Groovin' The Moo 2010

Past event
Saturday 1 May 2010

Prince of Wales Showgrounds

42 - 72 Holmes Rd
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ON SALE DATE: Tickets go on sale nationally TUESDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2010. GTM is a licensed all ages (16 + recommended) event. Persons over the age of 18 and wish to purchase alcohol MUST have photographic ID. No pass outs will be issued at Bendigo, Townsville, Maitland, Canberra & Bunbury.

PRICE: $95.90 + B/F

MOSHTIX or 1300 438 849 (GET TIX) and selected moshtix outlets



Melbourne on the Move will be operating a return coach service direct to Bendigo Showgrounds. Buses will leave Federation Sq cnr Flinders & Russell Streets at 10am. Buses leave Bendigo Showgrounds at 11pm after the show. Cost of a return ticket is $40.00. All bookings through or 1300558686 or

If you are thinking of coming travelling up to Bendigo on the train, the last service departing back to Melbourne is at 8pm. Christans Bus Company will be running an additional coach service from Bendigo Train Station to Melbourne to get you home. A one way ticket to Melbourne - Federation Sq cnr Flinders & Russell Streets cost $25.00 departing at 11.30pm. Please book all tickets here or Ph: 1300 722 191or

Melbourne on the Move will be operating a return coach service from Geelong direct to Bendigo Showgrounds. Buses will leave Geelong Railway Station at 10am. Buses leave Bendigo Showgrounds at 11pm after the show. Cost of a return ticket is $40.00. All bookings through or 1300558686 or

Christans Bus Company will be operating a return coach service from Ararat via Ballarat. Buses leave Ararat at 8:30am from the Ararat Information Centre & Ballarat at 09:45am from Coach Bay 7 Ballarat Station. Coach will leave Bendigo Showground at 11.00pm. Return ticket costs $45.00. Please book all ticket direct through Christians Bus Company or Ph: 1300 722 191 or

Bendigo Transit System operates throughout Bendigo on Saturdays on an hourly service to Bendigo Railway station and city centre Mitchel St. (Normal Fares apply) – for all service times and routes please

An additional bus from will run from Kangaroo Flat Golden Square to Bendigo Showground direct. Running hourly 11.40pm, 12.40pm, 1.40pm, 2.40pm to 3.40pm from Kangaroo Flat.

GTM and Christians Bus Company will be running a free shuttle bus service from Bendigo Railway station & Mitchel St from 11.20 to 5.20pm running every 15 minutes to Bendigo Showground. Buses will run from the Showground back to Mitchel St & Bendigo Train station from 7.30pm.

Timetable coming soon.

V Line operates a train service between Melbourne and Bendigo, however please note that for the return leg to Melbourne the last train leaves at 8pm. For V - line timetables, fares, maps and travel information check out or phone V/Line on P. 136 196

Christians are offering a bus service for the return trip to Melbourne. Please book all tickets here or Ph: 1300 722 191or

For visitors travelling from Melbourne, Bendigo is a comfortable 90 minutes drive along recently completed 4 lane divided Calder Freeway (A79). Situated at the junction of the Calder, McIvor, Midland and Loddon Valley Highways, Bendigo is well placed. There are also excellent connections to other interstate highways nearby. For further information and online mapping visit or

Taxis can be obtained at one of the cities taxi ranks or hailed in the street if their sign is illuminated. Call Bendigo Taxis on P. 131 008.

There is parking available around the Showground, but if you go up later in the day, be prepared to do some walking. And don’t drink and drive. Get a good mate to be the designated driver.

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  • kiac

    Upon getting in - straight away we realise the music from the two stages blended. You'd listen to a band on the main stage and you'd have that horrible doof doof in the background. What a horrible set up. After Kisschasy commented on the hip hop beats underneath their slow song Dinosaur, we went over to see they had the music blaring for a whole 50 odd audience. What a joke. It was like as if the organisers were already in Townsville setting up and left us to suffer their misjudgements. Also as someone, like the many others who drove from Melbourne, who had never been to Bendigo before, I am pretty disappointed with the lack of a signs to the event, surely something would have been nice for the 15000 people heading that way (Yep, probs should have planned ahead myself). Had a good day though, mainly just because of the strength of the lineup. Silverchair were dismal, their new song is trash and parts of the crowd rightly boo'd. Bad end to a good day of music. Rant over.

