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  • 30 Foot Fall

    (3,140 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, pop punk, houston

    Punk rock band 30footFALL went through frequent lineup changes before settling down to its current lineup of singer Butch, drummer Brian, bassist Rubio, and guitarist Jason.

  • American Fangs

    (1,450 listeners)

    sxsw 2013, sxsw 2011, afropunk, rock

    American Fangs, out of Houston, Tx, got tired of walking the hamster wheel and decided to make an album that hopefully makes you want to quit your day-job and do something REAL. Punch you in the paycheck guitars against Nevermind era-Drums and Rhythm section. For Fans of: Foo Fighters, Deftones, Chevelle, Incubus, Kings Of Leon & Stone Temple Pilots.

  • B L A C K I E

    (3,950 listeners)

    hip-hop, noise, experimental, experimental hip-hop

    Michael LaCour (born 1987 in Houston, Texas), known by his stage name as B L A C K I E...in All Caps, With Spaces, is an American rapper and record producer. His music is an array of Noise, Southern Rap, and U.K. Grime. This combination of influences has led him to be labeled as the founder of American Grime.

  • Black Congress

    (214 listeners)

    noise rock, post hardcore, noise

    Black Congress are a noise rock band from Houston, Texas. Featuring members of Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Weird Party, God's Temple of Family Deliverance, My Luck.

  • Bun B

    (482,847 listeners)

    dirty south, hip-hop, rap, southern rap

    Rapper Bun B (born Bernard Freeman) rose to fame in the duo UGK. Bun B and Pimp C formed UGK in the late '80s when their former crew, Four Black Ministers, fell apart.

  • Buxton

    (5,949 listeners)

    folk, americana, houston scene, alt-country

    Buxton is a folk act based in the LaPorte/Houston area. They've played with such notable acts as Okkervil River, By the End of Tonight, Akron/Family, Man Man, Great Lake Swimmers, Maria Taylor, Copeland, Colour Revolt, Anathallo, Look Mexico, Gatsbys American Dream, Statistics and Denison Witmer.

  • Ceeplus Bad Knives

    (485 listeners)

    sxsw 2009, under 2000 listeners

  • Chase Hamblin

    (151 listeners)

    psychedelic, pop, sixties

    Chase Hamblin released debut solo EP, A Fine Time, released in June 2009 with former Penny Royal front man Derek Dunivan as producer and arranger. Fine Time ranked 5 on Power Pop Station Brasil’s Top 10 EPs of 2009 and 11 on Absolute Powerpop’s Top 15 EPs of 2009.

  • Check Other

    (3 listeners)

  • Cro-Mags

    (92,266 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, crossover, nyhc

    The Cro-Mags are a band from New York City, NY, formed in 1982. The band, which had a strong cult following, released many records, their first two considered the most influential. They were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s.

  • Damon Allen

    (2 listeners)

  • Dayta

    (130 listeners)


  • dead prez

    (374,732 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, underground hip-hop

    Dead Prez is an underground hip-hop duo which formed in 1996 in New York City, New York, United States, consisting of rapper stic.man and M-1. They have released three albums, "Let's Get Free" (2000), "Revolutionary But Gangsta" (2004), and "Information Age" (2012). The duo has also released several mixtapes.

  • Detroit Cobras

    (7,988 listeners)

    punk, garage rock, alternative, indie rock

    (The) Detroit Cobras are a cover band who specialize in versions of Motown, soul and ’50s rock and roll standards, played in the garage rock/punk blues style.

  • Dissent

    (2,230 listeners)

    crust, hardcore, punk, electronic

    There are at least 5 artists called Dissent, in order of activity. 1) Dissent is a ripping crust band from Houston, Texas. They started in 2005 as an anarcho-punk band but with the addition of Ben they became more metal influenced.

  • DJ Czech One

    (0 listeners)

  • DJ Jester

    (152 listeners)

    rap, hip hop, hip-hop, turntablism

  • DJ Richard Gear

    (2 listeners)

  • Elaine Greer

    (369 listeners)

    folk, texas, under 2000 listeners, acoustic

    Elaine Greer's interest in music stemmed from a variety of influences, ranging from her love for Broadway musicals as a child to her numerous attempts at punk rock bands as a teenager. Although she began writing songs at a young age, she was secretive about it for years before starting her first active band in 2005, The Bluebirds.

  • Fat Tony

    (7,020 listeners)

    hip hop, indie, hip-hop, underground hip hop

    Fat Tony stands at the forefront of new generation of young rappers who get it themselves — a DIY hustler who's built his burgeoning career on a foundation equal parts smarts and swagger.

  • Female Demand

    (216 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, experimental, texas

    Female Demand is a two-piece band from Houston, Texas. With one bass and one drum kit, these guys are pretty crazy. In a way you could say they are the new Death from Above 1979, except there are no vocals involved (until now --- wait for the LP) . Hopefully they will stay alive longer.

  • Fredster

    (19 listeners)

    guitar, instrumental, rock, rock dream indie shade moon

  • G Wizz

    (41 listeners)

  • Ghost Mountain

    (405 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, psychedelic, indie

    Ghost Mountain eats souls while pumping jams from their genius brains. Visit their Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/ghostmountainmusic . Visit their Muxtape page: http://www.ghstmntn.muxtape.com

  • giant princess

    (156 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, psychedelic, lo-fi, seen live

    Giant Princess is a funny, sloppy, and fun all-boy quintet from Houston, TX. The group consists of Collin (guitar/vocals), Jaime (drums), Diego (keys), Brett Taylor (bass), and Nous (guitar) Read more: http://www.myspace.com/giantprincess

  • Girl Talk

    (423,532 listeners)

    mashup, electronic, dance, hip-hop

    1. Girl Talk is the stage name of Gregg Gillis (born October 26, 1981). Gillis, who is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has released five CD albums on Illegal Art and vinyl releases on 333 and 12 Apostles.

