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  • Blu

    (208,956 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, chillout

    Johnson Barnes (born April 15, 1983 in Inglewood, California), better known by the stage name Blu, is an American rapper and producer. In 2007 he released his debut album, "Below the Heavens", which was produced entirely by Exile, one half of Emanon. Since then he has collaborated with Mainframe under the name Johnson&Jonson, and with Ta'Raach under the name C.

  • Blu & Exile

    (65,660 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, hip hop

    Blu is definitely a leader in the new school of Los Angeles emcees. His presence is undeniable, while his music captivates audiences regardless of race, class, and gender.

  • Diamond District

    (15,807 listeners)

    underground hip-hop, hip hop, rap, hip-hop

    Diamond District is a DC hip-hop group made up of state veterans Oddisee, Uptown XO & Yu. Their highly anticipated debut album 'In The Ruff' is the answer for any lover of hip-hop who asks the question - “Where did that grimy East coast sound go?”

  • DJ Exile

    (750 listeners)

    instrumental, hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap

    Exile (born Alex Manfredi, in San Diego, California) is an American hip hop DJ, producer and occasional rapper. His first record appearances came as a member of hip hop duo Emanon alongside rapper Aloe Blacc.

  • Fashawn

    (156,562 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, west coast

    Born in 1988 in Fresno, California, Fashawn grew up in a virtually parentless home. His father was incarcerated, while his mom was focused on feeding her drug addiction - a combination that caused a boy to become a man quicker than most.

  • Hi-Tek

    (136,654 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop, hip hop

    Hi-Tek (born Tony Cottrell) is an American hip hop producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is best known for his work with Talib Kweli on his Reflection Eternal album and on Black Star. Early career

  • Jedi Mind Tricks

    (412,221 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, hip hop

    Jedi Mind Tricks (JMT) is a hip hop group formed in 1996 with two members from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and one from Camden, New Jersey.

  • R.A. the Rugged Man

    (108,580 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop, underground rap

    Richard Andrew Thorburn (born January 10, 1974), better known by his stage name R.A. the Rugged Man, is an American underground hip-hop artist from Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

  • Reflection Eternal

    (107,103 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop, hip hop

    Reflection Eternal is a hip-hop duo consisting of MC Talib Kweli and DJ/Producer Hi-Tek. They first connected in 1994 in Hi-Tek's hometown Cincinnati through his group Mood. In 1997 they debuted under their current name with the single "Fortified Live" featuring Mos Def and Mr.Man (of Bush Babees).

  • Snoowgoons

    (8 listeners)

  • Talib Kweli

    (758,661 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, underground hip-hop

    Talib Kweli Greene (born October 3, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American MC known as one of the most prominent rappers in underground hip-hop, and is critically acclaimed frequently, despite not being commercially successful. Kweli first gained recognition through Black Star, a collaboration with fellow MC Mos Def.

  • Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek

    (103,053 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop, hip hop

    Lyrical prodigy Talib Kweli and extraordinary underground hip-hop producer DJ Hi-Tek comprise Reflection Eternal.

  • Trek Life

    (7,764 listeners)

    hip hop, hip-hop, underground hip-hop, jazz hop

    Between Inglewood & Rancho Cucamonga lies the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina, the 626, current home of West Coast emcee Trek Life.