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  • Carnifex

    (199,694 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, brutal deathcore, grindcore

    There are 5 artists bearing the name Carnifex: 1) Deathcore band from the USA. 2) Finnish old school death metal band. 3) A Danish hardstyle act. 4) A death metal band from Germany. 5) A Norwegian black metal band.

  • Here Comes the Kraken

    (51,527 listeners)

    deathcore, technical deathcore, metalcore, hardcore

    Here Comes The Kraken is a deathcore band from Aguascalientes, México. The band was formed in 2007 by Tore (lead guitar), Alex (guitar), and Deivis (drums). They later recruited Alexa on bass.

  • Kentucky Fried Choirboy

    (1 listener)


    (62 listeners)

    metalcore, screamo, under 2000 listeners, slovak

    LOSTinMIND is a metalcore band from Lučenec, Slovakia. The band was formed in spring 2008. They released a EP album Hey! Marvellous Jane in winter 2009. Current members * Miro Čupka: Scream, Vocals * Martin Čupka: Vocals, Guitar

  • Suffokate

    (93,868 listeners)

    deathcore, beatdown, death metal, hardcore

    A 5 piece deathcore band from Oakland, California that formed in 2003. Born from the dark depths of Oakland, CA in 2003, Suffokate has crafted their own brand of crushing death metal / hardcore music with plans of world domination. The band was formed by friends; Taylor & Lars who both shared a passion for death metal and beatdown music.

  • Veil of Maya

    (120,807 listeners)

    deathcore, progressive deathcore, metalcore, progressive

    Veil of Maya is an American deathcore band, formed in Oak Park, Illinois by members Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum in 2004.