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  • 10 Sui

    (668 listeners)

    breakbeat, cup-cake

  • Basement Jaxx

    (1,104,966 listeners)

    electronic, dance, house, electronica

    Basement Jaxx is an English house music duo comprised of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe that rose to popularity in the late 1990s.

  • Bobbito Brazuka

    (2 listeners)

  • Clap Clap Riot

    (1,974 listeners)

    indie rock, garage rock revival, under 2000 listeners, new zealand

    Clap Clap Riot is a four-piece Indie Rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2008 they won the MTV 'Kick-start your career' band competition. The band originated in Canterbury and was originally named Band Theft Auto. The name Clap Clap Riot comes from the applause machine designed by John Lydon for the show Top Of The Pops in the early 1980s.

  • Club Automatic

    (0 listeners)

  • Daniel Haaksman

    (11,069 listeners)

    baile funk, electronic, incubate 2010, incubate

    Berlin based Daniel Haaksman is the brain behind Man Recordings. Besides, he is a DJ / producer / journalist / label CEO in demand.

  • Doc Westie

    (0 listeners)

    Doc Westie is possibly the world's only bogan-cockrock-disco DJ. Specialising in remixes of the best hard rock and metal anthems Doc Westie lives by the code 'Rock out with your sock in'.

  • Dub Fx

    (111,462 listeners)

    beatbox, dub, reggae, hip-hop

    Dub FX is the name of two artists: one being a street performing, loop station, beatbox, free-styler, the other being a reggae band.

  • dubhead

    (537 listeners)

    dub, reggae, roots reggae, master of di mix

    Dubhead: - born '75 in Berlin, Germany, still living there Dubhead is mixing since 1995, using turntables, md's, cd-player and pc. u could bought some mixtapes of him in the mid-end ninties at some college shopes and local dances. also he was selecting on serveral college parties and some local dances.

  • Easy and The Nukes

    (0 listeners)

  • Electric Wire Hustle

    (41,503 listeners)

    soul, neo-soul, downtempo, hip-hop

    Developing their own sound and twist on modern hip-hop, psychedelic and soul, the music of EWH reaches forward while referencing key points of music's past. Thick drums and percussion layered with synth lines, hints of the Fender Rhodes and nylon stringed guitars have your neck snapping while your ears crane to its soulful vocals.

  • Jamie Lidell

    (373,673 listeners)

    soul, funk, electronic, experimental

    Jamie Lidell (born September 18, 1973, Huntingdon, England) is a musician and soul singer, signed to Warp.

  • Jennifer ZEA

    (9 listeners)

  • Kid Carpet

    (16,870 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, alternative, indie

    Ed Patrick, the mind behind one-man-band Kid Carpet, is famed for using Casio keyboards, Fisher Price guitars and the innards of other toys to compose his music. He also used to use a Furby for the backing vocals of the song 'Your Love' - but that was stolen at a gig.

  • Kidz In Space

    (3,199 listeners)

    hip-hop, new zealand, electro, all

    Kidz in Space is an alternative hip hop group from Auckland, New Zealand consisting of Ashley Hughes, Matthew Neshat and Joshua Fountain.

  • King Kapisi

    (4,351 listeners)

    hip-hop, new zealand, kiwi, samoanz

    Samoan artist King Kapisi aka Bill Urale was the first Polynesian hip-hop artist to receive the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award for Songwriter of the Year for his single Reverse Resistance in 1999.

  • Lupe Fiasco

    (1,899,169 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, hip hop, underground hip-hop

    Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (born February 16, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois), better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, is a Grammy Award-winning American hip-hop artist and producer. He first became known to the mainstream hip-hop community in 2005 when he appeared on Kanye West's album Late Registration on the track "Touch the Sky.

  • Mikki Dee

    (42 listeners)

  • MinuitUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (23,993 listeners)

    new zealand, electronic, breakbeat, electronica

    There are at least two artists known as Minuit: 1. Minuit (pronounced min-wee) are an Electronic/Pop band from New Zealand, originally from Nelson. The members of Minuit are Paul Dodge, Ruth Carr and Ryan Beehre.

  • Murray Cammick

    (0 listeners)

  • Mystro

    (12,042 listeners)

    uk hip-hop, hip-hop, hip hop, uk hip hop

    British-born hip hop MC MysDiggi better known by the name Mystro. Mystro first recorded appearance was in 1998, as the featured artist on Cane's "The Struggle" 12". In 1999, Mystro released the "Kiss That Arse Goodnight" single, featuring Jargon and Skinnyman, on Deal Real Records. In 2000, Mystro teamed up with Blufoot and released "Last Days" on the Raw Materials Volume 2 compilation.

  • Nathan Haines

    (48,061 listeners)

    acid jazz, jazz, nu jazz, lounge

    Nathan Haines (born: 1972) is one of New Zealand’s foremost jazz musicians. His style is said to be a fusion of jazz and modern dance music.

  • Nick D

    (37 listeners)

    seen live

  • Nickodemus

    (83,263 listeners)

    downtempo, chillout, lounge, ambient

    Musically speaking, New York native, Nickodemus, is probably as open-minded as it gets. Born and raised between Queens and Long Island, Nico's household proved to be the foundation for his longstanding affair with music.

  • North Shore Pony Club

    (610 listeners)

    dance, electro, new zealand, electronic

    The North Shore Pony Club are a genre bending block party band who busted down from the overground at the beginning of 2005.

  • Olmecha Supreme

    (241 listeners)

    dub, hip hop, olmecha supreme, under 2000 listeners

    Olmecha Supreme is afro futuristic roots music. painting sky pictures through light speed sonic fiction.

  • Philippa

    (37 listeners)

  • Pitch Black

    (70,630 listeners)

    dub, electronica, ambient, thrash metal

    There are at least 8 groups called Pitch Black: 1) Pitch Black from United States, Hip hop group based in New York, Brooklyn, formed in 1994. Pitch Black's members (D.G., Devious, Fast, G.O.D., and Zakee). 2) Pitch Black from Auckland, New Zealand are a dub electronica group formed in 1997.

  • Six60

    (14,115 listeners)

    new zealand, reggae, roots, dubstep

    Bonding over a shared love of NZ music and passion for making their own, Six60 formed after meeting at a Kora concert in 2006. Three members flatted together as Otago Uni students, spending countless hours in their recording studio (Eli's room) at number 660 on notorious Castle St.

  • Sola Rosa

    (44,194 listeners)

    new zealand, dub, chillout, lounge

    Sola Rosa Bio - 2014 From his humble beginnings experimenting with a 4-track recorder at the ripe age of 19, Sola Rosa frontman Andrew Spraggon has cultivated over 15 years of rich and well-crafted melodic beats. Fusing a rotating mix of hip-hop, jazz, reggae, latin, neo-soul and funk.

  • Spektrum

    (98,244 listeners)

    electronic, electro, house, electronica

    There are three bands named Spektrum. The first one is the London-based genre-busting four piece, Spektrum.

  • Spikey Tee

    (31 listeners)

  • Tahuna Breaks

    (3,333 listeners)

    reggae, dub, new zealand, kiwi

    Tahuna Breaks are an uplifting reggae / funk / soul band based in Auckland. They formed following inspiring jams that stretched from a garage in Onehunga to the remoteness of Piha on Auckland’s west coast.

  • The Gaslamp Killer

    (86,923 listeners)

    experimental, hip-hop, psychedelic, electronic

    The Gaslamp Killer is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose electric style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop.

  • Zoh Zoh

    (7 listeners)