(missing) Camp spots

  • (missing) Camp spots

    Hi there everyone.
    We have a sad thing to tell you all, accidently, the place that we're having the festival, have screwed up some things, and thus there most likely won't be any place for you guys to sleep in tents.

    You might be able to find places to sleep around in town, also places to put up a tent, but i don't know about any regulations, and won't be kept responsible for it off course.

    We're reallly sorry to say it, it sucks for us all, we were looking forward to tentspots as well.

    ... just kidding.
  • hahahahahahhaha. damnit. my signature totally doesn't fit well in there. i'm not kidding. sorry :(

    ... just kidding.

    i forgot i posted it here. we have tent spots!!!

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