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  • Ari Brown

    (399 listeners)

    jazz, aacm, free jazz, saxophone

    Ari Brown was born in Chicago,Illinois on February 1, 1944. In 1968 he received a Bachelor of music degree from Vandercook School of Music in Chicago. Mr Brown plays the tenor, alto and soprano sax as well as flute, clarinet and piano. He is a teacher, composer and arranger.

  • Garaj Mahal

    (11,547 listeners)

    funk, fusion, jazz, jazz fusion

    Garaj Mahal is a four piece band, based in the United States, playing a fusion of jazz, Indian music, rock, and especially funk: Kai Eckhardt (bass), Fareed Haque (guitars), Sean Rickman (drums), and Eric Levy (keys). The band was formed in 2000 with the largely fulfilled expectation that the technical virtuosity that each band member has been known for would bring about great music.

  • Bobby Broom

    (6,492 listeners)

    jazz, jazz guitar, guitar, funk

    Bobby Broom was born in Harlem,NY on Jan 18th 1961 and raised on the Upper West Side of town. He has played on and off as Sonny Rollins guitarist, steady from 2005 to the present 2010, adding his sound and style to at least five of Sonny's albums. His touring credits are astounding, working with artists; Kenny Burrell Jazz Band, Stanley Turrentine, Kenny Garrett and Dr.John.

  • Jon Faddis

    (4,482 listeners)

    jazz, trumpet, bebop, trumpet jazz

    Jon Faddis, born on July 24, 1953 in Oakland, California, is an American jazz trumpet player. Upon his first appearance on the scene, he became known for his ability to closely mirror the sound of trumpet icon Dizzy Gillespie, who was his mentor along with Stan Kenton trumpeter Bill Catalano. However, Faddis had the ability to play controlled melodic lines in an even higher register than Dizzy.

  • Dee Alexander

    (3,106 listeners)

    jazz, female vocalists, latin, gospel

    Dee Alexander is one of Chicago’s most gifted and respected female vocalist/songwriters. Her talents span every music genre, from Gospel to R&B, from Blues to Neo-Soul.

  • Richie Cole

    (2,782 listeners)

    jazz, saxophone, smooth jazz, alto sax

    Richie Cole (born February 29, 1948) is a jazz alto saxophonist born in Trenton, New Jersey, U.S. and is a graduate of Ewing High School, Ewing New Jersey.

  • Von Freeman

    (2,288 listeners)

    jazz, chicago, saxophone, hard bop

    Earle Lavon "Von" Freeman Sr. (October 3, 1923 – August 11, 2012) was an American hard bop jazz tenor saxophonist.

  • John Wright

    (1,513 listeners)

    jazz, under 2000 listeners, trance, folk

    1. (born 1934) is an American jazz pianist who recorded mainly during the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Soul South Side Soul South Side Soul / Nice 'n' Tasty / Makin' Out / The Last Amen Nice 'n' Tasty South Side Soul / Nice 'N' Tasty ----------------------------------------------

  • Ryan Cohan

    (852 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, jazz, jazz composer

  • Maurice Brown

    (742 listeners)

    jazz, modern jazz, jazz hop, hard bop

    With the mid-March release of his new album, THE CYCLE OF LOVE (Brown Records), trumpet virtuoso Maurice Brown takes another giant step forward as an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, bandleader, and performer. Brown’s soulful melodies and infectious personality are a dynamic package that uniquely marries traditional be-bop to hip-hop.

  • Brad Goode

    (724 listeners)

    jazz, trumpet, all, under 2000 listeners

    Multi-Instrumentalist Brad Goode was born in Chicago in 1963 and classically trained on violin from age 4. Brad switched to guitar and cornet at age 11.

  • Maggie Brown

    (715 listeners)

    jazz, female vocalists, seen live

    Maggie Brown is an alternative rock band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their sound is based on a mix of 90's alternative rock (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Pixies) and more contemporay independent music from bands as The National and Deerhunter. They are active since early 2012 and are releasing their debut album in March 2014.

  • Pharez Whitted

    (708 listeners)

    jazz, trumpet, instrumental, motown

  • Corey Wilkes

    (601 listeners)

    jazz, under 2000 listeners, trumpet, smooth jazz

    A young lion with a roar being heard in several music genres; Corey Wilkes burst onto the music scene in 2002 and landed in the soul of the Chicago Jazz Club scene.

  • Jimmy Ellis

    (446 listeners)

    is not jimmy preacher ellis, rock and roll, spotify

    There are at least four artists called Jimmy Ellis: 1) Jimmy Ellis. The leader singer of The Trammps. They are remembered for their hit single “Disco Inferno” (1976).

  • Erwin Helfer

    (271 listeners)

    blues, piano, jazz, boogie

    Erwin Helfer, a Chicago boogie woogie innovator and master, has been forging his own piano music legacy. Erwin has been playing and performing for over forty years.

  • Orbert Davis

    (269 listeners)

    jazz, trumpet, night, chicago

  • Julia Huff

    (245 listeners)

    smooth jazz

    When a gifted singer spends well over a decade honing her craft, all the while wrestling with the sweet-n-sour sauce of life, it makes an exceptionally stunning story for a debut recording.

  • Ernest Dawkins

    (222 listeners)

    jazz, free jazz, avant-garde, saxophone

    Ernest Dawkins is an American jazz saxophonist, principally active in free jazz and post-bop. He was a neighbor of Anthony Braxton as a child and played bass and drums early in life before switching to saxophone in 1973.

  • Ken Chaney

    (204 listeners)

    Ken Chaney (born December 21st, 1942 or 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) began his music career as a teenager, playing piano with bands in his hometown.

  • Tatsu Aoki

    (194 listeners)

    experimental, classical, avant-garde, jazz

    TATSU AOKI - Bassist Tatsu Aoki is a prolific and accomplished musician, composer and educator. He works in a wide array of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music to jazz to experimental music and is a much in-demand artist performing on both contrabass and the shamisen (Japanese 3-stringed lute).

  • Skinny Williams

    (113 listeners)

    chillout, ambient, hip hop, house

  • Everett Greene

    (88 listeners)

  • Willie Pickens

    (58 listeners)


  • Yoko Noge

    (45 listeners)

    seen live

  • Tammy McCann

    (44 listeners)

  • Diane Delin

    (27 listeners)

  • James Wagner

    (36 listeners)

  • Edwin Sanchez

    (33 listeners)

    all, spotify

  • James Sanders

    (20 listeners)

  • Marguerite Mariama

    (6 listeners)

  • Charles Heath

    (0 listeners)

  • Ernie Adams

    (0 listeners)

  • Ariyo Ariyosh

    (0 listeners)

  • Miguel and Sylvia de la Cerna

    (0 listeners)

  • Chicago Sax In The City

    (0 listeners)

  • Ed Wilkerson's 8 Bold Souls

    (0 listeners)

  • Kevin Nabors

    (0 listeners)

  • Henry Johnson Contemporary Jazz Project

    (0 listeners)

  • Alan Burroughs and the AB Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Samuel "Savoir Faire" Williams

    (0 listeners)

    chicago, aacm

  • Conjunto Latin/Jazz Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Kenwood Academy

    (0 listeners)

  • U-High Jazz Band

    (0 listeners)