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  • 2020Soundsystem

    (5,136 listeners)

    house, british, electronic, dance

    2020Soundsystem was started as a new way of playing live by Ralph Lawson, original DJ at the legendary back to basics club in Leeds, and Danny 'dubble d' Ward. Tired of a jaded club scene they sought a different way to entertain and excite.

  • 45

    (7,464 listeners)

    hip-hop, japanese, jazz, jazz hop

    http://www.myspace.com/45japan 45 a.k.a. SWING-O is a Japanese pianist/composer/producer mainly works in Tokyo club music scene with countless big names (Steph Pockets, KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE, Ai, Keyco, Kreva, etc).

  • Adrian Sherwood

    (29,047 listeners)

    dub, electronic, reggae, on-u sound

    Adrian Sherwood has been around for a long time. He's the man behind the On-U Sound label, and eponymous sound system. The one that usually does the rounds at least once a year, and has done so for as long as you can remember.

  • Akala

    (117,902 listeners)

    grime, hip-hop, uk hip-hop, rap

    1) DoubleThink. It's a shock to the system - a sonic kick to the groin delivered with force and precision by someone trained in music's equivalent of deadly martial arts.

  • Alice Russell

    (273,265 listeners)

    soul, jazz, female vocalists, funk

    Alice Russell (b. 1975) is a British soul singer. She is the daughter of an organist, and grew up in Framlingham in Suffolk. At the age of nine, following in her father's and sisters' musical footsteps, Russell began taking lessons on cello, and sang in choirs, before studying art and music in Brighton from 1994.

  • Alucidnation

    (21,766 listeners)

    ambient, downtempo, chillout, electronic

    alucidnation is the audio project of Bruce Bickerton. He's a classically trained pianist, and can also knock out a tune on a guitar if push comes to shove.

  • Andrew Weatherall

    (21,256 listeners)

    electro, electronic, techno, electronica

    Andrew Weatherall is a key figure in UK dance culture. He was there at the beginning of UK club culture in the late 80's just as Ecstasy was changing the dancefloors into something more open minded and loved up.

  • Andreya Triana

    (107,347 listeners)

    soul, jazz, downtempo, female vocalists

    An experimental and self taught singer and songwriter originally hailing from South East London, Andreya Triana grew up submerged in a multicultural atmosphere.

  • Another Fine Day

    (8,393 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, electronica, chilled

    ANOTHER FINE DAY- what those luvvly critics have to say.... 'LIFE BEFORE LAND' (album 1994/2004) "...working in his Brixton back room with the minimal street-tech resources of a million other wired bedrooms, Tom Green sucks forms out of the air, giving audio shape to the feeling of sitting on a curve of sand, synchronising to tidal, primal sound loops..." DAVID TOOP, BEYOND press release 7/94

  • Appleblim

    (43,107 listeners)

    dubstep, skull disco, electronic, dub

    Bristol-based Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osborne has had a long history in the music biz. As a member of The Monsoon Bassoon, he even had a couple of NME "Singles of the Week" in the late '90s. But after a member left the band, the group soon disbanded and Osborne was left to start over again from square one.

  • Apples and Snakes

    (0 listeners)

  • Ashley Beedle

    (6,750 listeners)

    drum and bass, house, jazz, random

    Ashley Beedle (aka The Crazy Gods, Daddy Ash & Urban Bushmen - born 25 Nov 1962, in Hemel Hempstead, UK), is a DJ & producer.

  • Bass Clef

    (28,769 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, experimental, ambient

    He's from Bristol, he moved to Hackney... he makes bassy music. He's called Ralph Cumbers. His first album was a bit like dubstep but he has been exploring new territories since then. Albums:

  • Bebel Gilberto

    (464,791 listeners)

    bossa nova, brazilian, female vocalists, jazz

    Bebel Gilberto (born Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira on May 12, 1966 in New York City) is an American-born Grammy Award-nominated Brazilian popular singer often associated with bossa nova. She is the daughter of João Gilberto and singer Miúcha. Her uncle is singer/composer Chico Buarque. Bebel has been performing since her youth in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Beggars

    (2,418 listeners)

    hardcore, indie, punk rock, post-hardcore

    Beggars was a mid-90s band from the US that had members who would later become founders of Better Than Ezra and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their debut albut, self-titled, was produced by Michael Been (of The Call) and released in 1996. The band dissolved soon afterwards.

