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  • ...soihadto...

    (592 listeners)

    experimental, instrumental, post-rock, stoner rock

    The ...soihadto... story began some time ago in Baltimore, Maryland. By combining a variety of influences from indie to punk to hardcore to soul-funk and an incomparable melodic approach, the sound of ...soihadto... is as varied and unique as their rapidly growing fan-base.

  • Mark Bryan

    (185 listeners)


    Mark Bryan (born May 6, 1967) is the lead guitarist for the band Hootie & the Blowfish. He also plays the mandolin, among numerous other instruments, and helps with background vocals.

  • The Freddie Long Band

    (26 listeners)

    Over the past few years The Freddie Long Band, described as a “t-shirt and jeans blend of pop, rock, soul, and honesty,” has come a long way in a short time, cultivating its local roots into an act recognized throughout the East Coast.

  • Uncle Rocko

    (0 listeners)