The ticket exchange thread

  • The ticket exchange thread

    Thought I'd start this as it's a great way to transfer spare/unwanted tickets from fans to fans and keep the touts out of this game.

    Post if you need tickets or have tickets spare for sale.

  • I am german and I need a Ticket!

    YEAH, the day I wanted to buy my ticket was the day of Sold-Out :D and so I need a Ticket... If someone has one left, plz PM me!
    Wäre besser wenn ihr dann auch Deutsche seid^^

  • Germany, Bavaria

    Ich brauche auch noch 1 Ticket für eine Freundin von mir... einfach PM, danke im vorraus.

    Nimm deine Hand, Sensenmann
    lass uns tanzen den Totentanz,
    komm spiel deine Fidel, Sensenmann
    spiel uns das Lied vom großen Tod.

    jo wenn noch wer ein Ticket über hat, wäre es sau cool, wenn er sich bei mir meldet :)

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    • 11 May 2011, 00:08


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  • Hey Leute,

    ich brauch noch bis zu 3 Tickets, wäre nett, wenn ihr euch per PM meldet !

  • to be in Germany soon

    Hello, I'm coming to Germany soon and definitely want to catch Wacken this summer, so... does anyone have a ticket to sell?

  • Searching 1 - 2 tickets for wacken 2011

    I'm searching one or two tickets for Wacken 2011! Please write me a PM if you have an offer!

    Suche noch 1 - 2 Tickets für das Wacken Open Air 2011! Bitte meldet euch per PM falls ihr ein Angebot hättet!

  • please, one ticket for Wacken 2011

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  • Ticket needed.

    Ticket Wanted. If you are willing to sell for a moderate price, please msg me.
    Ticket gebraucht. Falls ihr zu einem moderaten Preis verkauft, bitt melden.

    • y000gy said...
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    • 5 Jun 2011, 10:37

    ticket zu verkaufen selling 1 ticket

    ich verkaufe 1 Wacken Ticket und 1 Wackenbus ticket von Essen nach Wacken und zurück.
    selling 1 wacken ticket + 1 ticket for the official wacken bus

    feel free to contact me

    • y000gy said...
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    • 21 Jun 2011, 17:57

    wacken ticket

    still selling 1 wackenticket + 1 wackenbus ticket

    • Lopze said...
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    • 25 Jun 2011, 17:14

    Unbedingt gesucht

    1 Wacken Ticket für 160,- Euro ggf. auch mehr .. per E-Mail: melden


  • Looking to buy a Wacken 2011 ticket

    Please drop me a line if you've got a ticket up for sale with your asking price at Many thanks :)

  • i'm also looking for tickets, if you have one or two or even more to sell please contact me via pm (i won't pay insane amounts of money!!!)
    greetings stefan

  • Hey!
    I’m looking for tickets for Wacken.
    If someone has one or two spare tickets, I’d be happy to take them!

  • Ticket for sale

    Hi people! I have a spare ticket and I'm selling it for the normal price. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Thanks! :)

  • Ticket to buy

    Looking for one ticket, if anyone has interesting offers please PM me :) Thanks in advance. :)

  • sales two 3day tickets, contact

    ...Transformation from flesh to Spirit...
  • I really need a Ticket, so if anyone got one please contact me via email:

    Sind Sie jeden Abend betrunken? -Nein... Manchmal schaff ich's schon mittags!
  • Need 2 tickets, please contact me via e-mail: or skype: dudutrofey

  • Ticket gesucht

    Ich suche noch 'n Ticket. Bitte per PM


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  • Suche noch ein ticket...

    Falls jemand eins verkauft, bitte per PN

  • i have 2 tickets! need to sell them please get in touch asap selling it for face value obviously

  • Ticket gesucht

    Ich suche noch 'n Ticket. Bitte per PM


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