  • Belleruche

    (237,509 listeners)

    trip-hop, nu jazz, soul, electronic

    Belleruche is a band consisting of Kathrin deBoer, Ricky Fabulous, and DJ Modest. Formed in the lesser bars and pubs of North London in 2005, the band now record for the Brighton based Tru Thoughts label. Influenced by vintage blues records, punk girl drummers, obscure 60's cover bands and experimental west coast turntablists, they describe their sound as 'Turntable Soul Music'.

  • Ben Mynott

    (656 listeners)

    fluidnation, under 2000 listeners, easylistening, chillmix

    Ben Mynott has firmly established himself as a mainstay in the downtempo field and has built up a vast following through his work as a producer, DJ, radio presenter and through his fluidnation movement.

  • Benji B

    (4,327 listeners)

    electronic, broken beat, soul, house

    UK BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ playing an eclectic mix of soulful electronic jazz beats and breaks.

  • Beth Jeans Houghton

    (22,455 listeners)

    indie folk, folk, singer-songwriter, female vocalists

    Beth Jeans Houghton (born 1990) is an English singer-songwriter from Newcastle upon Tyne. During her career she has garnered a reputation as an antidote to other acoustic songstresses. With her alternative blend of experimental folk, Houghton has been hailed by the NME in 2008 as "a Joni Mitchell for the anti-folk generation".

  • Bill Brewster

    (1,401 listeners)

    funk, dance, house, dj

    English DJ, writer and musical bon vivant; best known for his 2002 double-disc compilation "Praxis" and his books "How To DJ (Properly)" and "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" (with Frank Broughton). As well as running several labels - 5XO-294, Sugar Daddy Records (in New York) and Twisted United Kingdom and Forensic Records (in the UK) - he also ran the DMC New York office for two years.

  • Bonobo

    (1,272,094 listeners)

    downtempo, electronic, chillout, trip-hop

    Bonobo is the artist name of Brighton, UK producer and DJ Simon Green (aka Barakas), most notable for: "Dial 'M' For Monkey" (Jun 03) & "Days To Come" (Oct 06).

  • BreakageUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (108,094 listeners)

    drum and bass, dubstep, drumfunk, jungle

    Breakage (b. James Boyle), is a London, UK drum and bass / jungle / dubstep producer / DJ, of the Inperspective Records camp. He has numerous releases on Reinforced, Inperspective & Bassbin (labels recognized as dedicated to the future sound of 'drum and bass').

  • Bristol Hi-Fi

    (2 listeners)

    dub, reggae

  • Broken Bells

    (837,950 listeners)

    indie, experimental, indie pop, alternative

    Broken Bells is an American indie rock duo which formed in 2009 in Los Angeles. The band consists of James Mercer (vocals, guitar) and Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton (multiple instruments, production).

  • Bullion

    (66,132 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, wonky, instrumental

    Bullion has come a long way since his 'Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee' mix became a viral sensation on the internet in 2008.

  • Candi Staton

    (182,746 listeners)

    soul, female vocalists, disco, rnb

    Candi Staton (born Canzetta Maria Staton on 13 March 1940, in Hanceville, Alabama, USA) is an American gospel singer. She is best known for her disco hit Young Hearts Run Free and dance hit You Got The Love.

  • Caribou

    (775,872 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, indie, canadian

    Caribou is Canadian Dan Snaith (b. 1978), who formerly recorded under the moniker Manitoba. Known for altering his sound with each subsequent release, he incorporates electronic psychedelia, krautrock rhythms, and breakbeat drums and creates a swirling, lush, musical panorama. Snaith also creates more club-oriented dance music under the name Daphni.

  • Cat Weatherill

    (0 listeners)

  • Cherilyn McNeil

    (1 listener)

  • Chris Coco

    (71,385 listeners)

    chillout, downtempo, ambient, electronic

    Chris Coco (b. Christopher Mellor & raised in Charlwood, UK - aka Chris Mellor), is a DJ, broadcaster, producer, musician & journalist (blogging at ChrisCoco.com/blog). His most recent release is Feel Free Live Good (Aug 2010, Big Chill Recordings). His radio show, Melodica (also, podcast from MixCloud.

  • Chrome Hoof

    (12,222 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, funk, rock

    Chrome Hoof are an experimental orchestra based in London, England. The group was formed in 2000 by Cathedral bassist Leo Smee and his brother Milo Smee. Initially performing as a duo, their music was mostly electronic. Since the start, however, the group have continuously recruited new members playing various instruments.

  • Coco

    (12,888 listeners)

    idol, female vocalists, japanese, jpop

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Coco was a norwegian pop group formed by Christopher Higgins and Jørgen Riegels from Nesodden, Norway, and to a large extent featuring the dancer Arlene Wilkes (originally from Trinidad) on vocals. They were active between 1986 and 1994.

