2007 Sasquatch! Music Festival

2007 Sasquatch! Music Festival Gorge Amphitheatre
Saturday 26 May 2007

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Saturday 26 May 2007 Sunday 27 May 2007

Gorge Amphitheatre

754 Silica Road NW
George WA 98824
United States
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Web: www.gorgeamphitheatre.net/

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We are proud to announce that the 2007 Sasquatch! Music Festival is certified carbon neutral by Sustainable Energy Partners, and made possible by the support of Esurance.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas and is one of the major causes of global warming and climate change.

Carbon offsets are a way to reduce the amount of carbon emitted in one place by eliminating it from another place. This produces a net carbon output of zero. For every ton of carbon credits purchased, one ton of CO2 is removed from the waste stream.
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  • hitbyambulance

    how is it that a 'carbon neutral' event has no can/bottle recycling??

    7 Jun 2007 Reply
  • NeveGialla

    Though this has nothing to do with the music, the escaped toilet paper was pretty ace.

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • yippee

    The Helio Sequence was up there with the best of the best for me....tak into consideration that my best included...Bjork, Interpol, Tokyo Police Club, Minus the Bear, Ghostland Observatory, Loney, Dear and Arcade Fire.....Fantastic time for me....especially saturday.

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • AlexHelling

    The Arcade Fire was perhaps the epitome of awesome. I thought the Long Winters did an admirable job of replacing MIA. Manu Chao was pretty fun too.. I like Stella, but Michael Showalter was very unfunny. Did anyone see The Blakes?

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • NeveGialla

    Did anyone catch The Helio Sequence? Honestly, if I had only gone and stayed at the Yetti stage the whole time, I don't think I would have been disappointed. Interpol almost made me cry and The Blow, well, Khaela was fantastic. In the words of Aziz... fuck the cold and fuck the wind.

    1 Jun 2007 Reply
  • arnoldrocksalot

    sarah silverman

    1 Jun 2007 Reply
  • Mricher

    The highlights for me were first and foremost Patrick Wolf. Showed up at the Wookie not knowing who he was and left unable to stop thinking about his show!! Two Gallants and Ghostland Observatory were also class and the Beastie Boy's set at the Wookie was pretty insane!

    1 Jun 2007 Reply
  • asilkaraket

    arcade fire--manu chao--the blow--citizen cope--beastie boys--aqueduct--mix master mike--blackalicious

    1 Jun 2007 Reply
  • icovet

    My personal favorites: The Arcade Fire and Patrick Wolf.

    31 May 2007 Reply
  • thegetupkid

    ELECTRELANE!!!!!!!!! They blew me away. So amazing.

    31 May 2007 Reply
  • tdans1

    did anybody else wait in line 1 hour+ to get into the show on sunday? god that pissed me off and made me miss 1/2 of minus the bear. Ive never waited close to that long to get into the gorge even when it was sold out. spoon rocked it seemed like every song they played was the best version ive ever heard, could have ended their set a bit less abruptly though ya know?

    30 May 2007 Reply
  • damaso

    Highlights for me: Minus the Bear and Ghostland Observatory were flawless, along with The Arcade Fire, watching Aziz make a fool of himself, Interpol, hanging out backstage watching Win Butler dominate in some street ball, what little I saw of Polyphonic Spree and Spoon, camping next to the rappers who were with Gabriel Teodros, the campsite partying and amazing people that I can hardly remember.

    30 May 2007 Reply
  • enjoi552

    Arcade Fire, Helio Sequence, Ghostland Observatory, and Electrelane were all downright incredible. There was a lot of great music this weekend, but I'm still thinking what could have been if I hadn't missed Loney Dear, MIA, and Michael Franti (this one due to the wind shenanigans). and yea, fuck Sarah Silverman. she said like one line all weekend, right before Manu Chao, and that was it.

    30 May 2007 Reply
  • thegetupkid

    Yeah seriously, I never saw any of the hosts except for Aziz Ansari before Ghostland Observatory. And he was boo'd because he was saying stupid tasteless rape jokes. I guess I didn't want to sit around between bands. I hear Michael Showalter was great.

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • swamproot

    it was great! no wait, it was fucking great! ha and sarah silverman just got really fucked up.

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • timorousscott

    where the hell was sarah silverman? also, good times.

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • jennistar

    definitely the best concert i've ever been to! it was so great except for the feezing wind!

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • cheesenuggett

    awesome fucking concert!!!!!!!!!!! helio sequence were definately the highlight but arcade fire rocked too!!!!!!!!! so fun! also, did anyone drive after sunday like i did? the wind was PUSHING our car, scared me half to death

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • sarabuyers

    The Blow, Bjork, and Manu Chao were SO amazing. I am still sad that M.I.A. couldn't make it and that the wind was so insane!

    29 May 2007 Reply
  • Judanza

    the beastie boys set on saturday was way more fun than I thought. theyre still cooler than any of us and they know it. but Grizzly Bear and Bjork in my opinion were by far the most amazing. Bjork might be the only person to completly silence the whole george. it was too unreal. Then her rave at the end was the most fun I had all day.

    29 May 2007 Reply
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