  • Givers

    (205,648 listeners)

    indie pop, indie, louisiana, lafayette

    Givers are an indie pop group from Lafayette, Louisiana. The band is made up of vocalist and percussionist Tiffany Lamson, vocalist and guitarist Taylor Guarisco, drummer and vocalist Kirby Campbell, bassist and guitarist Josh LeBlanc, and flautist, saxophonist, and keyboardist Nick Stephan.

  • Golden Axe

    (1,943 listeners)

    new zealand, newbreed, chillgaze, 5432fun

    The original Golden Axe soundtrack is by Tohru Nakabayashi, change your tags. There is a metal band from Houston, TX named Golden Axe.

  • Grandfather Child

    (504 listeners)

    rock, soul, indie rock, houston

    Grandfather Child is an indie rock band based in Houston, Texas, Their music blends classic rock and pure soul. In 2010, the band released Waiting for You, named Best EP / 7” 2010 by Houston Press Music Awards.

  • Grrrl Parts

    (0 listeners)

    GRRRL Parts is from Houston, TX "Contrary to what some people might think, you don't need to be packing the male parts to promote and play the hottest dance parties around, In fact, all you need is GRRRL Parts to be sure you're in for a night of sweat-inducing fun" - Brigitte Zabak (Hater Magazine)

  • Guerilla Foco Clan

    (34 listeners)


    Born from the brooding ignorance infested slums of the south, a group solely dedicated to the revival of expression within hip hop and rap music was born. Harnessing the creative minds of the White cousins and a Spaniard named Hernandez, sick rhymes and vile styles were spit on nasty ass beats repping the Guerilla Foco.

  • Hell city kings

    (11 listeners)

  • Hollywood Floss

    (501 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, texas, houston

    Hollywood Floss, the most innovative artist to come out of the Houston music scene in a long time... Refreshing lyrical content and uptempo beats provide for great entertainment! myspace.com/hwflossss

  • I am Mesmer

    (18 listeners)

    gypsy, experimental, folk, traditional

  • Johnny Moon

    (9 listeners)

  • Kid Sister

    (233,486 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, electro hip hop, hip hop

    Melisa Young (born July 3, 1980) better known by her stage name Kid Sister, is a rap artist based in Chicago, Illinois, well known for her single "Pro Nails", featuring Kanye West.

  • Leg Sweeper

    (146 listeners)

  • LIMB

    (892 listeners)

    sludge metal, stoner metal, doom metal, electronic

    LIMB (UK) are a London-based quartet who deploy crushing riffs, rhythms and vocals, all housed in a vat of slow-churned tar that fans of Goatsnake and Weedeater will lap up.

  • ListenListen

    (872 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, folk, indie, horns

    Houston, TX delivers experimental-indie-folk via ListenListen, a trio of both mainstream- and underground-defying musicians brandishing a variety of instruments including guitars, horns, banjo, drums, percussion, organ and more, all the while blending vocal melodies of terse thoughts, concise wording, and vague expression.

  • Lucero

    (133,855 listeners)

    alt-country, rock, southern rock, alt country

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) an American alt-country band based in Memphis, Tennessee 2) a Mexican singer and actress

  • Lymbyc Systym

    (93,763 listeners)

    post-rock, instrumental, electronic, experimental

    Lymbyc Systym, formed in 2001, is an American instrumental band from Tempe, Arizona consisting of brothers Jared Bell and Michael Bell. Their sound combines elements of instrumental rock and electronic music.

  • Medeski, Martin and Wood

    (263,178 listeners)

    jazz, funk, fusion, experimental

    Medeski Martin & Wood, or MMW, is a jazz trio originally formed in Brooklyn, NY in 1991, consisting of John Medeski on keyboards, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, and Chris Wood on double bass and bass guitar.

  • Miniature Tigers

    (186,128 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, indie pop, pop

    Miniature Tigers are an indie rock band which formed in Phoenix, Arizona, United States in 2006. The band originally consisted of Charlie Brand (vocals, guitar), Algernon Quashie (guitar, keyboards), Alex Gerber (bass, vocals) and Rick Schaier (drums). The band is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Brandon Lee has taken over for Alex.

  • Mix Master Mike

    (72,327 listeners)

    turntablism, hip-hop, dj, hip hop

    Mix Master Mike (born April 4, 1970) is an American turntablist of Jewish and Filipino extraction. His real name is Michael Schwartz. He was born in Daly City, California.

  • Muhammad Ali

    (2,126 listeners)

    punk, outsider, novelty, pop punk

  • Municipal Waste

    (143,845 listeners)

    thrash metal, crossover, hardcore, thrash

    Municipal Waste is a crossover thrash band from Richmond, Virginia formed in 2001. They are known for their loud, drunken, party atmosphere and rowdy show attendees, and also for their humorous thrash oriented parody song titles. Occasionally, they have been known to play unscheduled shows late at night.

  • NeilyO

    (10 listeners)

  • perseph one

    (694 listeners)

    progressive, hip-hop, experimental, sxsw 2009

  • prince klassen

    (177 listeners)

  • Ra Ra Riot

    (707,564 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, indie rock, alternative

    Ra Ra Riot is an indie rock band which formed in Syracuse, New York, United States in 2006. The band consists of Wes Miles (vocals, keyboards), Milo Bonacci (guitar), Matthieu Santos (bass), Rebecca Zeller (violin) and Gabriel Duquette (drums).