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  • 2562

    (73,577 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, minimal, techno

    2562 is Dave Huismans. This project is characterized by a post-garage skippiness, with rolling bass and hyper-edited snares learned from broken beat, a sense of space and echo learned from dub, and a devastating 4x4 anchorage and attention to detail from techno old and new.

  • Awanto 3

    (2,050 listeners)

    house, electronic, techno, dutch

    Awanto 3, the alter ego of Steven de Peven, set foot on this earth just a few years ago, although his musical career has been ongoing for 20 years already. Growing up with two uncles on his mother’s side who had a disco drive-in show, and a father who played oboe in an orchestra, there was no escape from music whatsoever.

  • Bingo Players

    (309,367 listeners)

    house, electronic, techno, dirty house

    Bingo Players (Paul Bäumer & Maarten Hoogstraten) have been left gasping for air after a seriously hectic year with bookings in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Boys Noize

    (598,565 listeners)

    electro, electronic, techno, german

    BOYS NOIZE is the stage name of Berlin-based DJ and producer ALEX RIDHA. Ridha (born in 1982, Hamburg) started producing and DJing at early age to find himself supporting the likes of Felix Da Housecat and DJ Hell in a matter of time.

  • Chris Liebing

    (53,668 listeners)

    techno, schranz, hard techno, electronic

    Chris Liebing had his first residency as a DJ in a small club called "Red Brick" 1991 in Giessen, near Frankfurt. Already in the beginning of 1995 the club had to close down and Chris began working for Eye-Q Records in Frankfurt. During that period, he met his friend and partner Andre Walter.

  • Code Red

    (26,803 listeners)

    thrash metal, metal, dance, russian

    It seems there are six entries for "Code Red": 1) Boy band from the end of 90's, with songs that sounds a lot like "Backstreet boys" or "N*Sync". 2) An electronic music group from Russia. 3) Thrash metal band from Japan. 4) The fourth is a hip-hop group from Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Das Glow

    (19,541 listeners)

    electronic, electro, french, institubes

    Part of the 2006 new wave of Institubes artists, along with Surkin and Bobmo. Das Glow produces serious electronic music, which tends to represents Institubes' vision of minimal techno. His first release, "Weiss Gaz EP", is absolutely insane.

  • Drumcomplex

    (943 listeners)

    techno, techhouse, electrohouse, tech-house

  • Egbert

    (9,549 listeners)

    techno, electronic, dutch, minimal

    Egbert Van Der Gugten is currently one of the most promising talents within the field of electronic dance music.

  • Fiedel

    (4,017 listeners)

    techno, electronic, minimal, minimal techno

    Michael Fiedler aka Fiedel is one half of MMM, the other member being Erik Wiegand, better known as Errorsmith. He is a member of the ever growing resident family of Berghain, Berlin's venue, famous for it's reckless techno celebrations and vicious fetish parties filled with fluids and debaucheries.

  • Joris VoornUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (107,467 listeners)

    techno, house, electronic, detroit techno

    Joris Voorn is a producer and DJ from Rotterdam. Raised in a musical family, music became a big part of his life from an early age. In about 1995, electronic music caught his attention for the first time. Getting deeper into this music as he started DJing in 1997, Joris developed an interest in techno and house.

  • Juju & Jordash

    (8,281 listeners)

    techno, deep house, house, electronic

    Juju & Jordash met over a decade ago in Haifa. They each had their own lives going on at the time, but found one another through weekly be-bop jams. Throughout the 1990s, each played in and composed for various jazz and experimental combos by day and, by cover of night, dancing in clubs and experimented with electronic dance music.

  • Karotte

    (16,182 listeners)

    electronic, minimal, minimal techno, techno

    There are loads of DJs. Sometimes far too many. Sometimes far too few truly good ones. But what is a good DJ, anyway? Especially within the club culture, good does not always mean that which people like.

  • Marco Bailey

    (39,332 listeners)

    techno, electronic, minimal, trance

    Marco grew up in a small village in Belgium. Nothing much happened there really, but he did learn that one doesn't achieve much without working hard. He is a true hedonist but a workaholic as well. Marco loves to work hard and spin records as much as possible; sleeping is for later. Therefore, his colleagues know him for his no-nonsense kick-ass mentality.

  • Martin Buttrich

    (52,275 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, tech house

    You'll know Martin Buttrich from his production work for Timo Maas and Loco Dice however he is now becoming known as an artist in his own right with 'Full Clip' on Carl Craig's Planet E label.

  • Martyn

    (108,221 listeners)

    dubstep, techno, electronic, drum and bass

    1) Martyn’s unique strand of bass defies easy categorisation - to his fans and admirers, it’s known simply as ‘Martyn Music.

  • Rauwkost

    (1,782 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    In 2006 two guys, Floris Regoort & Jasper Löwik, met each other in a small club in Utrecht (Netherlands).

  • REMY

    (6,531 listeners)

    trance, techno, progresive trance, random

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Remy is a DJ/Producer from The Netherlands 2) Remy is the project of the Dutch artist Remy Stroomer.

  • Rene AmeszUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (14,152 listeners)

    house, spotify, electro house, techno

    Few people have displayed the disciplined approach to producing that Rene Amesz has in the last ten years. Churning out a steady stream of his unique and dirty sounding tracks, the Rene Amesz sound has been destroying speakers all over the world and it looks like now, it is coming into its own at the opportune time.

  • Ripperton

    (46,806 listeners)

    minimal, techno, tech house, deep house

    Raphaël Ripperton started his DJing career in 1993. When D ! Club opened its doors in 1997, he started a collaboration and became monthly guest DJ at The Rêve d’O in Geneva at the same time.

  • Secret Cinema

    (20,285 listeners)

    techno, electronic, minimal, acid

    Introduction Jeroen Verheij aka Secret Cinema started producing as Meng Syndicate in 1990. His first record 'Sonar System ' came out on the Hithouse label in Belgium (ARS) and was an instant rave classic. In 1993 Michel de Hey recognized Jeroen 's excellent producing skills and convinced him to release his music on Michel 's Immaculate Music record labels.

  • Sidney Samson

    (205,444 listeners)

    house, electro, dance, techno

    Sidney Samson (born 2 October 1981) is a Dutch disc jockey and dance musician. Samson started DJ'ing at the age of 14, focusing on hip-hop music before working seriously on house music. He is a DJ at The Matrixx, a major Dutch nightclub and released "Bring That Beat Back" and "It’s all funked up" on the digidance and Spinnin' Records labels respectively.

  • Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

    (19,917 listeners)

    house, deep house, techno, minimal techno

    Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, two notable personalities with a single goal: to entertain as many people as possible with their deep and funky house sound. As a DJ duo, they are irresistible. Put them in a DJ booth together and instant interaction and chemistry is there, with an eye for the audience and an ear for each other.

  • Theo Parrish

    (76,123 listeners)

    deep house, house, detroit, techno

    Theo Parrish grew up on Chicago house parties. He went to art school in Kansas City, and then moved to Detroit. His eclectic DJ sets in Detroit in the late '90s and early in this millennium are legendary.

  • Thomas Martojo

    (138 listeners)

    seen live

  • Wannabe A Star

    (45 listeners)


  • Warren Fellow

    (955 listeners)

    techno, eurosonic-noorderslag 2007, 5 days off 2007, mezz 2007

    Warren Fellow is a Dutch Techno and Tech House producer, DJ, resident at Radio 538 Dance Department and the driving force behind “We Are Connected”. During his years of producing deep tech house tunes, Warren Fellow carved out a niche within the Tech House and Techno scene. His unique sound and party vibe is what draws large crowds to clubs and events all over the world.