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • kiac

    That line was just bullshit. I can't believe there was people willing to wait that long. We walked up to the gate also, following the masses and got us in just before Kisschasy, took about 2mins to get in directly from the gate after an hour in line. The gates were terrible also - at events like Soundwave they separate the lines into bag and no bag, much faster! Also, wristband for underages? Why? Waste of time. No ushers or helpers were present. A person or two on the road (parking was surprisingly great), and that was it. They put all their manpower on the inside, for what, to stop people jumping the fence? You can easily do that from the outside, whilst helping the PAYING crowd get INTO THE FESTIVAL. Very amateur. There were security and police watching the crowd inside the gate, before the bag check. There was plenty enough of them to tell people to get in line - which I'm sure people would have if it hadn't been let to be so long. "I don't know how a riot didn't start" - too right

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • jess_555

    I waited in line for 3 hours just to get into the festival. I don't understand how it's possible to underestimate crowd numbers so much when the event was supposedly soldout. The public were put at risk, particularly when the line to enter the festival went on and along the train line (with 2 steep hills on either side). The lack of security was very concerning and with the crowd full of frustrated punters, it is lucky there wasn't a riot. Getting crushed after after Empire of the Sun was definitely not a highlight. I had to jump a fence just to breathe! Someone seriously f'd this one up and they are lucky no one was seriously injured. It was such a shame that it ruined the festival for so many people. Lucky the lineup was so killer to help make up for it! As for the bands I managed to see, they were awesome! Tegan and Sara were a clear highlight. Would have loved to see Illy, M&P and Kisschasy but didn't get in in time. FAIL!

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • Laur000

    In saying that, once we finally got in, I had an absolute ball. Apart from the MAJOR line issues, it was a wonderful festival. Never had to wait in line at all for toilets, drinks, and barely for food. Main stage schedule went off without a hitch, and there seemed to be plenty of space until the headliners came on... then it was real hard to find a walkway behind the main stages.

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • Laur000

    Line was ridiculous. We arrived at 12. After waiting 2 hours we were about 120 metres from the entrance when the line stopped moving, and we noticed MASSES of people walking down from the end of the line to the front. So I followed them to see what was going on, while my friends held my spot in line. A mass crowd had built up outside the gate, there was absolutely no line there. More like a mosh pit. And no security around to keep things orderly. I finally found one lone security guard, and asked him what was going on, why wasn't the line being kept under control. He said that their wasn't enough security there to control the crowd, so they were just letting people push basically. He said that I may as well grab my friends and bring them to the front too, because the line was never going to get anywhere. So after waiting 2 hours, we moved to the front, joined the crowd, and were in in 2 minutes. I don't know how a riot didn't start. Terrible effort there by GTM.

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • blowingindawind

    Waited for three and a half hours also!! Missed Illy, Muph and Plutonic, Killaqueenz, Neon Love and half of British India. Semi-refund please? The line was the most disastrous thing of my life. It extended many streets, around a corner and kilometres down a railway line. People were overdosing, crying, climbing barbed wire fences, and throwing things and screaming faggots at the line skippers. It was like some kind of sick social experiment on boredom. Vampire Weekend, Empire of the Sun, Silverchair, Tegan and Sara, the bit I saw of British India and the party tent were all amazing though :)

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • lesterr

    Yeah, the line was pretty long, but watching the sniffer dogs catching people in the line and the guy who took a piss in the middle of the crowd during Spoons set was pretty entertaining.

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • MasterBlaster83

    Yep, I have never seen a bigger line in my life. I was in it for close to three hours. Extremely poor by the event organisers. I guarantee that they don't care because they have their cash. I know I wont be going again because of it. On the upside Vampire Weekend was awesome!

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • echolalalia

    Did anyone else have a horrible time with the lines trying to get in? We were in line for over 2 hours. We also talked to some other people who were in line for 3 hours! It was a joke! and turned out there was a second line that was much faster / shorter... FAIL!

    2 May 2010 Reply
  • oaksy

    does anyone know if there is going to be an after party? or if not, what are the good drinking spots in Bendigo?

    27 Apr 2010 Reply
  • MasterBlaster83

    I have 1 spare ticket also - msg me if your interested - cost price

    24 Apr 2010 Reply
  • oaksy

    hey, my mate bought some overpriced tickets off ebay and had his friend pull out so looking to offload one for $170 - just wants what he paid back. If anyone wants it send me a message

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • thomok6

    any idea when the 2nd announcement is and who could be on it?

    15 Apr 2010 Reply
  • oaksy

    yo I'm also still after a ticket, so PM me if you have one. Cheers.

    13 Apr 2010 Reply
  • Jared541

    anyone that has a spare ticket for sale, PM me. Would be muchly appreciated =)

    11 Apr 2010 Reply
  • loojas has a competition running for 6 Bendigo tickets.....upload a pic and get your friends to vote for it. Seems pretty easy

    1 Apr 2010 Reply
  • Cherry_55

    Hi, I have one ticket to sell. Send a pm if you're interested. Will organise a ticket reissue in your name so you don't have to find us there! Bring on British India and Vampire Weekend!

    24 Mar 2010 Reply
  • oaksy

    My friend needs a ticket, so if anyone is willing to sell please pm me. Cheers.

    23 Mar 2010 Reply
  • chillidawg88

    Heyy!! :) I'm reeeeeeally interested in buying two tickets for groovin the moo bendigo gig, if anyone can savee my liiife & help me out, can u add me on facebook please & let me know? ^.^ it's just that I don't use this site & it's much easier. Thankyoooou. My names Ashley duerkop.

    22 Mar 2010 Reply
  • teamsquid

    can't attend anymore, so contact me for tickets!

    11 Mar 2010 Reply
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