• Big Day Out 2010 in Auckland

    17 Jan 2010, 13:05 by jdub_dub

    On Friday 15 Jan I attended Big Day Out 2010 in Auckland.

    This is only my second BDO ever, and this time I went armed with knowledge from my last one:
    - Food lines are terrible, so this time I brought along my own lunch and dinner. This saved at least an hour of my day.
    - Toilet lines are average, but usually there is one part of the stadium which is under-utilized (this time, it was the ones under the east stand).
    - If there is a huge line for one service somewhere else, it's likely there isn't somewhere else.
    - By default, I was very likely to stay seated in the same place for at least the last two sets of the night. I forced myself into the crowd instead this year.

    The day overall went really well. The whole day progressed very smoothly, there were no big gaps of boring nobody artists, nor extreme peaks of amazingness. The weather was beautiful all day, although a little too hot and humid for some of it. I saw far too many bands - 28!!! - so this review is going to be huge.
  • Big Day Out 2010 write up

    17 Jan 2010, 08:29 by decesses2

    Fri 15 Jan – Big Day Out 2010

    Brief write up from My BDO - more a report than a review.

    More detailed musical reviews will be on my site www.pullmystrings.net

    15th of Jan was BDO 2010 today, as with the other half of Auckland, I wandered down to view the show. This is far more of a commentary than a review, as I was wandering and enjoying the atmosphere to really focus on most of the music.

    First adventure was catching a train there, while they were coming very regularly, coming on time was a different matter, we had to wait 30 minutes for a train to come. When we finally got on, it was filled with topless sweaty boys, this of course was the theme of the rest of the day.

    The show itself was laid out well, I managed to maneuver around without to much difficulty, although I generally stuck in one place for a while, and had 3 distinct parts of the day - Build up to girl talk in the boiler room, Decemberists etc on the back stages,