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  • Afternoon Naps

    (11,645 listeners)

    indie pop, twee, indie, love

    a one piece that turned into a two piece thats evolved into a full pop summer dream...most of our songs get right to the point...not much breaks the 3 minute barrier...verse/chorus/verse/chorus/ end!...something like that...

  • Bastards of Fate

    (88 listeners)

    The Bastards of Fate formed in 2006, but it took almost 5 years before they released their first LP, "Who's a Fuzzy Buddy?" in 2012 on This Will Be Our Summer records.

  • Big Fresh

    (845 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, bands that i have seen live, live shows, kick ass local groups

    Big Fresh is an upcoming hip hop music artist of Ghanaian/Danish origin, Big Fresh is born in 1989 in Copenhagen, DK and traveled around the world until the age of 14 thereafter he relocated at his auntie in London, UK.

  • Boat

    (45,459 listeners)

    japanese, indie, indie pop, rock

    "Boat" is the name of several rock bands: a Seattle indie-pop band (BOAT) and a Japanese post-rock band (BOaT).

  • Boy Genius

    (6,329 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, rock, indie rock

    There are more artists using this name: 1) Boy genius. The Brooklyn, New York band Boy Genius creates anthemic pop music that relies on both the 80s indie rock and 60s pop traditions as benchmarks for their sound. They have been called the "quintessential American college radio band," by Indie MP3.

  • Bunnygrunt

    (17,487 listeners)

    twee, indie pop, cuddlecore, indie

    St. Louis-based cuddlecore trio Bunnygrunt originally comprised guitarist Matt Harnish, drummer Karen Reed and bassist Renee Dullum, all three of whom swapped vocal duties. Formed in early 1993, the group debuted later that year with the Silly Moo label single "Criminal Boy"; a series of other seven-inches followed, among them the EPs Standing Hampton and The Bunnygrunt Family Notebook.

  • Cars Can Be Blue

    (12,014 listeners)

    twee, indie, indie pop, female vocalists

    Cars Can Be Blue started during the summer of 2002 after the dissolution of Nate's cover band and Becky's improv comedy group. Left with enough free time to enter themselves into a local music festival, Nate and Becky used this impromptu performance as the catalyst for their first attempts at songwriting and were surprised by how well they ended up working together.

  • Casper and the Cookies

    (3,376 listeners)

    athens, georgia, geohash:dnh9ns6j5d8w, easy listening

    Born in '98. As sweet as the popsicle that you dropped on the ground the day that you saw your best friend with your sixth-grade crush. As strange as eating the popsicle anyway.

  • Circulatory System

    (81,472 listeners)

    elephant 6, psychedelic, indie, lo-fi

    Circulatory System, founded by Will Cullen Hart, John Fernandes, and Peter Erchick after the 1999 break-up of The Olivia Tremor Control, make dense, psychedelic noise pop rife with harmony. Other contributors include Heather McIntosh of The Instruments, Hannah Jones of The New Sound of Numbers, Nesey Gallons, and Derek Almstead of M Coast.

  • Dead Dog

    (981 listeners)

    punk, alternative, athens, pop punk

    1. Punk-Pop band from Athens, Georgia. They have no idea who this other dude is (see below). http://www.myspace.com/deaddawgz S/T 8-song LP. available from This Will Be Our Summer Records.

  • Defiance, Ohio

    (90,571 listeners)

    folk punk, punk, folk, acoustic

    Defiance, Ohio is a punk band from Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows. They are named (tongue in cheek) after the real town Defiance, Ohio. The band has a unique line-up for a punk act, featuring violin, cello, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and electric bass (formerly an upright bass).

  • Dream Diary

    (10,743 listeners)

    indie pop, dream pop, brooklyn, indie-pop

    Dream Diary is a band from Brooklyn, NY that plays jangly pop songs inspired by the Smiths, Lloyd Cole, the Supremes, and everything in between. They formed as a quartet in late 2009 and released their self-recorded debut album, 'You Are The Beat', on Kanine Records in 2011.

  • Elekibass

    (1,774 listeners)

    japanese, under 2000 listeners, pop, indie

    Elekibass are an indie-pop group from Tokyo, Japan. They are influenced by the Beatles, the Kinks, NRBQ, Os Mutantes, Kevin Ayers, of Montreal, Small Faces, and The Who. In 2000, they released a 7 inch on Waikikirecord, a label operated by band member Sakamoto, and their EP California was released from abcdefg records, an independent label in Nagoya.

  • Eux Autres

    (28,922 listeners)

    indie pop, indie, twee, french

    Eux Autres (pronounced ooz-oh-tra) are an Omaha-born, San Francisco-based trio, channeling sixties French pop and with a unique sensibility. The brother/sister duo, Heather and Nicholas Larimer, share lead vocals with Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set, Still Flyin’) on drums.

