaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (10,882 listeners)

    polish, jazz, soul, female vocalist

    Marcelina is a young singer born in 1986 from Cieszyn, Poland that now lives in Wroclaw. She studied at the Jazz Academy in Katowice. She has recorded two albums so far.

  • Małe Instrumenty

    (1,376 listeners)

    experimental, toytronica, polish, avant-garde

    Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments) are a band exploring new sounds using a wide array of small instruments.

  • Mentalcut

    (2,211 listeners)

    baltimore club, alternative, underground hip-hop, b-more

    MentalCut – dj since 1999. One of the most respected turntablists in Poland. When it comes to club/party djing, he's known for ripping up raw funk and independent hiphop. Hosts a weekly show in public polish radiostation Merkury. Works for the Poland's finest scratch music site www.skrecz.com

  • my head is dubby

    (168 listeners)

    dubstep, under 2000 listeners, wroclaw, dub

  • Neony

    (3,112 listeners)

    polish rock, polish, indie, alternative rock

    Polish indie rock band formed 2008 in Wrocław. Band members: vocal and guitar - Vlad (Dawid Zając), bass - Boro (Grzegorz Sawa-Borysławski), guitar - Kuba Zublewicz, drums - Garbo (Tomek Garbera)