  • Crazy P Soundsystem

    (7 listeners)

    seen live

  • Cringe

    (971 listeners)

    alternative, industrial, electronic, alternative rock

    There is more than one band with the name Cringe: 1) Cringe is a heavy rock act from Columbus, OH. They use a unique blend of pounding rythyms, fairy-tale melodies and T's painfully sincere vocals to create a new genre of heavy music. Go to CringeMusic.com for more information on Cringe and the release of their second full-length CD, Animation.

  • Dam-Funk

    (64,782 listeners)

    funk, electronic, electro, stones throw

    Known as Los Angeles' "ambassador of boogie funk," DâM-FunK represents the citizens of the Funkmosphere. Headquartered in the Culver City section of L.A., DâM (pronounced 'dame' as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-80's styles known as boogie, modern soul and electro-funk.

  • Daniel Wang

    (50,048 listeners)

    disco, electronic, space disco, house

    Daniel Wang was born in California but lived in Taiwan for eight years during his childhood. After returning to California for high school, Wang continued his education in New York and Chicago, studying psychology and literature. In 1990 he settled in New York City where he worked at a vintage synthesizer and record shop, as well as started his own record label Balihu in 1993.

  • Danny Byrd

    (168,117 listeners)

    drum and bass, liquid funk, hospital records, dnb

    Hailing from Bath in the South West of England, Danny Byrd has been involved in the Drum & Bass music scene since the late 1990s.

  • Dansette Junior

    (29,464 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, uk

    "Of all the electro pop artists lately , Dansette Junior seem the least contrived, and judging by ‘Drums n Bass‘, have the big songs too" - Steve Lamacq - Radio 1

  • Darren Morris

    (246 listeners)

  • David Shrigley

    (29,630 listeners)

    experimental, vocal, british, pop

    David Shrigley is a Glasgow-based artist. Born in Macclesfield on September 17th 1968, he grew up in Oadby, Leicestershire, England.

  • Delta Maid

    (1,467 listeners)

    british girls, virally female, folk, blues

    Packing a hipflask full of Bessie Smith, Patsy Cline and soul-studded country blues, Liverpudlian singer songwriter Delta Maid is here to take your breath away.

  • DJ Derek

    (167 listeners)

    reggae, dj, bestival 2008, ska

    A wicked pensioner who mixes up robust reggae riddims, and throws in life advice to boot.

  • DJ Food

    (367,075 listeners)

    ninja tune, trip-hop, electronic, downtempo

    Originally produced by Coldcut on the Ninja Tune independent record label, the DJ Food project started in 1990 on the premise of providing metaphorical "food for DJs".

  • DJ Ritu

    (9 listeners)


  • DJ Woody

    (769 listeners)

    hip-hop, dj, turntablist, turntablism

    Woody Madera AKA DJ Woody is one of Britains most respected hip hop dj’s and arguably one of the most innovative and musical turntablists of his generation. Responsible for the invention of a host of groundbreaking scratches and turntablist techniques including his famous signature 'Woodpecker' scratch, not many DJ's can lay claim to having had US legend DJ Qbert on the telephone asking for tips.

  • Don Letts

    (322 listeners)

    dub, reggae, roots, 80s

    Don Letts’ came to notoriety in the late '70s DJing reggae music to punk crowds at 'The Roxy' club in London. He also started to document the punk rock movement in 'The Punk Rock Movie'. He continued to make documentaries across the spectrum of credible music including a celebrated film about Bob Marley.

  • Dr Bulter’s Handstand Medicine Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Dry the River

    (195,058 listeners)

    folk, indie, indie folk, british

    Dry the River are a folk rock band from Stratford, London, UK, formed in spring 2009. Frontman Peter Liddle decribes their sound as "folky gospel music played by a post-punk band". Currently, the band consists of Peter Liddle (vocals, guitar), Matthew Taylor (guitar, keys, vocals), Scott Miller (bass, percussion, vocals) and Jon Warren (drums, percussion).

  • Easy Star All-Stars

    (304,329 listeners)

    reggae, dub, covers, electronic

    The Easy Star All-Stars are a collective family of some of the finest reggae musicians in the New York area. The band features a rotating cast drawn from a talented pool of players, meaning that every show has its own nuances and its own life. The masterminds behind the All-Stars are Easy Star musical director Michael Goldwasser (a.

  • El Diablo’s Social Club

    (0 listeners)