  • Flash to Bang Time

    (177 listeners)

  • Go Sailor

    (37,390 listeners)

    twee, indie pop, indie, female vocalists

    Go Sailor was a short-lived Berkeley based twee pop band. Its members included Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap and the Softies (guitar, vocals), Paul Curran of Crimpshrine (bass) and Amy Linton of Henry's Dress and The Aislers Set (drums). They recorded three 7" singles and a full-length CD on Lookout! Records in 1996, the latter of which collected the singles tracks and two compilation appearances.

  • Gold-Bears

    (10,081 listeners)

    indie pop, ebora, noise pop, slumberland

    Atlanta, Georgia based “twee-punk” outfit Gold-Bears ) were formed in 2009 by Jeremy Underwood (Plastic Mastery) along with Erich Leudtke, Dave Fortner, and Santiago Archila.

  • Joe Jack Talcum

    (4,532 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, pennsylvania, dead milkmen

    Joe Jack Talcum (born Joseph Genaro, October 15, 1962) is the former guitarist and sometimes vocalist for the Dead Milkmen. He was the early creative force behind the band, giving them their name before they were even formed. Compared to most Dead Milkmen songs, the ones where Joe sings tend to be a little less sarcastic and more silly - with the exception of "Methodist Coloring Book.

  • Keith John Adams

    (1,261 listeners)

    geohash:gcpvj0e5m415, london, england, daytrotter

    KJA's most recent album, Roughhousing, came out in December 2014. Currently playing shows with his trio, Keith John Adams and The Wildlife - Matt Armstrong on double bass and Mark Braby on drums. Past tours have taken him to the US, Japan and the Europe.

  • Laminated Cat

    (354 listeners)

    elephant 6, athens, maine, gaycore

    Laminated Cat (also known as Interobang) started as a five piece band that played 30 minute versions of "Spiders" in their sweltering barn attic; with time, they morphed into the twee/post-punk/sadsack/rock'n'roll/avant garde/ (insert-genre-here) powerhouse they are today.

  • Le Darts

    (0 listeners)

  • Los Meesfits

    (3 listeners)

    Los Meesfits takes the classic songs of The Misfits, translates them into Spanish, and sets them on fire with a salsa beat. The unlikely blend of two very different languages and styles of music makes for one hell of a good time.

  • Madeline

    (34,213 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, folk punk, plan-it-x

    There are at least two artists performing under this name 1) Madeline Adams has been performing simply as Madeline for the last decade.

  • Marshmallow Coast

    (12,902 listeners)

    elephant 6, indie pop, lo-fi, twee

    Marshmallow Coast is a solo recording project of singer/songwriter Andy Gonzales, who first recorded as Marshmallow Coast in 1996 with a self-released cassette, which featured contributions from Joel Richardson of The Minders. After a split single release, Gonzales met up with old friend and Neutral Milk Hotel member Julian Koster to record Timesquare.

  • Misfortune 500

    (43 listeners)

    dance, post-punk, athens

    Misfortune500 is an Alternative rock band from Athens, GA. Combining elements of an art-alternative perspective and civic/social awareness, the band sends a message of relevance and global activism. They make you want to dance, yet they emote a sense of the fatalistic. Live as hard as you can.

  • Mission of Burma

    (220,323 listeners)

    post-punk, punk, indie rock, indie

    Mission of Burma is an American post-punk band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979. The band was formed by Roger Miller (guitar), Clint Conley (bass), Peter Prescott (drums) and Martin Swope (tape manipulator/sound engineer). Miller, Conley and Prescott share singing and songwriting duties.

  • Nana Grizol

    (50,102 listeners)

    folk, folk punk, indie, indie pop

    "Less of a band than an exuberant orbit of bright weird planets circling the joyful kinesis of main-songster Theo Hilton, Nana Grizol's debut album "Love It Love It" sees release on Orange Twin on May 13, 2008.

  • Oh-Ok

    (1,155 listeners)

    alternative, 80s, jangle pop, athens

    Even though their entire recorded output consists of two EP's and a compilation cut in the early '80's, Oh OK weren't your average band from Athens, Georgia.

  • Onward Chariots

    (1,358 listeners)

  • Open Letters

    (430 listeners)

    pop punk, screamo, emo, british

    Two bands occupy this band name: 1. Screamo band from Norwich who released one demo. A split 7" with another local band, Long Live, was planned and 2 tracks were recorded for it but they never saw the light of day.

  • P.S. Eliot

    (15,429 listeners)

    pop punk, punk, indie rock, female vocalists

    P.S. Eliot was a band from Birmingham, Alabama. They counted bands such as Bikini Kill, Xray Spex, Fugazi and the Raincoats among their influences.

