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  • Alma Rasta

    (909 listeners)

    reggae, latin reggae, under 2000 listeners, ecuador

  • Basca

    (534 listeners)

    heavy metal, metal ecuatoriano, tierras nefastas, hazlo bien

    SUS INICIOS BASCA se forma en el año de 1989 en Cuenca- Ecuador, Paulo Freire - Guitarra -, Alex Betancourt - Bajo - y Franklin Pérez - Batería -, amigos de colegio y conservatorio se juntan por el gusto hacia la música y el afán de pasársela bien.

  • Biorn Borg

    (681 listeners)

    rock, punk rock, dance punk, post punk revival

  • Cabal

    (11,455 listeners)

    death metal, thrash metal, old school death metal, rap

    Listing by history; 1) A German Death Metal band formed in 1989 2) A Swedish Death Metal Band formed in 1989. 3) An American Death/Thrash Metal Band formed in 1990 4) A Brazilian Rapper who got a 'breakthrough' in 2004 5) A Nicaraguan Brutal Death Metal band that is now known as Gorepoflesh.


    (121 listeners)

    grindcore, death metal, ecuador, grindcore insultante pero inteligente

  • Curare

    (925 listeners)

    thrash metal, metal, trance-classics, trance

    CURARE’s music can be defined as Longo-Metal, an Ecuadorian, Latin-American reinterpretation of various currents of hard rock. Mestizo music, or musical mestization, combines the extreme sounds of Andean and Afro rhythms (Andean flutes, zampoñas, rondador) with distorted guitars and hard core rhythms. The resulting sound is a celebration of young Andean rock.

  • El Cuarteto De Nos

    (53,120 listeners)

    rock, uruguay, rock en espanol, rock uruguayo

    Members: Ricardo Musso, Roberto Musso, Santiago Travella y Alvaro Pintos El Cuarteto de Nos formed in the year 1980. In the same year they performed together for the first time in the Theatro El Tinglado. This performance was instrumental only.

  • Lamb of God

    (933,695 listeners)

    metalcore, groove metal, metal, thrash metal

    Lamb of God is an American groove metal band, originally formed under the name Burn the Priest. The roots of Lamb of God were planted in the year 1990, when Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell were friends at Virginia Commonwealth University. The trio began playing at Adler's house in Richmond weathering chilly conditions.

  • luis rueda

    (144 listeners)

    ecuador, spanish, jamendo, ecuadorian

  • Madbrain

    (971 listeners)

    thrash metal, hardcore, death metal, seen live 2010

    Madbrain is a metal band from Quito-Ecuador. The band has received a number of awards in Ecuador, including winning the Extreme Music Festival in 2004, Best Band of the Year at the Larva Awards in 2004, Best Band of the Year at Radio Metro for 2004-2005, and the Best Metal Band and Best Video awards at the MBN Awards in 2007.

  • Monareta

    (8,127 listeners)

    colombia, electronic, hip-hop, latin

    Monareta started in Colombia, South America in 2000 when composer and producer Andres Martinez started playing break beats and hip hop in clubs and electronic music festivals in Bogota with his longtime friend, composer Camilo Sanabria. Since their high school years they've been interacting with different music projects that included funk and punk bands.

  • Niñosaurios

    (118 listeners)

    ecuador, rock ecuatoriano

    Antecedentes Se conocieron en el barrio y han compartido desde niños. Grabaron un demo y lo distribuyeron por su cuenta. Se separaron y hace dos años tocan con este nombre. Ricardo Pita vivió en Argentina y Víctor Andrade en Perú.

  • quito mafia

    (25 listeners)

  • Romasanta

    (209 listeners)

    power metal, sympho and power metal, ecuador, progressive metal

  • The Skatalites

    (283,308 listeners)

    ska, reggae, rocksteady, jamaican

    The Skatalites are a Jamaican music group that played a major role in popularising ska, the first truly Jamaican music created by fusing boogie-woogie blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, mento, calypso, and African rhythms.

  • Veda

    (13,603 listeners)

    indie, female vocalists, indie rock, rock

    six bands with the same name: 1/ Vedera (formerly Veda) is an indie rock and art rock band from Kansas City, Missouri (read further information below). 2/Veda is an Irish electro artist,based in Dublin,Debut album will be released Nov 2009.(Read Further Below) For Irish veda,re-tag your itunes to this http://www.last.fm/music/Veda+Beaux+Reves