  • Pipes you see pipes you don't

    (64 listeners)

  • Poison Control Center

    (4,012 listeners)

    iowa, indie, the poison control center, indie rock

    (The) Poison Control Center is an indie/powerpop band from Ames, Iowa. Their first full-length, “Kennedy” was released by their label, BiFi Records, in 2005. Patrick Fleming - Guitar, Vocals Devin Frank - Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals Joe Terry - Bass, Trumpet, Vocals

  • Quiet Hooves

    (1,573 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, psychedelic, indie, pop

  • Quintron and Miss Pussycat

    (2,435 listeners)

    electronic, indie rock, mutant wave, icke micke

    Mr. Quintron, celebrated Ninth Ward Organist and Inventor, is a one-man-band who often performs at his private underground club, the Spellcaster Lodge hidden away on St. Claude Avenue.

  • Raymilland

    (227 listeners)

    post-punk, st louis

    Raymilland formed in the summer of 1978 in St. Louis and lasted until the fall of 1981. Although starting out playing standard punk covers by the Buzzcocks, Damned, and Ultravox, their original influences and ideas about music leaned more toward the no-wave bands of NY and the more experimental bands from the UK.

  • Rose Melberg

    (23,311 listeners)

    twee, indie pop, female vocalists, indie

    Rose Melberg is an American musician and songwriter who has sung and played guitar as a member of Tiger Trap, The Softies and Go Sailor as well as on her own material.

  • Singing Bridges

    (532 listeners)

    shoegaze, lo-fi, skipping stones records, dream pop

  • Sourpatch

    (5,896 listeners)

    indie pop, indie rock, noise pop, punk

    Sourpatch is a four piece 90's pop-worship ensemble from San Jose, Ca---whose songs talk of (but aren't limited to) crushes painfully hopeless, awkwardly awesome and feelings of the like.

  • Standard Fare

    (30,059 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, female vocalists, sheffield

    Indie power pop trio Standard Fare released their debut album ‘The Noyelle Beat’ was released in 2010 to abundant praise on Melodic/Thee SPC. The Sheffield-based band, comprising Emma Kupa, Danny How and Andy Beswick, are now working on their follow up, planned for release in late 2011.

  • Sweater Girls

    (2,514 listeners)

    female fronted, california, twee, girl vocals

    Smart, energetic and charming, Sweater Girls are a five-piece indiepop band from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2009, Sweater Girls are Joseph Teran (lead guitar), Jackie Hundza (drums), Diana Barraza (vocals and guitar), Tatiana Sanchez (keyboards and glockenspiel) and Cary Chafin (bass).

  • Terrapin Pond

    (129 listeners)

  • The Antivillians

    (11 listeners)

    The Antivillains are a trio composed of siblings Sarah and Ben Cohen, and their close friend, jazz percussionist Sam Woldenberg.

  • The Apples in Stereo

    (379,423 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, elephant 6, indie rock

    The Apples in Stereo is an indie pop band from Denver, Colorado, United States which formed in 1992. They are co-originators of the innovative Elephant 6 Collective, a group of bands that initially included Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control and also includes Elf Power, The Minders and Beulah.

  • The Humms

    (1,422 listeners)

    garage rock, under 2000 listeners, garage, crash pop

    Formed in 2008 by Zeke Sayer, The HUMMS are a self-proclaimed "Rock and Raw" venture, based in Athens, GA.

  • The Wedding Present

    (187,369 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, post-punk, alternative

    The Wedding Present are an indie rock group formed in Leeds, England in 1984. They evolved from the ashes of The Lost Pandas.

  • Thee American Revolution

    (1,531 listeners)

    rock, lo-fi, 00s, civil war

  • Titans of Filth

    (508 listeners)

    athens, under 2000 listeners, twee, seen live

    Titans of Filth is a pop group from Athens Georgia. Sam Grindstaff (from the small town McCaysville in the northern part of the state) started Titans of Filth as a solo project in 2002 during his college years.

  • Tunabunny

    (2,181 listeners)

    5432fun, indie pop, athens, noise pop

    Tunabunny are an American experimental/ powerpop band from Athens, Georgia. Since forming five years ago, the two-girl, two-boy collective - Mary Jane Hassell, Brigette Herron, Scott Creney and newest addition to the line-up Jesse Stinnard - have been fairly sporadic when it comes to releasing music.

  • Werewolves

    (3,470 listeners)

    grindcore, hardcore, screamo, southern rock

    An indie pop band from Athens, Ga. fronted by Wyatt Strother. They have released two full lengths and two EPs on the label Athens Horse Party which is run by the band.